Momentary Ponderings.
Grace is raining-reigning.
Timelines vs. Time-spheres:
We call them timelines, but they are not, instead they are time-spheres; for events in life can be revisited. If timelines were a reality we would be moving forward without the ability to ever again visit, reclaim, restore, or to separate from. This is the incredible creative genius and mercy of our God.
The opportunity to implement actions of justice amidst the reminiscing of the past is a real thing – that is called restitution. To celebrate the victories, to extract the precious from the vile, to grieve what was lost, to pull up a false previously laid foundation, to rebuild the ancient paths, to recover – – all of these actions are possible due to God’s spherical time patterns given earth’s time. Yes, God placed the earth’s time in the upward spherical rotation making room for redemption, reconciliation, healing, and celebration.
One of the most profound examples is the constant revisiting of the hope made available after the trauma of the Garden of Eden. This devastating event was not met with a dropoff point- an absolute end to life (at the end of a timeline). Yes, the spherical time of Grace removed them from the realms of what was a paradise for a long season, in great anticipation of the full circle moment; one of a redeeming return upward, into a “greater than” moment.
In the moment of Eden’s devastation God did not slam the gavel down on all creation once and for all along a linear path of life; instead, He came back into a Garden moment to redeem time lost. Yes, the earth and all of the humankind experienced a full-circle moment when all was redeemed; there on the cross, in the grave, with Resurrection’s Life, and with Mary of Magdelene and His brethren.
Between the first garden moment and the cross, there were multiple spherical climbs (full circle moments) drawing history back into view. During these moments where the past met the present God allowed moments representing the future’s promises. This gave humanity the opportunity to make different choices leading to different outcomes – this redeeming time.
For example; the burning bush represented the Tree of Life – Moses yielded to God and a new “profession”. The exodus out of Egypt represented the promises of deliverance from the world systems – the children of Israel yielded to a new day, as they consumed a different type of meal. Joshua, representing Christ and His intentions of bringing us into the promised land, yielded fearing God and not man. All of these were full circle moments taking us back to the promise that one day the sacrifice would come and make perfect the work of the cross along the time-sphere of life.
Time spheres, rotations, full circle moments are eternal, redeeming, prequalifying; along with being, infusions of His faithfulness, grace, mercy, love – the pleasure of His will. Yielding to such opportunities takes us into upward motion, out of the miry clay, setting our feet on solid rock.
My heart, spirit, and soul have such gratitude towards You God; for You make all things new. Continue to teach me how to yield to Your life-giving grace-filled time-spheres of life.

Much Love,



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Hong Kong, We Love You

November 3, 2019
Hong Kong
Gideon and His 300

Morning Journaling:

This morning while on Twitter a video posting by a journalist in Hong Kong caused deep sorrow to my spirit. For a few hours, it was difficult to speak. There were no answers just groaning prayers, turning my heart towards God waiting for understanding. This experience is so small in comparison to what those on the ground have experienced.

A few hours ago, the Holy Spirit urged me to open the scriptures. Yielding to this I randomly opened my Bible and without glancing closed my eyes, sensing God’s desire to direct me. “God, what is the message to Your children in Hong Kong? Where do I turn my spirit to hear Your direction? Words will not work, Lord. Where will these groanings lead? Keep my voice, for I desire what You want me to see. Lord, where within Your scriptures are the wisdom needed for Hong Kong?”

While my eyes were closed I began to “see” the story of Gideon. The pitchers with the torches inside were being carried by those in Hong Kong. After the “vision,” I looked down (for the 1st time) to my bible. There in front of me was Judges 6:16-7:5 (pages 366 and 367). Surprised, I looked twice to make sure I was seeing correctly. What I was shown while my eyes were closed is what was opened before me in scripture.

This is the review of the story and my ponderings.

The children of Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord and were under the powers (hand) of Midian (meaning strife) for seven years. The oppression Gideon and his people were experiencing, became exasperated whenever the children of Israel would sow the seed and prepare for the harvest. The Midianites would come in strife against Israel by overwhelming the land with their people, tents, and livestock destroying all of Israel’s produce.

It was at this time that God sent a prophet to the sons of Israel. The prophet confronted the ‘fear factor’. Israel was living in the land of the Amorites and needed to confront their fear of the gods of the Amorites. An Amorite was one (the meaning of the name) who says, appoints, challenges, commands, declares; in other words, he establishes his word and will over a people through oppression.

Following the prophet’s visit, the Angel of the Lord came to visit Gideon. Please bear with me as I describe my perceiving. The Angel of the Lord came to Ophrah (fawn) which belonged to Joash, Gideon’s father (burning fire of the Eternal God), the Abiezrite (My Father is Help). It is here that the Lord approached Gideon calling him by the meaning of his name, “Gideon the warrior.” In return, Gideon expresses his agony to God. He recalled to the Angel of the Lord the stories of the mighty acts of God during the days of Moses and Joshua, wondering where His miracles were for him and Israel. He wondered why God had abandoned them now. The Lord’s response to Gideon is priceless and reveals the perspective of God, verses man’s earthly understanding. The Lord says to Gideon, “Go with your strength and deliver Israel from the hands of the Midianites.” God saw Gideon’s question as a manifestation of unexpected victorious strength.

In Judges 6:16 the writer details the conversation and promise Gideon was given. Gideon would defeat Midian (the strife in the land) as ONE MAN. The fearful yet yielded devotion of Gideon motivated him to prepare an offering to this Angel. Yes, this was a received offering; accepted and consumed through the rod of the Lord (vs. 21). The altar built by Gideon was called, “The Lord is Peace” (vs.24).

Despite Gideon’s fear he proceeded to carry out the second major step of obedience, which was to take down the stronghold (spiritual altar of his father) and destroy the idol. Gideon did this by using the wooden idol to create the fire needed for his worshipful repentance. Yes, Gideon was of the next generation and would use the wood of his father’s false god to begin the reformation process, which was to sacrifice to the One and True God.

Joash, Gideon’s father, repented by protecting his son against the men of the city; calling him, “Jerubbaal,” meaning “let Baal contend” for himself. Not only did the angel of the Lord activate the meaning of his name, but now his father was adding what his son would war against. He would challenge and be victorious against the false deities of baal. This did not sit well with the rulers of the land.

The Midianites (strife) and the Amalakites (valley dwellers) were angry. They chose to congregate and battle against Israel in the valley of Jezreel (where God sows).

While being so afraid, Gideon listened to God’s instruction and went down among his enemies (7:9-11). It was in the camp of the enemy where Gideon heard a dream given to one of the enemy soldiers. It was through hearing this dream that his faith was strengthened.

God’s Spirit came upon Gideon and he BLEW THE TRUMPET calling the people into battle. Manasseh (cause to forget), Asher (Happy), Zebulun (exalted), and Naphtali (wrestling) were called to attention.

Gideon’s name is interesting. The meaning of his name is a warrior; however, it also comes from a word (gada) which means, ‘to fell a tree.’ Generally, it means to destroy anything: to cut asunder, to cut down, hew, chop, cut off, shave off, and cut in two. Gideon is a warrior and able to destroy the works of one who strives and decrees through oppression (tearing in two what was falsely declared); Gideon just didn’t know it yet.

Gideon and his men camped at the Spring of Harod (to shudder with terror), while the people Midian and Amalekites camped at the Hill of Moreh (teacher/archer) in the valley.

Rulers are coming into Hong Kong, as you know, with an evil declarative word of darkness. These are the ‘sayers.’ The strife this has brought has turned to murder and of great sadness. As a result, many are not knowing where to go to hide – they are feeling the iron gates coming closer ready to encircle. The story of Gideon seems to be carrying a message for you from the Lord. Maybe God has already brought this message to you.

Those who drink at the waters of terror, by lifting the water (so they could see) and lap like a dog were chosen. The ones who plunged their faces into the waters of terror were not chosen; therefore, only 300 were chosen. Hong Kong has 300 who will not dive into the terror of the moment but instead will use the water to quench their thirst, allowing their enemy to serve them in this way. Yet they will be able to watch with the eyes of their hearts, as they prepare for a victorious eternal battle.

Trumpets, clay vessels, and torches were used together, as ONE MAN. The unified sound sent confusion into the camps.

Trumpets (are blown at the appointed times, this the voice of the Lord and the acknowledgment of His clock), Clay vessels (hearts of humility, courage, brokenness, and boldness), and torches (The Light of God and of His Word – the prayers of the saints) were brought together and lifted before the enemy. The unified sound of heaven and earth dismantled the works of darkness.

I refuse to bend to what Daniel called, “the enemy wanting to advance time and to make God’s people weary.” There is a need to come higher with the Sound, Light, and the broken people of the land. God desires to use those who through His strength, achieve the plans of the Lord.

Do not forget, Gideon was afraid and told God. What was God’s response? God told him to go into the enemy’s camp, and there He will communicate with him. It was a dream given to one in the enemy camp which encouraged Gideon. God spoke to the enemy. (I just love that.) He will teach the people of Hong Kong what fear looks like and how to rid of it. He will teach the people of Hong Kong the realities of the Kingdom of God, and how to overcome and rule in the land. Jesus is King of the gates!!

Father, we ask to see Your strategy for silencing strife and false covenantal strategies of darkness. Lord, expose where every vein of unholy blood is streaming from. Close the books of the unjust oppression and unrighteous authorities. We ask for and come into the agreement now with the armies of heaven. We come into agreement with Your plans and all of Your works being carried out throughout Hong Kong. Reveal the “servant heart” within this region, meant to serve and lead the surrounding regions. Lord, our heart, soul, and mind are Yours. We love you.

November 7, 2019 – One decree over HK:

The Lord is with you all. His love is deep.

The language and understanding of these seasons will be created, forming a new dictionary, through what your people are facing. We will see the empowerment bestowed upon God’s people, for what it was meant for. Yes, an end-time readiness and emergence.

His purpose for you is so deep. He has not abandoned but has prepared you to comfort the earth in such a time as this. Yes, you are kingly priests of His Kingdom. Yes, and all of what that means.

Father we stand, we step up in readiness; fully depending on You. We stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, ready to release the sound of the trumpets of Your Kingdom.

We love and bless the peoples of Hong Kong, Mainland, Taiwan, and Macau.

With much love,



He Changest Not

“The vastness of God is magnificent!

The sum of His greatness is impossible to compute.

He is the definition of absolute truth.

The vastness of His ‘absolute-ness’ is ‘infinity and beyond’! 


His identity does not morph due to time’s progression.

His Kingdom does not shift principles, yielding within the turning of the ages.

His words spoken, written, acted upon, and made flesh does not evolve 

according to the fluctuating cultures of society.

The vastness of His absolute “I AM that I Am” reaches beyond the galaxies of eternity. 


His structure’s systems developed for the worlds He created

are displayed within His precepts and instructions:

and are set in place for humankind;

no weakness is found within the pages,

and have no need to change  – – they remain the same.


He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is our safe place. 

 He is dependable.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is trustworthiness. 

His design for life is perfect. 

It is we (humankind) who are invited into God’s CURRENTcy of life.

Yes, life now and life eternity.”


Much Love,



“God is not a man, that He should lie,

nor a son of man, that He should repent;

Has He said, and will He not do it?

Or has he spoken, and will He not make it good?”

Numbers 23:19


Course Correction

Thoughts simply stream on through our consciousness.   This is one of the many of these
moments. Blogs become a happy place for such scribing. Thank you for visiting today. 

Course Correction

Entanglement with worldliness is often interrupted by an invitation to receive and engage in a course correction.  Course correction begins by turning away from the vibrations of the public place and from the facilitator of worldly realms, which enables an internal recalibration of sound and power with the heavenly realm.  God’s love invites, persistently if needed, this re-prioritization.  God’s love and wisdom go before, preparing and planning provision for this surgery where a healing work takes place.  This beautiful process—the returning of one’s heart, spirit, soul, and body—is so that one can live from the place of optimal identity and health in Him.

Course Correction

He will take us within His heart. There He cares for us within His surgical suite.



The growth of the branch from within the Vine enables wholeness.  The branch who is broken begins to desire again the Water’s sound flowing from within the Vine into the veins of the branch.  The broken can hear the deep sounds of the love of God resonate through the waters movements as it runs deep into the veins of the branch.  This creates such a beautiful orchestration of the declaration, “I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me” harmonized with “I am in the world but not of it.” 


Deep Calls to Deep

Deep Calls to Deep


Recognizing the sound of ‘Wisdom’s way’ allows for the decision to “go behind the veil” into the true “greenhouse of heaven” to be made–the place where the Vine Dresser can begin to cut away the cords of lifeless worldliness.  Such a gift!!  This is a branch in need of rescue being saved from the plucking of a chaotic symphony.

There is beautiful relief as the pathways within the spirit, soul, and body are flushed out and begin to breathe again.  With the rescue operation complete … the refining begins.  Recognizing and registering the ways of Heaven resets the neurons within one’s being.  The heart begins to once again long for God alone as the new branch of life begins to peak through the sheath of the Vine’s womb.  

To live again is to die to self for the One who gave everything.


To live again is to drink of the Waters which have turned to Wine, found within the  depth of the One who is known as the Vine – The Keeper of the Vineyard. Yes, He whose blood coursed through the earth provides the course correction needed for the restoration of all things. 


Much Love, 

Briskilla, with edits by Ali .


Judgment or Accusation

“Judgment” and “accusation” are two actions ‘manifesting’ so much lately, and on full display for anyone to engage. The defining of these options are a needed conversation among the generations. Many have despised the act and value of judgment due to the misinformation of what wise judgment is. Amateur “judging” often laced with accusation causes the invaluable gift of judgment to be shelved by those offended or by those wrongfully taught.

While one maneuvers through so much dialogue and news these days one can perceive which opinions are God’s and which are less than. One is creating genuine peace and bringing the sword of truth, while the other is fueling hateful wars. Judgement and accusation are actions found on the opposite ends of a pendulum swing; that is, if one pendulum is capable of measuring the Kingdom of God and the powers of darkness simultaneously. It is God’s plum line which measures His house. He has given us His Word as our manual.

Both, the acts of judging and the acts of accusing are accompanied by a lens by which to view a matter. One vibrates with the determination of heaven’s Judge and the other impales through hell’s damnation.

The lens of God’s gift of judgment is framed within the ingredients of God’s original design-identity and intentions towards the individual being ‘measured’. The lens itself is amalgamated by the identity of God and His multi-faceted wisdom found through His laws, statutes, and precepts. All of which is formulated with love. The screws which hold these “glasses” in place are the testimony of Jesus’ example of, “For the joy set before Jesus, He endured the cross.”

The act of accusing uses a lens framed with damnation. The viewing lens is made up of all of the faults of the person being ‘measured’. Mixed into the muddy waters is the accuser’s unresolved personal memories of pained experiences, offenses, misunderstanding, and ignorance. The screws which hold this frame and lenses in place are satan’s imbittered fears of his future damnation. Take a moment and consider reading that again. Accusation is fueled by satan’s present day and future demise. His hateful fear and his jealousy against humankind causes him to shrike the spirit and soul of the one who is in need of God’s intervention.

Those who are redeemed have been invited into the endowment of the Holy Spirit, by which they are enabled to uncompromisingly discern and decide with righteousness and justice. The tools available is the identity of the Holy Spirit Himself, given to us through the baptism of His power. Such a baptism releases to us Holy Spirit’s Wisdom, Council, Might, Understanding, Knowledge, and the Fear of God. He is not afraid to share. As He shares Himself with us as Teacher, Counselor, and Reminder we discern not through the hearing stories alone, but by coming into attendance with the Council Chambers of God. It is He who brings into focus His opinion and resolve. Those who love God and His wisdom learn to yield to this process.

God is Wisdom and His judgments are meant to build us up to our fullest potential. Yes, within His judgment we will find the sword which cuts away what is unholy. Yes, His Holy fire of jealous love burns away all defilement, and produces the purest of gold. His discipline. His Cross which destroys our sin and iniquities. His forgiveness which releases us from damnation’s grip. His waters strengthen. His joyful pleasure loves us into wholeness. Yes, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

Satan is made of prideful lies, unfair in all of his ways. His intentions are to shred humankind’s genuine identities. His fires burn one into hopelessness and falsehood. Satan’s waters cause a drunkenness disabling a person’s equilibrium, bringing in dissentions and deceptions. His ways lead to spiritual, physical, and soul’s death. There is no good thing found in him.

Let’s not forget. Jesus prepared us for this. One of the last days battles will be with the accuser of the brethren. One of the last days battle will be, “Even the heart of the elect will grow cold.” We are to council our family members according to God’s opinion. God prepared us as His sons and daughters. He equipped us with Himself as our Father, Creator, and Judge. He sent us His Son to draw the map of righteousness and justice for us. He empowered us with His Holy Spirit with such strength that it would take an adament “NO!” not to succeed. He is with us. The fruit of Himself is to be found in us. The Judge’s gavel will never sound against the actions and fruit of Holy Spirit found in us.

This journey in this world is the most exciting adventure, and one to be celebrated and revered as an incredible opportunity to reveal Jesus to the world. We are His success story.

Remember social media is not the prayer room. Remember God’s Council Chamber is not seated on the platform of social media or the news. Remember God said the issues among believers were not meant to be addressed in the secular courts of law. Remember God’s kindness triumphs over judgment. Remember repentance is still current. Remember Wise men still seek HIM!!

Remember better are the wounds of a faithful friend than those of a flattering tongue. Remember it is better to fall on the Rock then wait for the Rock to fall on us. Remember we are called to be the Glory of God on the earth. Remember we are called to train up the generations following us. Remember we are facilitators of a safe place where we can bring our sons and daughters into to love, perceive, and judge the actions of their day with the plum line of God’s written scrolls of the Just Word of God. Building up in the most holy faith takes place as true and pure judgement is used as the measuring line of our heart. He loves us so much to supply such a powerful designing gift.

After all; we are created in God’s image and in His likeness, and are designed to mirror the One of whom we bear His Glory. What a fearful place to stand. What an honor! What an adventure!
Much love to you,

(Please feel free to write out your thoughts, in the comments, or anything you feel needs to be added.)



Help! I Want to Be Able to Read & Love the Bible!

Conversing via FaceTime, the individual remarked of their desire for a breakthrough regarding the ability to read the Bible. 

This is a genuine issue for thousands of people, no matter their “seasoned-ness” with God. Many struggle with the “lifelessness” experienced while attempting to read the scriptures. Many open the pages of the book they love only to “sense” nothing. The pages often seem lifeless to them. 

This post is for those who are struggling. This will not carry all the answers; however, I pray that this will be a beginning to your breakthrough. There is a prayer at the end of this blog for your consideration. 

Puzzled by the level of battle one experiences, often the response is to close the book for another week or month hoping for a different experience next time.  So many shame-filled questions push through one’s mind as they struggle with this most profound book. “I can read other writings, why is this book so resisted?”

Jesus is the Word of His Father. (John 1:1, Genesis 1:3) Scripted for us within the 66 books is the heart of God. (Romans 15:4).  The Author and Finisher of our faith inspired, with revelation and authority, those who would pen His love letters for humanity. He breathed on the men chosen to pen His Book, and having transcribed His mysteries they gave us the most incredible gift to hold within our hands. God empowered those of the tribes of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to pen for their generations and for the generations of the nations His magnificent ways, truths, and life (Ephesians 2:20, Psalms 119, Revelations 21:12, 13, 14).  

“Remember what you were taught from your childhood from the Holy Scrolls which can impart to you wisdom to experience everlasting life through the faith of Jesus, the Anointed One. Every scripture has been inspired by Holy Spirit, the breath of God. It will empower you by its instruction and correction, giving you the strength to take the right direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness. Then you will be God’s servant, fully mature and perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment God gives you.”

2 Timothy 3:15,16,17 (TPT)

God doesn’t offer us bread only to find that when we bite into it our teeth break on a rock. (Matthew 7:9) No, that is not God’s ways at all. His Bread is daily found to be fresh and able to be consumed (John 6:35). 

There are many answers and questions to the “why” of such resistance experienced against the Word of God.  The focused answer is according to the individual for sure, however it is true that we “fight not against flesh and blood.” There is someone unseen by the naked eye who would hate for one of God’s children to experience the realms of God’s heart revealed within the lines of the scrolls of scripture. Honestly satan is the resistance, and all the mental road blocks manufactured by him are the hurdles we will overcome (Hebrews 10:32-39). Do not give up! We have yet not resisted to the point of our blood spilling. Resist the rejection or hurdles against the Word of God.  You will overcome (Hebrews 12). What victory awaits us as we realize the resistance we feel is the emotions of the enemy against us. Yes, He does not want us to enjoy the inheritance granted to us by God. Turn that rejection back on him by refusing to receive such an emotion. You are covered in the blood of Jesus, go ahead and resist the unseen enemy. 

Jesus Himself was resisted. Remember? He the Word was fought against with a twisted word; however, Jesus used the written word to win the fight against satan. Jesus, the Living Word used the Sword of the ‘Spirit and the Word’ to win (Hebrews 4:12).  He knew the power of the Word, for God had spoken over Him His Identity (Matthew 4:1-11, Revelations 1:1). Jesus won against the pride of life (satan).  He ministered to us, washing us with His healing waters (Ephesians 5:26). 

To dethrone the mental block (the lie) is important in the process of breakthrough. Remember this: 

1-There is no rejection towards those struggling. It is not God’s rejection. God’s arms are wide open, and Holy Spirit our Teacher awaits (John 14:26) . (Unless you demeaned your husband/wife, brother/sister/friend this morning. A heart-felt quick repentance will fix that🤗🤭. Sorry, I had to throw that in there with a smile.)

-There is no religious pressure coming from God, for He does not create nor manipulate us with religious shame. 

-He does not condemn a soul, but instead He longs for our presence and desires time alone with each of us.  

-He does not resist our knocking on His door, but instead waits at our door longing to be invited in. 

-God is not a bully. Why would God roll the scroll open just to close it again and seal His books addressed to humanity? No, He did not do that. 

-The blueprints of creation, humanity, and eternity are vast. God loves to reveal His secrets to those who will search out His design. Immeasurable are His ways – Vast is the sum of them. He designed us to do greater works than Jesus. Why would He withold what is needed? Treasures are waiting to be mined!! 

– Yes, He does seek those who will not only read but also apply what has been written. 


COLOR!!! God is the most creative Teacher. His classroom is all of creation. He LOVES to celebrate all of that which was created – JOY!! His methods of teaching come from His heart of peace, for He is God of peace. Breathe in His loving peace. 

First, a suggestion is to find the right bible. Yes, the beginnings are simple fun creative steps. 

-Choose the cover you like, with the color of your choice.  (My favorite bible is covered in thin lamb’s skin.)

-Choose the type of paper you enjoy. (For me it is the thin pages thick enough to write on with acid free pens.) 

-Choose the size that seems perfect for your eyes and hands.

-Shop until you find it… Open each bible and read …. see if the sentences begin to form for you. God loves creativity and joy in the reading… His book is full of adventures and multi-dimensions of wisdom. 

Translation preferance:

-New American Standard for the accurate poetical nature of Hebrew and Greek?

-New King James for the King James pattern without the “thee’s and thou’s”?

-The Passion Translation for the expression of God’s love? (Not all of the 66 books are translated yet. This is a new work worthy of your time).

-If you like the New International Version, make sure it was published before 1984. 

–The Amplified Bible is a keeper …

-The New Living Translation is great for those who are needing an “on ramp.”

-The Spirit-Filled Life Bible is so good for those who like to learn a bit of the history as they read sections of Scripture. The defining of specified words found on the pages is an added plus. 

-Dake’s Bible is amazing for deeper research. (This man was given an incredible gift by God. His story of how he was given this format (cross-referencing) is a good one to read. )

-The Aramaic translation is a must (Ancient Roots Translinear Bible).

 -So many to choose from, and more.

(My favorite is yet not created…🤭 A New American Standard with the Spirit-Filled Life Bible format, with space for note taking on the sides…. including Aramaic options.)

A prayer for us to consider: 

If you would like take a look at this prayer. If it carries life for you please feel free to pray through it. 

“Father God, Your Holy Spirit is such an incredible Teacher. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus our Messiah to exemplify Your heart so profoundly for all of us. Thank You Father God for being You, the most magnificent Love and Builder of all things Holy. 

I confess my need and longing for You. I bring myself, who was created in Your image, before You today. You created me with a fiery eternal spirit. You purchased me through Your life sent to earth and seperated from Your Father for my sake. Thank You! You are the most glorious sacrifice, and Your resurrection power made room for my resurrection.

You instilled within me a profound gift of a will, many emotions, and a beautiful mind. You have given me this incredible earth suit to live within while here on this earth. It is all of this I bring to You today. Thank You for creating me into Your masterpiece. Jesus, I receive Your Kindness and Goodness today.

Father God, I receive Your love for creation and all things beautiful today. Develop within me the eyes to perceive who You are. Develop within me the eyes to perceive how You perceive creation and Your Kingdom. Reveal to me the beginnings of Your family. Would You please open the scrolls before me and allow the eyes of my heart to understand Your letters. 

Lord, I choose to honor those whom You began Your family through here on this earth. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Fathers of our faith, and Sarah the Mother of Your Kingdom family. Yes, I want to Understand the structures of Your Kingdom and family. You also designated those of the jewish family line to be the inspired authors of this incredible timeless book, the Bible. I receive them as blessed. 

I ask You to forgive me if and where pride and/or humanism has settled within my mind. Remove this resistance from my soul. Eradicate anything from me which is unholy causing me to worship something or someone other than You. I receive the cleansing of Your blood which was poured out for me on the cross. I receive the washing of Your word. I receive Your rescue, Your laughter, Your joy, Your life! I receive You Jesus, the Word among us! 

Jesus, You who are the Word of God who came to live among us, I ask that You would rebuke the shame shaper and accusation maker from my atmosphere (Revelation 12:11, Zechariah 3). I chose to yield to You and Your ways and invitation today. I choose to receive Your jurisdiction over the accuser today in Your name, for You are Judge. You said, if I resisted him he will run away from me (James 4:7). Thank You for those instructions. 

You are the Way-Maker.  Jesus, would you please  strengthen my soul to hear Your instructions and to walk them out. God, teach me how to love Your Son. Holy Spirit, strengthen my will to obey Christ Jesus, for You are the Greatest Counselor (John 14:23). God, You are the Master Builder and I am Your masterpiece (1 Corinthians 3:11, Ephesians 2:10). 

I receive You as the One who calms all my concerns about time. You are the One who holds the clock of time. Help me realize that You do not steal time, but that You are the Redeemer of time. Please assist me in yielding to Your time structure (Psalms 90:12). Let me hear the rhythm of Your clock (Psalms 136:7-9). Rebuke the devourer of time from my  emotions, will, mind, and body. 

I come into agreement with You that, “All things hold together within You, Jesus.” Your Word penned in the Holy Scrolls are a gift for humankind, and that includes me Your child, student, servant, and friend.” Yes, today I receive the posturing of myself within Your world. I receive the invitation to read, eat, and speak Your Words of Life.

Thank You Lord God for Your are the giver of life and victory! 

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God. Amen!

Much love to all my reading friends,



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9th Day of ‘8 Days of Communion’: the roads and country lanes

Communion has become a cherished moment of each day for many around the world. Many communities are introducing this practice to their family. Stories of those who are being impacted are thousands. Truly, once one opens the door for Him to come in He begins to dine with them. He shares His food (treasures of His testimony) and He awaits to receive ours. He loves to eat!

This morning I told Him (knowing full well that He knows everything) that I had eaten earthly food before coming to the table to be with Him. Personally, I like to break bread first. You know that overwhelming feeling of having been fed by the Bread of Life? It makes you feel “full,” often times even physically. Like you’ve eaten a full meal. Anyway, yes, He did respond.

This is what He said.  “I was hungry, and you fed me.”

I was stunned. He spoke again, showing me a vision of a man without a home – homeless. He said, “He is part of My body, My flesh. As you feed them, you are feeding Me. You are feeding my Body. They may not know Me yet, but they have come out of Me. They carry a part of My flesh.”

The scripture in Matthew 25 was remembered while He spoke.

“… For I was hungry, and you fed Me. I was thirsty, and you gave Me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited Me into your home. I was naked, and you gave Me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for Me. I was in prison, and you visited Me.’

“Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see You hungry and feed You? Or thirsty and give You something to drink? Or a stranger and show You hospitality? Or naked and give You clothing? When did we ever see You sick or in prison and visit You?’

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these My brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me’

Matthew 25:35-40

There is no human being created outside of Creator God. Yes, He as Creator of all humankind encompasses us all. Which means that we are closer to each other than we think. Equal in the eyes of God.

Again, the groan – the anguish comes. Yes, the joy of His heart is so real. He is abounding with joy as He sees His family awakening to the reality of “all humankind has been created by Him”, and “He longs for their arrival.” But how can we eat without the entire family at the table? He waits.

Jesus, when we were in the wilderness You fed us. You came to us and gave us Food to eat. You brought us out of our homelessness, and into Your House. Thank You!!

Let’s give the Bread of Life His body back. One meal at a time.

“Then the master told his servant,

Go out to the roads and country lanes

and compel them to come in,

so that My house will be full.”

Luke 14:23

Partaking at His Table and Headed out to the Streets,

Much love, Briskilla


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: May 7th, 2019 Communion around the table via Facebook Live. Search for Priscilla Zananiri.

We intend to meet at the table once per month. Once 2020 arrives we will begin to add days for the strategic assignment of unifying His Body for the sake of the breakthrough.


For previous link of ‘8 Days of Communion” writings: https://visualeast.org/2019/04/18/8-days-of-communion-he-will-re-member-his-body/


What a joy it has been to be with you through the ‘8 Days of Communion.”

Our hearts are so grateful for all of you. Please know that you made room for the Lord to birth through us all something for our nations. There is evidence that hearts were transformed, that The Bread of Life spoke, and hearts were united.

God said,

“If My people will come together participating in communion, they will form My body across the atmosphere of their nation becoming a covering.” He said. “This unity (this joining) of My Body will silence the mouth of witchcraft, through the power and life of My blood. This unity of My family around communion will make room for Me to destroy the ploys of the powers of darkness.” He said, “The spilled blood of the Lamb is more powerful than all of the blood spilled unjustly.” He would dispel all witchcraft intended to be released in 2020.

A Father of the faith in Egypt (Refaat), reminded saying, “When all the houses in Egypt participated in Passover (communion – the covenant meal), God executed His judgment on the false gods of Egypt.” This is worthy of our arising today in the presence of the I Am. He is Holiness.

“…against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments—I am the Lord…”

Exodus 12:12

Isn’t that amazing!!

The Great I AM has provided for us a more excellent way! We commune as a family, and He will remove/abolish the powers of darkness. We celebrate He who is the First Fruit of heaven, and He will remove the tares/evil spirits which have grown within the fields of the seven mountain spheres and beyond.  His angel armies will deal with the second heaven realm of warfare.


8 Days of Communion: He Will Re-Member His Body

First a story

Days of ‘family gathering’ had just come to a finish. More than 32 Minority Tribes gathered for four days. These days were meant as an embrace of love by making room for the expression of their life experiences, both painful and joyful moments. Such a surreal time was followed by releasing forgiveness to one another and to the majority of peoples while choosing to begin the walk of covenant together. Yes, learning to become one family was in process. This time was glorious, a first for many.

On to the second assignment

Local food vendors satisfy the adventurous heart and are a personal favorite pastime. This night it was probably not the wisest thing to do. The result was two days in bed, sick in a nation dear to many.  Meanwhile, one of the fathers of the movement asked my host if I would join him the next morning to spend time with some of the treasured people. How could I say no? The next few hours leading up to the appointment were spent trying to gain as much physical strength as possible. By the time the morning hour arrived it was doable.

Once situated in the car he said, “I would like you to spend some time speaking with this group of friends.” Because this was unbeknownst to me, I really needed to hear the Lord speak. This was my first time in this nation and I had already been deeply impacted within the first ten days of this nine-week journey. There was nothing in me wanting a platform. Most days I wanted to sit against the wall and just listen and observe.

Why would I say such a thing? It’s because when one sits in the midst of a people who have been formed by the hand of the Lord in hiddenness, having been persecuted so deeply, there is a pricelessness which one does not want to devalue by touching.

A short intermission

Within moments of arriving in the nation, I had realized how much I had allowed God’s invitation to live for Him to become adulterated. This is not condemnation but instead ascribing of a season of sanctifying holy fire. God will not be subservient to compromise. Consciously or subconsciously, it is easy to agree with a compromised gospel. For some, unwillingness to obey is the open door.

God was not mad at me. He was in love with me releasing an incredible gift of Father and daughter time in a foreign land which He chose as the ‘becoming place.’ This land would soon become the third home.

Back to our Chinese family

Those we worshipped with, enjoyed meals with, wept with and laughed with were Christ’s Asian bride who carried the evidence of being formed in the cauldron of His glory. Spiritual culture shock is a good way of describing the experience of being in their presence. An Awakening. Days had been spent meeting folks of deep simple faith. Immediate obedience to their actions. Selflessness formed from gratitude, their strength enabling the building of His Kingdom.

Back in the car

The knowledge He began to share was clear as we drove closer to the location. God said, “You are walking on a highway created with the blood of those in this nation.” He was referring to those that were yet alive as well as those who had passed into glory giving their lives for the proclamation of the gospel. Holy fear gripped me.  My feet were hesitant to even get out of the car physically knowing the historical ground we were walking on. How do you walk in a land paved with the soul blood of God’s champions? Tears spilled. Feeling the gift of life beneath the earth, the soles of my feet struggled. It was as if the “shoes shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” which I was wearing in the Spirit, were alive and aware of the gospel proclaimed by those whose blood was shed. Does that make sense?

The father sitting in the back seat (thank God he couldn’t see my face) asked me what my message would be. All I could do was lift my hand as a gesture asking him to give me a minute. I could not speak. The awe of heaven’s history books depicted formed my walk for this new chapter of life.


Ninety minutes later and tears still flowing, my new friends met only the messy and tear-filled face of this woman. Visiting the leaders in the back room was void of my voice. No words. We walked into the Living room where more than 100 waited.  Such a beautiful family. No words. Honestly, remembrance of what was spoken eludes me, but the subject matter was unity and the flesh of His body.

The raw flesh meat of our Priest and Passover Lamb

Preceding the sharing time, the family spent time in worship. It was during these moments that I found a spot against the wall and stood weeping with the reality of their pathways paved with blood. Who were these treasured saints? As I heard the sound of China come through their songs the atmosphere opened and the Lord allowed me to see His message.

The raw ‘flesh meat’ of He our King. Such a sight is not something that you would call appealing, but I’m not sure if there is anything more treasured. Yes, a large piece of meat no doubt His own. What a mystery. What groanings. Difficult to speak audibly of such a reality.

Intentionally He wanted me to recognize that the blood veins were yet not woven into the flesh meat that was before me.  I know this sounds strange. He was bringing to my attention the reality of His call for unity. He is calling His flesh – His body to unify as one in time to weave in His blood and the blood of those martyrs. Yes, this is a mystery.

He had taken note of the faith of this family. Their faith carried works and for that reason life was present. “I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me…” (Galatians 2:20) “..whoever loses their life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39)

Living Tabernacle Birthed in Love and Blood

Yes, we are His tabernacle. His tabernacle will come together. The bone of His Bone and Flesh of His Flesh. The Table of Shewbread is the gathering of His Bread – His body. The Altar is the gathering of the marrow of His blood and that of His saints.

“When the Lamb broke the fifth seal,

I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been

slain because of the word of God,

and because of the testimony which they had maintained; and

they cried out with a loud voice, saying,

“How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain

from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”

And there was given to each of them a white robe, and they were told that they

should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and

their brethren who were to be

killed even as they had been, would be completed also.”

Revelation 6:9-11

God’s ways are higher

When satan carries out evil acts against those who love God, God transforms injustices for good. He does not leave His children abandoned. He does not give satan the last word. In order to perceive such mysteries of the ‘higher ways’, one must let go of earthly knowledge and peer into the lens of the higher ways of heaven.

Those of every nation and millennium who love God and are killed mercilessly by the powers of darkness for the sake of Christ are viewed in heaven as “lambs led to the slaughter” and cherished immensely by the Father. They have experienced the altar of His tabernacle.

He ushers their spirits into His heavens and cherishing their spilled soul lifeblood, He embraces their blood beneath the altar within the tabernacle of God. This signifies their sacrifice and invites them to rest. They have completed their earthly mission and now they remain in the tabernacle of God forever. The sound of their blood is heard as they cry out,

“How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain

from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”

Revelations 6:10

If humankind’s blood cries out with such a proclamation how much more is the sound of the blood of the Lamb declaring the invitation of,

“Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters;

And you who have no money come, buy and eat.

Come, buy wine and milk

Without money and without cost.

“Why do you spend money for what is not bread,

And your wages for what does not satisfy?

Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good,

And delight yourself in abundance.

“Incline your ear and come to Me.

Listen, that you may live;

And I will make an everlasting covenant with you, …”

Isaiah 55:1-3

and then,

“Jesus spoke these things; and lifting up His eyes to heaven, He said,

“Father, the hour has come; glorify Your Son, that the Son may glorify You,

even as You gave Him authority over all flesh, that to all whom You have given

 Him, He may give eternal life… “The glory which You have given Me I have

 given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one;

I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity so that the world

 may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me.”

Portions of John 17

Refined Sight as Citizens of another Kingdom

My friends, all eyes are turning towards the East. The direction of the East means The New Jerusalem. For it is as we view the Temple of God in heaven that we will perceive His ways to be so much higher than the world view.

Citizens of the Kingdom of heaven!  Within the Kingdom of God (He who is Spirit), hope’s spaciousness reaches into the very bowels of the earth and serves as a launching pad, extending us into Christ’s domain.

Blessings be upon all of us here on earth as we live wearing the lens of Christ as our guiding light. For this is the strength needed to endure and be sustained through the hours of persecution and victory which many are already being sustained through.

The safest path to take is the path of the crucified and resurrected Christ for He has already paved the way with His blood along with that of His brothers and sisters who have been accompanied into the Holy of Holies.

Blessings to you on this Passover,

Priscilla with the assistance of Becky Bradfield

*Join us this evening for the 8th Day of ‘8 Days of Communion’ via Facebook Live. Look for Priscilla Zananiri on FB at 7:30pm Central Time.

To link to the previous “8 Days of Communion” writings: https://visualeast.org/2019/04/18/the-emotions-of-god-and-his-harvest-fields/

*The Photo of the Olive tree is one I was able to capture while visiting the Garden of Gethsemane located on the Mount of Olives.

This is a location near to my heart for two reasons. One for the same reason it is cherished by you. The second is because of a memory of my Father and me standing at the outer edge looking across the Kidron Valley to the Old City of Jerusalem in 1996.

Right across the Kidron, one can see the East Gate known as the Golden Gate. He said to me, “Priscilla, can you imagine Jesus standing here looking across and seeing the Gate in which He will enter upon His return? What was going on in His mind? Could it be that He was pondering on, perceiving, seeing all that would take place in heaven and on earth before His return? 

One’s own thoughts continue as one ponders.


8 Days of Communion: The Emotions of God Among His Harvest Fields …

(This post has been updated due to His conversation around the table last night. This will be today’s ‘8 Days of Communion’ post) It is good to host you at visualeast.org 


Jesus came and spoke

Recollecting an encounter Jesus guided me through last February is something I’d like to scribe for you.  It’s been a two year process of beginning the learnings of God’s tabernacle through His perspective. Having just touched the surface of understanding, I’d like to share one of these experiences with you. 

It all began with Him standing at the door and saying, “I am the Keeper of the Sanctuary.”

Jesus stood at the door of His tabernacle as Host. His joy was to welcome me in. His desire was to be the Guide and Host as we moved towards the furniture piece known as the Table of Shewbread. Arriving to the table laden with bread, I followed His lead as He drew my eyes to a location behind the table.

Understanding came quickly that this was the pathway leading into the heart of His Father.  He welcomed me in and remained. Positioning Himself really close behind me, we stood right inside what seemed to be the entrance. His holiness and the brightest white light made up the entire area. He directed me to what I will call “the left wall.” 

Quickly I was to learn that His Son was revealing a part of His Father’s heart. The bright white light gave way to the most glorious living and breathing golden wheat fields. Right there before us swaying in the wind were the golden fields of God’s Harvest. His Spirit and emotion of love cascading like a wave. Each wave touched each stalk of wheat with His affection. He is so deeply in love. So overwhelming. 


Even while scribing this reality, memory is taking me back to Zarqa, Jordan. While ministering to members of a precious body of believers there, Jesus presented Himself within the wheat fields of Jordan. How could I be holding a microphone sharing the story of Ruth with them and at the same time outside within the fields of Harvest? He is God and loves to bring us to Himself.  This is what is called an “open vision” or “trance.”

Dressed in His white robe, He moved through these ripened fields with extreme ecstasy.  The Bridegroom King was passing through His fields. He was visiting His future family.

As we moved through the fields, He took some of the wheat and playfully grazed them against my cheeks. His joyful love was poured out at the touch of each ripened stalk. So real. So alive. So tender. Such love. Yes, one was so close that you could tangibly feel the roughness of the shell protecting each seed.  

Even in the playfulness one could sense the labor of love and the battle for the soul within the shell waiting to be harvested. 

Back to the pathway in the heart of our Father

His only begotten Son and I stood listening to the heart of His Father, my Father. He spoke. His message was clear. His deep desire is for us to love Him by stopping long enough to hear, see, and experience what He is experiencing. 

The greater reward is His invitation. This received as we let go of self-ambition. Available is the transforming experience of learning of His personal emotions expressed. He is looking for those who will yield to His reality. Yes, to learn what He encounters as He moves through the fields.  It is these emotions of God which are flooding the harvest fields.  It is this emotion and action of love which gather the seeds of harvest into His house.

It is from the place of us yielding to His Heart- Holy Union with His holy emotion (of love) that we are to work within the golden fields of Harvest.

I was wrecked – broken.

Dear Jesus, it is so true!

For God so loved the world!!

It’s not about the “applause” given to humankind of how successful a ministry is. It is not about the numbers. Instead, it is about becoming one with the emotions churning within the heart of Father God. 

Such a mighty God,

His humility astounding –

His love never ending –

His groaning for the harvest fields is real.

Authentic partnership is available.

For God so loved the world!!!!

“… Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because

they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd.

Then He said to His disciples,

‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.’”

Matthew 9:36-38


The anguish of His Heart

Last night while breaking bread during the “8 Days of Communion”, the reality of His anguish filled the atmosphere for a moment. His soul’s anguish of love expressed itself this way.

Culturally, mothers of the eastern nations usually will not sit down and begin to eat until all their children are seated at the table and have been served. It was this anguish of heart and love that was announcing its presence last night. 

His heart’s loss of appetite to eat of the bread, knowing that lost sheep had yet not been gathered, was pronounced.  Our Shepherd – Our Bridegroom King – Jesus released a cry of anguish saying, “How can I place this bread in My mouth and be filled? Members of my family have yet not arrived to the table!!”  

One could “hear” the souls of moms and dads weeping, saying, “How can I begin this Communion knowing that my child has yet not arrived to the table?” 

Magnificent is God’s love for His family and for His Son. He desires for all to be gathered at the Marriage Supper of His Lamb, He who is our Bridegroom King. 

His invitation is for us to move through the fields of Harvest with His Father. Jesus asked us to tarry with Him. What better place to tarry than to arrive at the heart of His Father ready to love as He first loved us?

We welcome you to the table this evening at 7:30pm Central time. Facebook Live will be on priscilla zananiri’s page. We look forward to meeting with you there.


Much love to you, 



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10372899_10152087462431921_6763653369926479858_o(the garden of Gethsemane)