November 3, 2019
Hong Kong
Gideon and His 300

Morning Journaling:

This morning while on Twitter a video posting by a journalist in Hong Kong caused deep sorrow to my spirit. For a few hours, it was difficult to speak. There were no answers just groaning prayers, turning my heart towards God waiting for understanding. This experience is so small in comparison to what those on the ground have experienced.

A few hours ago, the Holy Spirit urged me to open the scriptures. Yielding to this I randomly opened my Bible and without glancing closed my eyes, sensing God’s desire to direct me. “God, what is the message to Your children in Hong Kong? Where do I turn my spirit to hear Your direction? Words will not work, Lord. Where will these groanings lead? Keep my voice, for I desire what You want me to see. Lord, where within Your scriptures are the wisdom needed for Hong Kong?”

While my eyes were closed I began to “see” the story of Gideon. The pitchers with the torches inside were being carried by those in Hong Kong. After the “vision,” I looked down (for the 1st time) to my bible. There in front of me was Judges 6:16-7:5 (pages 366 and 367). Surprised, I looked twice to make sure I was seeing correctly. What I was shown while my eyes were closed is what was opened before me in scripture.

This is the review of the story and my ponderings.

The children of Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord and were under the powers (hand) of Midian (meaning strife) for seven years. The oppression Gideon and his people were experiencing, became exasperated whenever the children of Israel would sow the seed and prepare for the harvest. The Midianites would come in strife against Israel by overwhelming the land with their people, tents, and livestock destroying all of Israel’s produce.

It was at this time that God sent a prophet to the sons of Israel. The prophet confronted the ‘fear factor’. Israel was living in the land of the Amorites and needed to confront their fear of the gods of the Amorites. An Amorite was one (the meaning of the name) who says, appoints, challenges, commands, declares; in other words, he establishes his word and will over a people through oppression.

Following the prophet’s visit, the Angel of the Lord came to visit Gideon. Please bear with me as I describe my perceiving. The Angel of the Lord came to Ophrah (fawn) which belonged to Joash, Gideon’s father (burning fire of the Eternal God), the Abiezrite (My Father is Help). It is here that the Lord approached Gideon calling him by the meaning of his name, “Gideon the warrior.” In return, Gideon expresses his agony to God. He recalled to the Angel of the Lord the stories of the mighty acts of God during the days of Moses and Joshua, wondering where His miracles were for him and Israel. He wondered why God had abandoned them now. The Lord’s response to Gideon is priceless and reveals the perspective of God, verses man’s earthly understanding. The Lord says to Gideon, “Go with your strength and deliver Israel from the hands of the Midianites.” God saw Gideon’s question as a manifestation of unexpected victorious strength.

In Judges 6:16 the writer details the conversation and promise Gideon was given. Gideon would defeat Midian (the strife in the land) as ONE MAN. The fearful yet yielded devotion of Gideon motivated him to prepare an offering to this Angel. Yes, this was a received offering; accepted and consumed through the rod of the Lord (vs. 21). The altar built by Gideon was called, “The Lord is Peace” (vs.24).

Despite Gideon’s fear he proceeded to carry out the second major step of obedience, which was to take down the stronghold (spiritual altar of his father) and destroy the idol. Gideon did this by using the wooden idol to create the fire needed for his worshipful repentance. Yes, Gideon was of the next generation and would use the wood of his father’s false god to begin the reformation process, which was to sacrifice to the One and True God.

Joash, Gideon’s father, repented by protecting his son against the men of the city; calling him, “Jerubbaal,” meaning “let Baal contend” for himself. Not only did the angel of the Lord activate the meaning of his name, but now his father was adding what his son would war against. He would challenge and be victorious against the false deities of baal. This did not sit well with the rulers of the land.

The Midianites (strife) and the Amalakites (valley dwellers) were angry. They chose to congregate and battle against Israel in the valley of Jezreel (where God sows).

While being so afraid, Gideon listened to God’s instruction and went down among his enemies (7:9-11). It was in the camp of the enemy where Gideon heard a dream given to one of the enemy soldiers. It was through hearing this dream that his faith was strengthened.

God’s Spirit came upon Gideon and he BLEW THE TRUMPET calling the people into battle. Manasseh (cause to forget), Asher (Happy), Zebulun (exalted), and Naphtali (wrestling) were called to attention.

Gideon’s name is interesting. The meaning of his name is a warrior; however, it also comes from a word (gada) which means, ‘to fell a tree.’ Generally, it means to destroy anything: to cut asunder, to cut down, hew, chop, cut off, shave off, and cut in two. Gideon is a warrior and able to destroy the works of one who strives and decrees through oppression (tearing in two what was falsely declared); Gideon just didn’t know it yet.

Gideon and his men camped at the Spring of Harod (to shudder with terror), while the people Midian and Amalekites camped at the Hill of Moreh (teacher/archer) in the valley.

Rulers are coming into Hong Kong, as you know, with an evil declarative word of darkness. These are the ‘sayers.’ The strife this has brought has turned to murder and of great sadness. As a result, many are not knowing where to go to hide – they are feeling the iron gates coming closer ready to encircle. The story of Gideon seems to be carrying a message for you from the Lord. Maybe God has already brought this message to you.

Those who drink at the waters of terror, by lifting the water (so they could see) and lap like a dog were chosen. The ones who plunged their faces into the waters of terror were not chosen; therefore, only 300 were chosen. Hong Kong has 300 who will not dive into the terror of the moment but instead will use the water to quench their thirst, allowing their enemy to serve them in this way. Yet they will be able to watch with the eyes of their hearts, as they prepare for a victorious eternal battle.

Trumpets, clay vessels, and torches were used together, as ONE MAN. The unified sound sent confusion into the camps.

Trumpets (are blown at the appointed times, this the voice of the Lord and the acknowledgment of His clock), Clay vessels (hearts of humility, courage, brokenness, and boldness), and torches (The Light of God and of His Word – the prayers of the saints) were brought together and lifted before the enemy. The unified sound of heaven and earth dismantled the works of darkness.

I refuse to bend to what Daniel called, “the enemy wanting to advance time and to make God’s people weary.” There is a need to come higher with the Sound, Light, and the broken people of the land. God desires to use those who through His strength, achieve the plans of the Lord.

Do not forget, Gideon was afraid and told God. What was God’s response? God told him to go into the enemy’s camp, and there He will communicate with him. It was a dream given to one in the enemy camp which encouraged Gideon. God spoke to the enemy. (I just love that.) He will teach the people of Hong Kong what fear looks like and how to rid of it. He will teach the people of Hong Kong the realities of the Kingdom of God, and how to overcome and rule in the land. Jesus is King of the gates!!

Father, we ask to see Your strategy for silencing strife and false covenantal strategies of darkness. Lord, expose where every vein of unholy blood is streaming from. Close the books of the unjust oppression and unrighteous authorities. We ask for and come into the agreement now with the armies of heaven. We come into agreement with Your plans and all of Your works being carried out throughout Hong Kong. Reveal the “servant heart” within this region, meant to serve and lead the surrounding regions. Lord, our heart, soul, and mind are Yours. We love you.

November 7, 2019 – One decree over HK:

The Lord is with you all. His love is deep.

The language and understanding of these seasons will be created, forming a new dictionary, through what your people are facing. We will see the empowerment bestowed upon God’s people, for what it was meant for. Yes, an end-time readiness and emergence.

His purpose for you is so deep. He has not abandoned but has prepared you to comfort the earth in such a time as this. Yes, you are kingly priests of His Kingdom. Yes, and all of what that means.

Father we stand, we step up in readiness; fully depending on You. We stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, ready to release the sound of the trumpets of Your Kingdom.

We love and bless the peoples of Hong Kong, Mainland, Taiwan, and Macau.

With much love,


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    • Ginger, I’m glad this has assisted you. There is so much more we need to hear and activate in faith… Have a fabulous day today… Let us know when you hear regarding this issue…


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