Could it be that the “Awe in God” is returning to the conscience of many?

He caught my attention this morning. Demonstrated was one aspect of His power….

“Hear, O peoples, all of you;
Listen, O earth and all it contains,
And let the Lord God be a witness against you,
The Lord from His holy temple.
For behold, the Lord is coming forth from His place.
He will come down and tread on the high places of the earth.
The mountains will melt under Him
And the valleys will be split,
Like wax before the fire,
Like water poured down a steep place.” Micah 1: 2-4

First of all not only people are called to hear, but the earth AND ALL that is within the earth is called to listen to the voice of the trumpeter and subsequently to He who is God! Can you sense the “ear” of the earth and creation, or the turning to listen of the “noise” throughout the earth?

For me right now, it feels like “One” who is wayyyy mightier than “one.” The “One” who is larger than all human intellect combined is about to make Himself more tangible than He already has, and when He does everything and everyone will STOP,  just in time to bow minds, hearts, and bodies before Him who is Holiness.

The Highest of mountain peaks are smaller than one grain of sand in the perspective of God (His hugeness!!!!). If a mountain is so humble through His lens, what would a valley be? Governments in scripture are often symbolized by a mountain or hill depending on their measure of power. Valleys, graced along the edge of these mountains are the receptor of either the abundance of rain resulting in harvest or the lack of rain causing bitterness of soul.

What carries authority in our intellectual perceiving, and what has the result been within our valley (the place of receiving)? Is there anything that carries such a massive place of prominence within our intellect or life experience causing God to seemingly be crowded out of ones sphere?

The Lord told Micah that He was coming, and when He did, the mountains would melt and valleys split open. The mountains would become like hot wax and the valley would receive the water pouring down into the steep place.

Hmmmm, I myself (as are you) are made of earth-clay. Upon this earth the soul and our spirit are alive. When God comes to visit, every aspect of our being responds to His presence. For He is the Ultimate “mountain of authority”. He comes to melt away anything that is attempting to kill our spirit, steal from our soul, or destroy our body. In other words, what we allow to govern us must answer to God. What we allow into our personal receptors will answer to the Lord. What is of Him will remain and what is not will melt loosing its grip of influence.

Jesus said,
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I came that they may have life,
and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

When one first reads Micah 1:2-4, the impression of God being angry might prevail in thoughts. But, in reality, He is. He is angry at strongholds which are hurting, affecting, accusing, traumatizing, and belittling people and everything He created. Towards humanity, He has a powerful never ending reality, and that is LOVE. But this love is not sappy and accepting of transgressions and iniquities.

Let us make room for Him to come, and let His foot find a place to land, for when He does our spirit, soul, and body will be free. The protective heart of God. The restorer of generations. The giver of life is on our side. The “One” offers His heart to us!

“Let’s humble ourselves in the presence of the”One”and He will exalt us.” James 4:10

Micah, the book depicting the Compassion of God.



Scribing with hope in the future.

January 2017 – Morning Thoughts

by briskilla

(photo by kellepics)

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