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Course Correction

Entanglement with worldliness is often interrupted by an invitation to receive and engage in a course correction.  Course correction begins by turning away from the vibrations of the public place and from the facilitator of worldly realms, which enables an internal recalibration of sound and power with the heavenly realm.  God’s love invites, persistently if needed, this re-prioritization.  God’s love and wisdom go before, preparing and planning provision for this surgery where a healing work takes place.  This beautiful process—the returning of one’s heart, spirit, soul, and body—is so that one can live from the place of optimal identity and health in Him.

Course Correction

He will take us within His heart. There He cares for us within His surgical suite.



The growth of the branch from within the Vine enables wholeness.  The branch who is broken begins to desire again the Water’s sound flowing from within the Vine into the veins of the branch.  The broken can hear the deep sounds of the love of God resonate through the waters movements as it runs deep into the veins of the branch.  This creates such a beautiful orchestration of the declaration, “I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me” harmonized with “I am in the world but not of it.” 


Deep Calls to Deep

Deep Calls to Deep


Recognizing the sound of ‘Wisdom’s way’ allows for the decision to “go behind the veil” into the true “greenhouse of heaven” to be made–the place where the Vine Dresser can begin to cut away the cords of lifeless worldliness.  Such a gift!!  This is a branch in need of rescue being saved from the plucking of a chaotic symphony.

There is beautiful relief as the pathways within the spirit, soul, and body are flushed out and begin to breathe again.  With the rescue operation complete … the refining begins.  Recognizing and registering the ways of Heaven resets the neurons within one’s being.  The heart begins to once again long for God alone as the new branch of life begins to peak through the sheath of the Vine’s womb.  

To live again is to die to self for the One who gave everything.


To live again is to drink of the Waters which have turned to Wine, found within the  depth of the One who is known as the Vine – The Keeper of the Vineyard. Yes, He whose blood coursed through the earth provides the course correction needed for the restoration of all things. 


Much Love, 

Briskilla, with edits by Ali .

2 Comments on “Course Correction

  1. This draws me to Him, His life and all He is. I’m in need of many course corrections, my friend. This will help with the journey. Thanks


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