“The earth is God’s footstool, and we are the “legs of God” upon the earth.

“You set the glory and the honor on his head.

And you have authorized him by submitting everything of your hands,

and submitted everything under his feet…”

Hebrews 2:7, 8

While standing in a city located in China, sharing a story with my new friends; to my right hand side,  I kept being shown (in my spirit eyes) the feet of Jesus Christ.  The ability to view the lower part of His legs and His feet, as they were nailed to the cross was causing such a brokenness within me. Such a painful,  bloody, and moving reality. 

In response to me asking God, why He was enabling me to see this, He allowed me to feel His answer within my heart. I knew that there was someone sitting in front of the cross who had paid the price through religious imprisonment/persecution and had accepted the invitation to “becoming His feet on the earth.” 

The sufferings that we go through here on the earth (for the sake of the love of Christ) produce within us the faith and strength to be His feet on the earth. 

Any limitations we perceive can either be self inflicted, demonically inflicted,    human opinion, and/or generationally built by decisions spoken or acted out by us or those who have lived before us. God said He has released to us His resurrection power and no one or thing can stop us EXCEPT our own opposing view point.

“…that through death He might render powerless 

him who had the power of death, that is, the devil,

and might free those who through fear of death 

were subject to slavery all their lives…”

Hebrews 2:14-15

Death, bondage, fear, slavery is not our portion.

(ahhhhh, can you see Him? Look inside the womb of His resurrection power)

To know Him and the power of His resurrection!!

Learn of the wealth of His limitless deliverance.

Let your feet journey on the mountain sides.

He gave us courageous hearts, and beautiful legs to carry us to the nations!! 



1 Comment on “Word – 6

  1. Beautiful and moving visual…hard to realize there are those who are paying that price every day…to be His feet. And there will be more and more as time passes.


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