Momentary Ponderings.
Grace is raining-reigning.
Timelines vs. Time-spheres:
We call them timelines, but they are not, instead they are time-spheres; for events in life can be revisited. If timelines were a reality we would be moving forward without the ability to ever again visit, reclaim, restore, or to separate from. This is the incredible creative genius and mercy of our God.
The opportunity to implement actions of justice amidst the reminiscing of the past is a real thing – that is called restitution. To celebrate the victories, to extract the precious from the vile, to grieve what was lost, to pull up a false previously laid foundation, to rebuild the ancient paths, to recover – – all of these actions are possible due to God’s spherical time patterns given earth’s time. Yes, God placed the earth’s time in the upward spherical rotation making room for redemption, reconciliation, healing, and celebration.
One of the most profound examples is the constant revisiting of the hope made available after the trauma of the Garden of Eden. This devastating event was not met with a dropoff point- an absolute end to life (at the end of a timeline). Yes, the spherical time of Grace removed them from the realms of what was a paradise for a long season, in great anticipation of the full circle moment; one of a redeeming return upward, into a “greater than” moment.
In the moment of Eden’s devastation God did not slam the gavel down on all creation once and for all along a linear path of life; instead, He came back into a Garden moment to redeem time lost. Yes, the earth and all of the humankind experienced a full-circle moment when all was redeemed; there on the cross, in the grave, with Resurrection’s Life, and with Mary of Magdelene and His brethren.
Between the first garden moment and the cross, there were multiple spherical climbs (full circle moments) drawing history back into view. During these moments where the past met the present God allowed moments representing the future’s promises. This gave humanity the opportunity to make different choices leading to different outcomes – this redeeming time.
For example; the burning bush represented the Tree of Life – Moses yielded to God and a new “profession”. The exodus out of Egypt represented the promises of deliverance from the world systems – the children of Israel yielded to a new day, as they consumed a different type of meal. Joshua, representing Christ and His intentions of bringing us into the promised land, yielded fearing God and not man. All of these were full circle moments taking us back to the promise that one day the sacrifice would come and make perfect the work of the cross along the time-sphere of life.
Time spheres, rotations, full circle moments are eternal, redeeming, prequalifying; along with being, infusions of His faithfulness, grace, mercy, love – the pleasure of His will. Yielding to such opportunities takes us into upward motion, out of the miry clay, setting our feet on solid rock.
My heart, spirit, and soul have such gratitude towards You God; for You make all things new. Continue to teach me how to yield to Your life-giving grace-filled time-spheres of life.

Much Love,


2 Comments on “Time-spheres

  1. Yes! So good! ….Upward spherical rotation….redemption!….leading to a ‘greater than’ moment…..and on to even more than a moment but eternity. As always, love what He gives you to write.

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