“Who said victories present themselves dignified?” Not one champion crossed the finished line dressed in an Armani silk suit with polished leather Jimmy Choo shoes. That came later.

A champion’s true portrait of dignified (at the moment of “the win”) is more like well-worn athletic shoes, hair disheveled from the game, out of breath, “big baby” tears, and drenched in fowl smelling sweat.

Yesterday while looking for the “mental posture” needed to deal with a rough morning, I came across this verse.

“He offered prayers and supplications with vehement cries (forcible, valiant, tumult, grief) and tears to Him who is able to save Him ….” Hebrews 5:7

If Jesus our champion was willing to lose the cultural definition of “dignified” in time to win the greatest battle ever fought, I too can lose my inner restraints.

Facing off (confronting) with an inner dark moment can only be won through the courage of confession, and allowing the provision of Jesus Christ (who is Light) to be our guide into breakthrough.

Get messy!!
Let your voice be heard in the neighborhood–ROAR (Well maybe into your pillow)
Dance in celebration of the victory!!


written by briskilla



photo by  rmac8oppo


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