Purim is a good time to visit this article, but not the only time applicable. On any given day, we are invited to go before our King to learn which edicts God is requiring to be written, decreed, and acted upon for families, peoples, and nations. Remember advancement is not only God granting permission to decree but also to act upon the decrees, taking possession. Those who have yielded to God’s will and embraced the greater faith have access to administrate His Will on the earth, in the sphere specifically for them. He is saying, “Now is the time! It is time to have your feet on the land of your destiny-Christ’s inheritance.”

Briskilla, with the help of Samuel, first wrote this article in March of 2014. The two years mentioned as “vital” 2014 and 2015 were proven true. Within those 24 months, much work practically and spiritually was set in place; nevertheless, the work is yet not completed. Watchmen around the globe must watch and pray as “the Esther’s and Mordecai’s” of modern-day accept their God-given identity and assignments and are now moving into position carrying solutions for complex situations.

Friends, let us try to take the cliche out of these following words. For the reality of this is the open door into “possessing.” To recall and take our place reserved by God is humility wrapped in faith. “Seated with Him in heavenly places.” To then ready oneself by receiving the open eyes and ears necessary for revelation amidst confusion and evil means we believe and enables one to receive instruction. “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.” (Rev. 4) These are preliminary steps necessary for the receiving of the Kingdom Edicts. It is from this place that God releases the strategy and outcome of the activated keys of the kingdom of heaven, and the keys are access granted.

Jesus said, “Whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Binding and building God’s Will into the earth is ruling with Him, and in so doing, we are actively building mansions in heaven through our acts of obedience, and the Kingdom of God in the hearts of humanity. Truly, ruling with the King of all kings is our inheritance.

Be strengthened through this read, and let us see what God is asking individuals across the nation to call to life. Yes, Step into the reality of His will.

**These types of directives of the Lord are timeless. We would encourage the reader to place today’s dates here, ____//___//____ embrace courage and be a history writer.

“In 539 BC, King Cyrus wrote his decree, releasing an abundance and provision to Ezra and the first wave of Israelites returning to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. Later, in 473 BC, Haman’s secret decree (drafted the previous year) was set to authorize the genocide of the Jews living in the Persian Empire, including those who returned to Jerusalem. The time frame passed between 539 BC, and 473 BC was 66 years. Israel became a nation in 1948, and it has been 66 years since the re-birth of the nation (this was in 2014). In 2014 we asked the question, “What does God require of His Esthers and Mordecai’s in this Epoch of time, as we step into the same window of time (66 years) the Book of Esther illustrates? Years have passed since 2014, and the 70th year was the needed focus of 2018. Now, in 2022, 74 years have been accomplished since the 1948 establishing of Israel.

Esther’s hidden secret, which revealed her outward strength, was her dependence and alignment to Mordecai. Moreover, her willingness to step into the character of, “Not loving my life, even unto death.”

Here we are editing this article in 2022. There is no doubt (this is no longer a prophetic word like it was in 2014) the nations are in turmoil.

God is Holy and is confident in His outcome. He never changes. Nations will rise and call Him ‘Ruler of Nations.’ In these times of shalom amidst conflict, God’s Spirit of Holiness broods His will over the earth. God’s Spirit comforts by His righteousness, mercy, wisdom. God commands Royal Edict Writers to learn and remember the absolute truth and announce this accordingly while knowing the challenge at hand. Mordecai remembered YHVH as the Victorious One and guided Esther to do the same. Warfare is a clashing of Truth vs. Wickedness. Yes, confrontational, yet justice will be recognized when accomplished through the mercy of God’s will. Mordecai had whit about him and knew how to maneuver through the darkness by remaining on God’s lit path of courageous humility and audacity for life. Mordecai understood that unrighteousness plays in the absence of justice; where righteousness rules, peace dwells. He was not ashamed to express his desperation before the God of Israel.

“Righteousness and Peace kissed each other, and Truth sprung forth.” (Psalms 85:10,11)

God causes nations to shake. Why? He uncovers darkness and judges the actions of evil rulers. He guides His own to trust and fall on the Rock that does not shake. Such a posture will take embracing the peace that goes beyond earthly understanding.

Mordecai empowered Esther to experience a suddenly. She had become Queen of the Persian Empire during the seventh year of King Ahasuerus’s rule, and for the first 4 1/2 years of her reign, she experienced relative peace and acclimated to her life as queen.

Mordecai’s call for her intercession empowered her to shift from peace to war, integrating her destiny as deliverer with her role as regent.

She would learn to act both as Queen and Deliverer. Mordecai, Esther’s older cousin, was great among the Jews, a favorite with the multitude of His brethren, and was known to speak peace to his kinsmen. (Esther 10:3) Once Mordecai challenged her fear, Esther could respond, stepping into action and carrying out a victory that could not be thwarted or debated.

In the character of Haman, we see allegorized both biased human intellect and self-promotion, which was hung on the gallows for all to witness. Evil, at times, must play out its hand to reveal its true identity, such that others can be delivered and evil crushed.

Ahasuerus’ 12th Year of Rule, 13th Day of Nisan:

From the first forming of nations to today, nations have hung in the balance–living in a Valley of Decision. If they choose to rule in righteousness and justice, the favor will fall upon them in pleasant places; subsequently, the opposite will render an opposing verdict. We see this exampled in the 12th year reign of King Ahasuerus, which became his season of testing.

During this 12th year, on the 13th day of Nisan, Haman stirred up turmoil threatening to topple God’s people and the Empire, housing not only Israelites but 127 different provinces: Asians, Africans, Arabs, Persians, Chaldeans, Indians, Assyrians, Europeans, Etc. All these provinces would have been affected by Haman’s plot. Esther pronounced that if Haman were simply after placing her people into bondage as enslaved people, she would not have asked for her life, but the added danger was what Haman would have done to the King (7:4).

Haman hatched the plot in secret in 474 BC and hid from Ahasuerus, the target nation of the Jews—he tricked the king into signing off on it. He called together the king’s secretaries, one for each language found among all 127 Provinces, to scribe the letter decreeing the murdering of the Israelites. The chosen date for the plot’s execution was the 11th of Adar in 473 BC—11 months later. This national crisis perplexed the citizens of Susa and caused the Jews within the Empire to unify in fasting and prayer, beseeching heaven in repentance for their lives.

Ahasuerus had a decision to make: whether to stand with his appointed queen and her people and her God or bend towards Haman’s pride-induced hate and thus experience the unknown, potential demise of his rule.

“Esther, Get Up!” “Mordecai, Take Your Place!”

With all that is stirring in this world, listen: “Esther’s, get up! Mordecai’s, arise to help! Respond to the sound of God’s voice.” Esther fell before the earthly king weeping for her people, and in his response, he stretched out the royal scepter of his authority. Once he extended it, Esther arose and stood (8:4). She petitioned the king with evident honor, humility, and diplomacy. Esther kept asking until the king granted her authority. Such determination took more than one visit to the king.

Psalms 23 on the 23rd of the Third Month Sivan

Permission was granted on the 23rd day of the third month, highlighting Psalms 23, while Ahasuerus and Esther with Mordecai sat at the banqueting table of all that the king provided. Like in Psalm 23, their table prophesied provision and warfare. The king remained steadfast in his commitment to his queen. The king dressed Mordecai in royal garments, extended his scepter to Esther, gave Haman’s ring to Mordecai, and his house to Esther. The king authorized Mordecai and Esther to use his name and seal and provided them with his royal studs/beasts to deliver all the scrolls written. He directed them to scribe decrees and indictments against those who would kill them and gave them corporate permission to war and retain the spoil (chapter 8).

The Fear of Mordecai Had Fallen Upon the Persian Empire. 127 Provinces, stretching from India to Ethiopia, became aware of his influential authority. Within 11 months, Mordecai and Esther shifted from living under the threat of annihilation to becoming the governmental authority, second only to King Ahasuerus. Mordecai stood now in favor, and Esther grew in her favor with the king. Such success began with Mordecai falling to the ground in total dependence on God.

Haman had conjured up the spirit of death to give it preeminence on the appointed “Day to Slaughter Jews;” however, the Jews awoke to find that God had strengthened their hands for war on that dreaded day. The sunrise met the sound of victory in war and favor conferred by the king and citizens of the Empire (9:1). Instead of intimidation of death knocking on their door, their enemies were now terrified of them, even converting and becoming Jews themselves.

What did Mordecai possess, which caused “fear” to grip the hearts of his enemies? The hidden virtue he carried caused them to respect him and his people, whom they had days before readied themselves to slaughter. Mordecai was a man with unequivocal resolve. The integrity and the Fear of the Lord found within him caused him to exercise an uncompromising stand for the truth (3:4).

Today, as cultivators of peace—as those who called to be reconcilers of humankind to God—we are to cancel out the indictments of the enemy against our generations, cities, and nations as part of our mandated destiny. Once the King extends His authority, it becomes our responsibility to seek the strategy and move ahead in writing the plan for the battle ahead. When that scepter is in view, our King has decreed the permission to move ahead; it is then in our hands to create the document which takes the death out of the indictment set against us by the enemy and restores life to the people he would kill.

The Signet Ring:

When dealing with those who applaud death, even if we possess his house, we do not yet have the activated, functional ability to ‘renovate that house’ until the authority and power of the signet ring of our King are received. That signet ring corresponds to the Holy Spirit releasing the Will of God on the earth. The scepter extended to us corresponds to the King enabling us to rise and work (8:1-7). See, our King desires for Himself one who is His assistant or viceroy, typified in both Esther and Mordecai. Ahasuerus, who loved God’s beloved Esther, had the wrong man in command. So, the interior design of the house—Haman’s house, symbolizing the whole Persian Empire—needed transformation and a new man at the helm.

Consistency in the Process:

There was a great need to prepare the people to stand and fight, succeeding Haman’s death on the gallows. Leaders of the Jews worked tirelessly behind the scenes, securing deliverance and safety for those under their care, even before they presented their cause to the corporate body. Esther had stood in intercession with her uncle, Mordecai, not just during the three-day fast that preceded the banquets, but afterward when Ahasuerus issued a decree through Mordecai that reversed Haman’s plot. That salvation decree had to move swiftly through all the provinces, its movement being another level of intercession.

Season to Scribe God’s Edicts:

We are about to enter another season of war, and there will be a higher realm of truth released amid this warfare, which carries God’s Peace. While nations journey in the Valley of Decision, while the enemy performs plots to bring more destruction, we must take our stand. We must hear from heaven the righteous decrees of the King that will bring life and salvation, intervene and stop the plots of spiritual and political Hamans, and reverse the destruction planned for all, whether Jew, Arab, or others living in the Middle East and around the world.

Nations are in the Valley of Decision. What happens in 2014 will impact and affect 2015, for, in the Spirit, these two years were bound together. We see this pairing throughout history when it comes to significant spiritual advances: there was a one-year time span between Cyrus’ decree to repatriate the Jews to Jerusalem and the time of Ezra’s arrival; there was also a one year passing between Haman’s secret plotting and its intended day of execution; and most recently we see that a year transpired between Israel’s birth as a nation, in 1948, and her recognition by the UN in 1949 (the USA recognized Israel on the very day of her establishment in 1948). Those three major historical events reveal the twinning of two years into “one long year,” something we are presently in with 2014 and 2015.

We must write out and declare boldly the decrees we hear from our King concerning the Arab nations at this time. His love for the Arab nations is a fierce and beautiful thing. While Israel is a constant focal point, we are contending for fear of the Lord to fall on the present-day nations inhabiting the borders of the former Persian Empire, as it did in Mordecai’s day. That fear of the Lord will sweep in a great harvest of souls, which will change the atmosphere over the region and sweep away the plots of the spirit of Haman to bring devastation.

An Awakening is at hand:

We call for a great awakening and harvest in the Arab world and ALL nations. There is such a beautiful sound of those who have turned towards their God. There is faith available to hear The King’s decrees, write them out, and then daily declare them into the Spirit. We especially feel the Spirit of God highlighting Psalms 23 and 24, that His banqueting table is available, and the ancient doors have been opened over regions to receive the King of Glory.

Passover Celebrations remind us that the Blood of the Lamb is available to all who humble themselves and receive Messiah. He will cover the door of their hearts with the blood of His sacrifice! Because life is in the blood, death has no entrance where there is life; it must Passover, finding no room to rest, for life has the final say.

Night Watch

It is interesting to note that Ahasuerus struggled to sleep after Haman obtained the king’s sign-off on his evil plot. Over this year and next, Watchmen-women could expect to struggle with sleep, but more so, expect the Lord to awaken us in the night hours to watch with Him over His people. It is also time to re-read history in our sleepless hours, as Ahasuerus did the Book of Esther, that we might discern the unrighteous patterns in history. Forgotten history repeats itself. Tell the stories to family and friends. Repeat the stories, so evil history does not need to spring up again.

Crying out for fear of the Lord to fall on the nations that make up the geographical boundaries of the former Persian Empire is one righteous act we want to see again, as in the days when the fear of Mordecai fell on the Persian Empire.


It is time to focus on time: the night watch, the times of history, the time of our appointed destiny. Focusing on time comes with the revelation of God’s set time, and aligning with His times comes with applied actions. After Haman’s hanging, Mordecai published broadly a decree that empowered the Jews to defend themselves throughout the Empire on the day Haman’s decree would carry legal weight. Due to Persian law, Haman’s decree could not be rescinded; instead, Mordecai, with the king’s authority, could issue a decree that equipped the Jews to stand and fight back.

Under the New Covenant, the decree of the Cross not only equips us to stand firm in the faith and to resist the assaults of devils, for the curse lost its grip when Jesus fulfilled the law. Therefore, we can rescind any plots of the enemy today that carry “legal” weight that legality rooted in deceiving political heads of state in the earth because the throne of our King, and His decrees, trump the power of any satanic decree and deceptive plots.

Travailing amid This Birthing Season:

The Lord always has Watchmen-women who will travail, wail, and celebrate in the birthing of promises found in Jeremiah 9:1-2, 10, and Isaiah 32:9. We see the Lord sending Jonahs to nations, such as Russia, Iran, and various Eastern nations, who have arrayed themselves against Israel and God’s Kingdom ways. We see these appointed Jonahs going to these nations and imploring them to turn and align themselves with the Lord’s will such that the “Fear of Mordecai” falls and turns hearts to the Lord. The resolve that Mordecai carried “to fear God and execute His commands” (see Esther 2:20) must become the kind of heart that God forms in these nations that currently withstand Him and Zion. We are contending for the ‘fear of Mordecai’—that relentless, uncompromising desire to obey the Lord—will enter into and transform the hearts of nations during this 2014-2015 time frame.

These types of directives of the Lord are timeless. We would encourage you to place today’s dates here, ____//___//____ embrace courage and be a history writer.

The God-given strength found in Mordecai, Esther, Joshua, Deborah, Jael, Hannah, Mary, Joan of Arc, Ruth, and Boaz was vital for their victory. They might have never become known and scribed in the annals of history if the courage found in faith was not activated by their willingness, no matter how afraid they were.

____________ (place your name here) you are needed, in your lifetime, to display the beauty of God’s Governmental Administration, and Execution of the Kingdom Design is.

Indeed, we are living in days of the transformation of time. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and Christ, and He will reign forever. So many who have heard what God commands written recognize ‘it is faith in action’ to step into the scrolls and build the very thing written and decreed.

Much Love


Assisted and Edited by Samuel Nicolosi

Art Piece by @free-photos.

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  1. I am from Indonesia and received the same message to form an army of prophetic writers. I would love to connect w/ you.


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