“God spoke: Earth, green up! Grow all varieties

of seedbearing plants,

Every sort of fruitbearing tree. 

And there it was.

Earth produced green seed-bearing plants,

all varieties,

And fruit-bearing trees of all sorts.

God saw that it was good.

It was evening, it was morning—Day Three.”

Genesis 1:11-13

God will provide, show us, lead us in the hunt to find the field in which we are to create His dreams — our dreams. He will also provide the seed (thoughts – ideas) for conception so that we can ultimately bear fruit–life that remains…

ps. There was going to be a need for nurturing what was in the earth and what was in the atmosphere… for the land could not survive without water of the oceans, and the oceans cannot be held in place apart from the clay of the earth holding it’s borders in place.

The earths soil would need moisture…the place of facilitation needed the right amount of pressure, moisture, and salt for preservation. All of this provided by the Creator of the created. The Lord knew the balance needed of each ingredient for the earth to experience life. 

The Lord knows the right balance of ingredients for our dreams — His dreams to succeed. 




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