When the Messiah is speaking to John of the seven churches, He brings up the issue of their lampstands. He explains to John of their callings, success, weaknesses, and what needs to be accomplished for the win.

He’s incredible this way.  He takes into account every aspect of the scenario. He recognizes the environment, battles confronting them… He can see the resistance and their capabilities. He takes into account the work they have done by faith. He acknowledges their weakness, giving them a way out. He reminds them of His promise to them regarding their rewards. He doesnt leave them, eventhough His necessary rebuke is severe. He cheers them on into a strong finish. 

I wonder what it would be like (if we haven’t already) to ask God the identity of our lampstand, with the intention of inviting Him in to conduct a personal evaluation appointment with us?

Something so powerful about the message of the seven churches is that the Resurrected Messiah presented Himself, revealing aspects of His identity specific to each Church.

This means that the portion of His identity revealed, was infused into that specific Church. This was intended to equip each member;  giving them the grace to exemplify that part of the identity of Christ; in so doing , they would have experienced the empowerment of His Spirit enabling them to fulfill their mandate .

Romans 1:19 says, “Because what may be known of God is manifested in them for God has shown it to them.”

All those times that the Lord revealed a portion of who He is to us, He was enabling and empowering us to fulfill our mandate. He was inviting us into “becoming like Him,”and using His strength to accomplish the works which partnered with His faith in us.

He intends for the overcoming nature within us to shine brightly.

Side Note: 

What is this I am feeling right now. It’s like I can see Jesus within the garden of the lampstand. I can hear Him wanting to speak to each of His children. I can see His eyes intentional and administrative, ready to describe, teach, and encourage the one who would advance towards Him. I can see Him already walking towards the one who is right there. There is no hesitance in Him, but I can feel the hesitancy in the one to my peripheral. There is no shame. Just fabulous excitement on His part to have time with the one He loves. 

On the side of the soul of humankind, not all, but some …. there is a hesitation to draw close to Him. Hmmm. They do not feel worthy. They didnt know they were allowed to remove the veil of shame, isolation, and rejection. They thought their old thought systems was the way it will always be. They thought their way was more stubbornly determined than His.

What is that? He is a dictator and demanding and commanding Being, you say? No, No, it is clear from the attitude and posture of Jesus that He always intended for you and I to work with Him. 

Yes, it’s true. Look right there. His administration of His Father’s design is on the tablets of His heart and on the table within His garden, laid out for you and I to ponder with Him.  He is wanting to speak with you and I. He is wanting to work together. 

It was Him who said, “How lovely it is when brethern dwell together in unity.” He would not of directed us into that challenge, if He Himself did not want to unite with us. Unity is a heart level connection, which is an enabling force for us to become one with each other and WITH HIM! He the Living God desires that. 

Okay Back to the question: 

This question. “I wonder what it would be like (if we haven’t already) to ask God the identity of our lampstand, with the intention of inviting Him in to conduct a personal evaluation appointment with us?” 

Well for the last 9 months He has had me within this holding pattern. I wont go into full detail yet, but I will say this. My heart has been blown wide open – – expanded beyond what I though possible. How and why? How? Through His love. Why? Because His grace determined so. His ways of perceiving are so opposite of what we experience here on the earth through the pull of human thought yet not circumcized by His fire….

During our appointment the majority of the months has been Him revealing His identity to me. Every day that a “breakthrough” took place, it was not a demeaning, rebuking, shouting match; instead His presence and glory would fill the room, making room for the lesson of the day. This was not a chalk board and student time, but an experiential moment in time. 

His news. His instructions. His way of converstaion is to pour out on us His desire for us. 

He speaks of Lampstands, yet before the Lampstand He will mend and equip the vessel in which the oil will reside. 

If need be He will take you back to your beginnings, and within the spherical time zones of heaven He will redo, adjust what took place which caused a stumble. In so doing, He is  adhering to our feet the ability to walk straight on the path of life. Yes, He will take us back to the beginnings in time to advance us forward like a warrior horse rider trying to hang on by thin ropes at the starting gate. Just let go, it is safer. 😅

His appointment is filled with so much kindness, that the innocence of the child within us will realize the true Father of our Faith is God the Father. He who sits on the throne of the heavens and yearns to dwell within our hearts; is the one who releases within us the ability to shine with the empowering strength of His Spirit. Endowed with His Spirit of Himself, Wisdom, and Understanding, Council and Might, Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord. 

Arise Shine for Your Light Has come!!!

Much Grace and Love to you as you continue to shine. 



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