When Christ instructed us to be “as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves,”  in the presence of wolves (false teachers and prophets), He was affirming our identity as sons and daughters.  The confidence to walk this instruction out is rooted and built through one on one studies with the Dove.  He equips His own. (Matthew 10:16)To be shrewd implies the ability to make future decisions and to carry out plans based on wisdom. This wisdom is activated through the wholeness of soul (the mind, emotions and will) and spirit. Historically the word shrewd related to and was expressed through the “seat of intellectual and spiritual activity. The diaphragm was known to determine the nature and strength of the breath and hence also the human spirit and its emotions.”

The Lord is asking us to be shrewd: To be infants in evil, but to grow up into maturity in our thinking. (1 Corinthians 14:20)

The outlook on life is not meant to be decided based on human nature (flesh). A healthy outlook on life and decisions are formed when my mind is set on the Holy Spirit. The outcome will be life and peace. (Romans 8:6)

This means that Spirit (God) to spirit (me) interaction will produce incredible life! It is by and through Him that wholeness will become a reality within. He is in the business of restoring us – building us up to be beyond what we could ever think or imagine. There is only One God. He has created us to be pretty incredible people (1 Corinthians 2 – meditate on this).

Wolves in the New Testament represented false teachers and false prophets. The aim is to break down and diminish truth by sharp “teeth bites” penetrating the flesh. Enough of those penetrated bites will rip a lamb to shreds.  Our ability to discern truth will come from time well spent in the presence of our Supernatural Teacher – God and His Holy Spirit. It is through determined time spent with God that our hearts will heal, our intellect will mature, and our decisions will be wise.  This wisdom gained is the “shrewdness” needed to withstand an attempted battle of biting lies.

Consider marking up your calendar with appointments with God. Slotted time with Him is critical. Even more important than slotted times for gardening, manicures, conference calls, dinners out, work outs, and etc… Yes, yes all those things are wonderful and necessary BUT consider your spirit and soul well being. AND consider that He is our #1 Teacher,  all other mentors, Kingdom mothers and fathers, coaches, etc etc fall second to the One who “alighted on us” as Dove. THE Dove is in the business of producing doves. We are those doves made in His image.

Part 1.

(New American Standard Bible and Theological Dictionary of the New Testament used)

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by briskilla

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