When: April 12- 19, 2019


8:30pm Eastern / 7:30pm Central / 6:30pm Mountain / 5:30pm Pacific / 4:30pm Alaska 2:30pm Hawaii / 8:30am Hong Kong / 3:30am Jordan / Add your time zone.

Who: Those who love Jesus  (please share 🦅)
Where: Join us on my FB page, for live participation (FB: priscilla zananiri)
What: Lets unify as a family and nation by breaking bread (communion) with Jesus, friends, and/family, across the nation and nations. Lets cover our nation with love.
Why: One of the greatest weapons provided for us is Unity. Let’s meet around the table to Thank Him and believe what He has done for us. He is worthy of having His family meet around the Supper Table. He will equip us as His priests, as we embark this new Era of time. 

“The blood of Jesus is more powerful than any injustice.”


For the next link; in order to participate in a preparatory thought in prayer, please click on link below.



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