His Spirit was alive.

He was awake — Light.

He tabernacled in an earthly garment,
His earthly dwelling place.

He faced fire — satan’s torments
Refused to bow to darkness’s lie of glory.

Pride of self, not an option.

Without bread, lips brutally parched–40 days waterless.

Feet and garments, torn by the rocky desert land
the state of His tabernacle given to Him for His earth’s love work
His battle attire.


Journey fulfilled:


Decided Will

Fear unhooked–unpegged from His tabernacle.

His Spirit alive

Loyalty abounding

Aligned to Father

Spirit alive-baptized-new life


Unhooked: dead to powers of darkness, eyes ablaze-set on the prize.

Here to work–to seed–to plant.

Here to awaken–give life–give gifts.

Here to walk the earth through heavens eyes – bring forth family.

Darkness hated Him–afraid of Him–despised Him.

Ripped at His flesh–His tabernacle–earth’s form.


His Spirit stood. Stood. Remained.

Stood as they tore away at Him.

Attempt to kill He who is Water
–Water of life.
Provision for man’s wells
–man’s souls–spirits.

Light is shown,

Resurrection power transferred, as He stood.
Take my flesh, you cannot near my spirit.

Immuned from the waterless place.

Take my flesh, you cannot near my spirit.

For it is hewn by fire.

Take my flesh, you cannot near my spirit.

For it is holy aligned.

Risen Treasure

Fear unhooked
unpegged from tabernacle
slaveless to fear.

I die to live

“I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live but Christ that lives in me.”

Tabernacle’s martyrdom
a life lived outside of earth’s time – limitless borders.

Spirit set on fire.
Lord, we again come to the time when Your Spirit will invade our Spirit.

Infusing within us Your power life, as we live in this tabernacle.
Come tabernacle within our Spirit to the fullest degree.

Take my life and let it be–holy Lord to You.
Flesh vs. Spirit

No longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me.

ps. Did you know that thru Jesus’ 40 days of temptation satan attempted to break Him in the 3 areas of sin? All acts of sin fall under one of these categories: pride of life, the lust of the flesh, or lust of the eye. That is what He told me.

In our lifetime we are confronted in these 3 areas also. Don’t let shame take you down. Shame will try to destroy your win, right at the starting gate of this opportunity to lean into God.

Visualize your face to face confrontation as an opportunity to activate your love for Jesus. Realize the courage God gave you to cherish your passion for a completed, #1 finish! Celebrate the process by getting up and fighting. Fight with decrees of truth.
Jesus was baptized in the nation of Jordan, in the river Jordan. He was then in the deserts of Jordan for 40 days. He went from hearing God’s voice saying, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” to hearing the voice of the accuser attempt to destroy His identity and destiny.

Let the power of God’s opinion guide you through, and break you out of the slimy moments of temptation and accusation. God’s love is stronger than satan’s sick, evil, conniving, illuring, wicked, intellectual mind control, condemning, weakening sweet talk.

God’s words will strengthen you, humble you, give you room to breathe, enable you to be clear-headed, shake off the darkness, see into the future, hope again, love your present-day and future, rest again–know His peace, to live and love again. Our spirit has been given the inheritance of being an untouchable to the devil and his schemes. It’s the place of immunity. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High…..”


scribed by Priscilla

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