Within the “kingdom of the United States” (and any other nation) there is another Kingdom filled with redeemed multitudes; all part of an incredible family, whose Father is God. The lens of God’s Kingdom is available to peer through, walking in the confident faith and hope of  fulfillment’s nearness of, “The kingdoms of this world, will become the Kingdom of our Lord and Christ and He will reign forever.”

America’s victory will not be won through low levels of mockery, bickering one with another, bruising with our words through social media nor dinners. Neither is He asking us to respond in false humility, false love, and sappy political acceptance. America’s victory will be won as we yield to the One who designed and birthed the nation. America’s victory will be won as we yield to God and the power of the lifeblood of Jesus Christ. America’s victory will be won as we become who God identified us to be. America’s victory will be won and advanced as we come into the rhythm of His movements.

Within this new era we are in, God is making very clear that we are to live from a place of victory. He is instructing us to perceive through the eyes of the High Priest and King of the Kingdom of God. Engaging and being swayed by the political spirit and muddied waters is not the path of God’s dread champions. Instead, when we see through His lenses, we can walk on the path prepared. His ways empower us to move in a victorious knowing. We are not waiting, His Kingdom is here.

Let’s Break Bread together, making room for our Dread Champion-the King of His Father’s Kingdom. Let’s Break Bread together, bringing our thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for His eternal gift. Let’s invite Him to breathe upon us again, and come into His tabernacle. Let’s invite Him to come and find a people desiring to sit and listen to His conversation. Let’s respond to His invitation to become one, as He and the Father are One. Let’s Break Bread together and allow Him to consume us with the life found within His blood.

Part 2

When the “I AM” sees, He breathes into existence the “It is done!” He is not looking and wishing for His plans to come to pass. He sees fulfillment.

When prophets of old were shown the future they were shown future history in its completed form. They did not see through a “wishing lens.” Can you imagine being one of those prophets raptured into the realms of scrolls written and events accomplished? When one’s spirit has been given sight and experiences the accomplished work, solidification of strength and faith takes place. One’s face is set to the timing of the courses of God.

The prophets lived through the events within the spherical timeline of heaven, only to come back and see that the earth had not yet reached its time to experience those events. They stood in faith believing-confident within the experiential knowledge and understanding of heaven; as they walked the earth pronouncing the need of preparation to their fellow tribesmen and women.

In this new era in which we are living, we are being instructed by God to receive His sight, believing what is seen, and act upon the impossible. There are many things which we are no longer waiting for, but as with Anna and Simeon, those things which we have been waiting for are now upon us. The veil of heaven has been pulled back and God is asking us to believe Him and put actions to our feet as if heaven’s scrolls had already reached earth.

Yes, A daily reminder is good. This daily reminder is to place His words in our hearts daily; making room for those words to come forth in strength, manifesting in flesh. Yes, even as Christ is the Word and was made flesh. Paul said it best in 1 Corinthians 2:5, “.. So that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.” God is doing and about to do more signs in the heavens and on the earth, so that we would be circumcised from the muddy waters of the world’s wisdom, and sent diving into the faith, wisdom, and actions of God.

These 8 Days of communing are not meant to conjure up God’s Kingdom. No. These 8 Days of Communion are meant to engage Jesus at the table where He is waiting to commune with us. Refreshing, Repentance, Reunion, and Empowerment will take place at this table as we engage the King of this Kingdom of which we speak.

May the Lord be glorified through us today,

With much love,


If you have not had the opportunity to watch the launching video, please feel free to. You are most welcome. This is the link.


6 Comments on “8 Days of Communion: Let’s Break Bread Together

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  2. Powerful things happen when we are in unity. Thank you all for hearing the Holy Spirit!


    • You are so welcome!!! And, you are so right!!
      He will have His inheritance! Looking forward to all that He will do. Blessings to you!


  3. Got the pomegranate juice and wafers ready to commune! How special just before the Passover!

    Yahweh Abba Comforter!

    Partaking with and gathering 3 more nurses / intercessors to unified such a time as this!

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