Father, we pray over image.pngthe borders of nations. We ask for HEAVEN”S SHIELDS to lock together surrounding our nations. Let the vibration of these shields fill the hearts and minds of immigrants who are finding refuge within our lands. For the shields of the earth belong to You, God. Release Your mercy and cleanse any shields which we have defiled.

We bless each sojourner with the message of these shields. As they pass through the shields into our land arrest them with Your love, might, and awe.

To you sojourner of lands foreign to you:

These shields are your help.

Receive God your rock and salvation.

He will surround you with favor, as you walk upright in heart. (Help America walk upright in heart, Lord.)

Receive our hospitality, He will lift your head.

Get up and take hold of His help, recognize your deliverance.

Receive Christ as righteous King, healing will be your bread.

Bend your heart to God, you will find trust again.

Receive hope for your future.

Recognize your place of refuge.

Receive and walk in peace.

Find comfort through justice.

You have come to your hiding place, rest under His wing.

(All descriptions of shields found in the bible. Deuteronomy, 1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings, Psalms, Proverbs)

We love you,


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