Our God is the God of Creativity
His Light is the Seed that leads to Life

Words He spoke more than a millennia ago are still creating …

He created Adam and Eve today humanity still births.

He called forth the galaxies … today astronomers still discover new galaxies.

He created the stars and their life cycles … today this continues.

He created vegetation … today seeds still bear the fruit of their kind.

He established seasons … today the seasons still turn.

He designed nations with boundaries … today every nation

established by His design has a boundary.

His voice creates.

His sound resonates in every living thing.

All of creation still responds to His sound and presence.

All of creation groans for the revelation of His sons.

We live inside this world—His spoken creation, “the Word spoken.”

Can you hear Him speaking, creating, calling?

“And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.” 

Col. 1:17

Love, Briskilla

Edits by Ali

1 Comment on “Words – 2

  1. This is so wonderful…to really be able to open our eyes and see His creative power at work in everything in this universe! What a mighty God we serve.


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