Our God is God of Creativity => Light ==> Seed ==> Life

Something He said more than millennia ago is still creating => =>

He created 1st Adam and Eve =>and humanity still births.

He called forth the galaxies => and astronomers are still finding new galaxies.

He created stars, and their life cycles => and today  this continues.

He created vegetation => and seeds are still bearing fruit of it’s kind.

He established seasons => and the times He called into being continue.

He designed nations to have boundaries => and today every nation

established under His design carries boundaries.

His voice creates =>  => His sound permeates throughout every living thing.

All of creation is still responding to His sound and presence==>

We live inside of “The Word spoken.”

Can you hear Him?


“And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.” Col. 1:17



One Comment on “Words – 2

  1. This is so wonderful…to really be able to open our eyes and see His creative power at work in everything in this universe! What a mighty God we serve.


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