Jesus received “God infusions” from His Father daily (at 3am) which reminded Him of His identity, refreshed and strengthened Him, and revealed His daily assignments. Anything He needed to know for that days work was given to Him then….. I can just imagine the love which flowed from His Father into Him – that alone would give anyone the sustainability to run up the Himalayan Mountains.

This was the place and time where He had access to the ONE who IS. Above ALL things He IS!

Humanity was created to exemplify the life of Christ. The cultivation of our identity is important to us, God, and impacts everyone around us. If we have not gone to God to find out who we are, and to receive all that is necessary to succeed in life, where do we find our identity and confidence?

If we have placed the defining of who we are into the hands of humankind than we have set ourselves on an unseen roller coaster ride ready be tossed daily by the opinion of voices.

Consider this. Respect yourself (if you haven’t already) and honor God, for He made you. Honor Him by accepting the appointment time with Him. Find your “3am hour” whether it is noon, 4pm, or 8 and enjoy the interactions awaiting you.

God embedded in you will reveal the most beautiful image. God’s identity, exemplified through us is unshakeable. The only thing that shakes off is the counterfeit which has held on long enough …. If this is for you … We look forward to meeting YOU – the real YOU!

Remember, we become unstoppable at each revealing of our “real You in Him.”

Let’s bring up Deborah for a moment…

The biography written about Deborah’s glorious feat places her as a citizen of a people living in 20 years of oppression. The King at the time was an intimidator, using 900 iron chariots to keep the people of Israel subservient to his rule. Deborah, known as a prophetess and judge sat under a Palm Tree where men would stand before her; seeking wisdom and a just verdict.

This “normal” everyday woman found unbelievable courage because of her communion with Her Creator. She believed in His existence. She engaged Him daily. She yielded to His best for her. She allowed Him to form her beauty;  and in so doing, she as ordinary yielded to the revealing of the depth of her extraordinary reality…

If Deborah had not cultivated her times with God, she would of never been able to carry through the resistance and be used of God to bring those 20 years of a hellish existence to a stop.  It is honor to God and self to invest in cultivating a “daily pattern” of drawing away from the noise and speed of  “man-made time,” receiving from God His opinion and Holy Spirit infused identity.  Deborah’s cultivated identity as a deliverer was used to deliver her people into freedom.  Let’s receive the awesome reality of God. He loves to adorn His daughters for the Victory! 

[I found this photo: This is on Mount Tabor. This arab village man and I are overlooking the village of Deborah. This mountain is where Deborah instructed the General of her army to come and meet with her before the war of victory. (ps. my friend took 5 of us up here to spend the day…a nice memory]

by briskilla

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