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A safe place to land

It’s been with great joy that I’ve had the privilege of mentoring a dear friend who happens to be Asian living in her motherland of Mainland China. (This is a nation which has become a part of my life, a nation which has been used of the Lord to change the course of my life.) We have spent hours per day listening, training–sharing hearts. Here is a letter which was recently shared, in response to a dream (shared with permission). We thought that maybe this would help someone else as well. This is part 1. For those interested in part 2 …. It’s simple, just ask.

P.S.     A friend of mine helped me. In turn one in China is being encouraged in the same way… Let’s keep it going….

“Good morning, friend.

Some of the thoughts which I have had about your dream is regarding the need for refreshment/alignment/”settling in one’s spirit and soul”.

When we are involved in public service; tasks, meetings, conversations, events, corporate prayer, travel, and/or lots of interactions with people we often need to “pull away”–take time away in our place of prayer and meditation for the purpose of realignment to the Lord. This helps our soul (mind, will, and emotions), our physical well being, and our spirit to find rest and refreshment in God (Psalms 65:2, Philippians 4:6,7). Each person has their own strength, their struggles, their anointing, their opinions, and in the midst of a corporate setting much is taking place (lots of activities) both in the natural and in the spiritual realms.

It is normal–common–natural to engage people and events daily. This is life. There is no problem in this. God created us for communication, interaction; along with, building relationships events, and the Kingdom of God together. This is a beautiful sign (usually) that things have life. But, in the midst of such movements there needs to be a “realignment moment” when each person individually (with the Lord) goes through a recalibration/refreshing through prayer.

This condition (or need) is not “bad” or “wrong”. This is a common occurrence. The majority of the body of Christ does not realize that this step is necessary, yet. But, as someone is growing in a life directed by Holy Spirit, this step becomes more and more necessary. Often times the awareness is acute when the person begins to feel depleted, pulled in all directions, the feeling of agitations, scattered, etc.

The healthy part of realizing our conditions is that as someone is directed more and more by the Holy Spirit their lives are more and more sensitive — discernment is heightened — the individual will have an innate desire to be directed by God more and more. When this happens the influence of others can be good, or it can be too much IF the Holy Spirit has not been given “His space” in a person’s thoughts, spirit, will, or emotions. This can cause a person to feel “scattered,” not restful, unable to align their strength, nor process thoughts adequately. If we are bond servants then it is good to be able to hear the Lord–the Master–The King of our hearts and His wisdom–His timing–His way.

Even Jesus had to pull away and find time away with His Father. He often did this during the third and fourth watch of the night (Mark 6:46, Luke 6:12). I don’t believe He was only praying for the world during this time, but He was also spending time with His Father (I’m sure He missed Him), continuing His Union with Him. This Union would be the place of joy, with the result of alignment. Seeing His Father would be such a beautiful moment of connecting and hearing His mind and receiving His will, and engaging His emotions. It would also be during this time that the Father would strengthen His Son’s physical body. His time with God: where He opened His Spirit to His Father; was the place of the open heaven where heaven would come to earth, filling Him with all that was necessary and beautiful. Jesus did say that He only did what He saw the Father doing, so I always think that the Father then showed Him the things He would do that day. These things would be done through the servant gifts which the Lord gave Him. So, His spirit, soul, body, and gifts were strengthened by The Father while He was with Him. There was a transfiguration which took place as a result of the Father and Son unity.

Remember when Jesus wanted to wash the feet of the disciples (John 13)? He did not want to wash their bodies. Do you remember that? That was because they were already in the Kingdom, but only their feet needed to be cleansed. This is because (this act was a sign) of their daily journey on the roads of what is today modern day Israel and Jordan. The sole of their feet became dirty through the paths journeyed. So too, the soul of their person needed a tender touch of the pouring out of Holy Spirit’s waters. Jesus wanted to show them that they would need to wash each other’s feet from the labor of ministering in the lands they walked. This would not only be a natural washing of sand off of the sole of their feet, but also refreshing to their body, their soul (mind, will, emotions), and spirit. There is a statement that says, “first in the natural and then in the spiritual.”

In your dream you were not settled nor calm. You were trying to get to the plane for your next goal/assignment, but a few things were missing. For example, clothes were left at camp, you saw your friend but didn’t have the focus to complete your heart conversation with her, you didn’t have the desire to carry a small lightweight suitcase, you couldn’t find that luggage, no brush, and then you couldn’t find the desk necessary to get on the plane. This dream is not to cause you to feel bad, but simply to show you that you need some, what we call “alignment work.”

Our thoughts, emotions, and our will can be influenced or “pulled on” by other people’s visions, thoughts, opinions, conversations, activity, etc… This is not bad (if it is healthy), but at the end of each day we must return to the Lord and allow Him to have final say. This means that we refocus into the Lord and ask Him to amend our ways in the way that He desires. Honoring God, King, and Teacher of our lives is good and healthy. Loving ourselves enough by taking the time to do this “recalibration” is so good for us–healing–strengthening.

The Lord says that there is fresh manna for everyday (Exodus 16). To me this means that the provision of one day will not work for the next day. The fresh manna fell at the door of each person’s tent. Each family then had to open the tent door and pick up the fresh manna. The old manna could not be eaten and needed to be removed before the new would come.

To me this means that there needs to be a cleansing of the day, a refreshing, a realignment of our hearts so that the fresh manna will find a fresh place to land. This fresh manna comes from the Spirit of God, and influences our mind, our will, and our emotions. His food–His love–His presence–His fire–His will–His thoughts–His direction– desires to land on our spirits and loves to affect all of who we are. When this takes place there is an abiding rest which takes place. It is a confession of our faith that vibrates our desire for Him not only to dwell in our earthly tent with us, but also to reign in our spirt, take His throne in our soul, and to walk with us throughout the spheres of our authority.

If we were together, I could walk you through this, but because we are not, please consider what has been written. If you see truth in what I have written let me know.

Once you respond I will know what the next step is.

I Love and Bless you today,



3 Comments on ““Tune Up of Soul, Spirit, & Body” Part One

  1. The Lord says that there is fresh manna for everyday (Exodus 16). To me this means that the provision of one day will not work for the next day. The fresh manna fell at the door of each person’s tent. Each family then had to open the tent door and pick up the fresh manna. The old manna could not be eaten and needed to be removed before the new would come.

    This shows me how much refreshment we need each day; we go through so much each day therefore we need to diligently, seek Holy Spirit–teacher–comforter–redeemer of our lives.

    Thanks for sharing it with me, mama Priscilla.

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