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“Blood War” – on earth as it is in heaven

“Yes, one who yields to the invitation to eat the reality of the bread torn, and drink of the wine matured to perfection and spilled, is one who is longing for the fullness of Sonship.” briskilla


When Justice Enters All Will Shake

“Justice will not calm the inner fear of loss or death, … confronted is the seed … implanted in a human soul when eaten was the unintended fruit of the tree not intended for humanity.”


The Voice Of The Lord, A Symphony Like No Other

This impeachment procedure, an excellent “work out” for those working on the exercise of beholding clear vision and clarity of sound; while working on upholding the integrity of solid positioning of one’s mind, emotions, and will.   Some good diagnostic questions:   1. Now that the impeachment verdict has been announced, what is the condition of the atmosphere which surrounds one’s soul, mind, body, … Read More The Voice Of The Lord, A Symphony Like No Other


Course Correction

“Course correction begins by turning away from the vibrations of the public place and from the facilitator of worldly realms, which enables an internal recalibration of sound and power with the heavenly realm.”


Judgment or Accusation

Many have despised the act and value of judgment due to the misinformation of what wise judgment is. Amateur “judging” often laced with accusation causes the invaluable gift of judgment to be shelved by those offended, or by those wrongfully taught. 


8 Days of Communion: The Emotions of God Among His Harvest Fields …

Dressed in His white robe,  He moved through these ripened fields with extreme ecstasy.  The Bridegroom King was passing through His fields. He was visiting His future family.


His lampstand

It was Him who said, “How lovely it is when brethern dwell together in unity.” He would not of directed us into that challenge, if He Himself did not want to unite with us.


Personal Confession

If you have felt really busy lately, and you have sensed a pull within your heart to draw near to the Lord, I would like to recommend that you follow that quiet presence of Jesus who is whispering Your name.


“reptiles of the dust vs. Sons and Daughters of the Heartlands”

The only way that he this jealous conniver could accomplish such hate is by enslaving Eve to join him. For if she did she would unknowingly give him the womb he needed to seed into her the bankruptcy of bondage.


“Tune Up of Soul, Spirit, & Body” Part One

Seeing His Father would be such a beautiful moment of connecting and hearing His mind and receiving His will, and engaging His emotions.