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James, Jesus’ Brother, Encourages Steadfastness.

Maybe the disciples were not perfect every time in their support, but with what they had they stood with God!! Wow! For such a friendship they were given place at His Table.

“Blood War” – on earth as it is in heaven

“Yes, one who yields to the invitation to eat the reality of the bread torn, and drink of the wine matured to perfection and spilled, is one who is longing for the fullness of Sonship.” briskilla


Judgment or Accusation

Many have despised the act and value of judgment due to the misinformation of what wise judgment is.¬†Amateur “judging” often laced with accusation causes the invaluable gift of judgment to be shelved by those offended, or by those wrongfully taught.¬†


Help! I Want to Be Able to Read & Love the Bible!

Jesus used the written word to win the fight against satan. Jesus, the Word had become flesh and lived among us. He knew the power of the Word, for God had spoken over Him His Identity