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“Blood War” – on earth as it is in heaven

“Yes, one who yields to the invitation to eat the reality of the bread torn, and drink of the wine matured to perfection and spilled, is one who is longing for the fullness of Sonship.” briskilla


Twelve Righteous Acts of God remembered. Twelve Stones Assembled, Building Altars to God.

Micah differentiates between the righteous acts of God and the rebellious acts of humankind; offering an act of repentance, setting God’s people back onto the trajectory of righteousness.


The Spirit of a Nation Will Yield To The Magnificence of His Name

Many causes, organizations, and ministries with the intent to “stand up” for a people group, rightly seek to defend those who sense and/or experience rejection, hatred, and danger against themselves and their race. Their determination to implement the measuring line of justice carries with it a righteous motive. However, When we have dishonored His name and all that His name is, how can we expect unity to dwell among the ethnos? For every ethnos created bears a representation of His name. To honor His name is to love Him. To love Him is to fear Him. To fear Him is to love. To love is to walk in love. To love is to walk in His ways – those ways in which the sound of His names echo. 


The Table Set for God’s Kingdom Priests

It is in receiving God’s kindness through repentance that sight given reveals the Door. In receiving the One who stands at the door we are accepting the invitation to dine with the resurrected Christ. Such a supper empowers our God-given positions and posturing as watchmen/women priests on Nehemiah’s Wall, and as noblewomen/men in the courts of our King.


Hong Kong, We Love You

Gideon is a warrior, enabled to remove the works of one who strives and decrees through oppression (tearing in two what was falsely declared); Gideon just didn’t know it yet. 


Protected: Victoria – Joy

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