“He said, “I have given you the mind of Christ,” and in so doing it wasn’t for us to guess our daily life’s work, but it was for us to accept His delegation of responsibilities and privileges; which is to create with Him on the earth. Creativity a gift. 

He is looking for those who will see what Jesus sees.

He is looking for those who will believe their position with Him. 

He is looking for those who will trust His acceleration of life on earth => 

the reality of Resurrection power.

 Stepping into what Resurrection really is!

(How lovely are the feet of Him who brings good news.)

Be the Living (resurrected) Word made flesh! =>

We are filled with Him, He is resurrection power =>

make room for Him to manifest!

(“If our decisions, our answer, our movements are not framed in the reality of Resurrection power and life, than we are aiming too low.  Our work will not produce it’s highest capability.”)”

*Check out: 1 Corinthians 2,   1 Peter 1,    2 Peter 1



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