Heavens and the earth => our heavens withinFather’s Heavens‘.

When we 1st create (forming the place of facilitation) we often do not see what will come next. Out of obedience we begin to form the place that will facilitate His plans, our designs.

He did this with the world. Knowing full well His family was coming, He prepared our earthly home for us. We would get to know our Father, and through our relationship with Him, we would care for our earthly world…. This world (this clay) from which we were formed.

Light/Day (spectrum of time from which to work) =>

The Spirit of God hovered over the chaos – sheltering the will of God until the time came for life to begin again (Genesis 1). He then revealed (spoke it into existence) His Light.

When light comes we witness the truth of the “hovering of God” over His Word  (in us) to perform it (that which we thought was “dead). He is, was, and always will be there with us.

His Words will never return empty, disappointed, … => never. His intentions towards us are alive and well. Very Alive. Death does not exist in His will for us. 

The “heavens” which He has empowered us to bring and build on the earth is so beautiful. Fathers, mother, and children — people …  all invited to live and breathe within our parameters of influence. It is easy to breathe where God’s reality is allowed.  Labored breathing stops in the presence of the One who is breath itself.

Light shown in the darkness first, …..

God first created with His Word and His creative power, 

the house which would facilitate the results of His Word/Will. 

“follow His example, linked to His lifestream.” there is only one way

Learning to create with words,


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