A word from Jonathan West, a friend and prophetic voice from Shreveport, Louisiana. He was unaware of the opening night of “8 Days of Communion.” Jon had not read nor seen anything to do with the vision. He released this prophesy in a meeting at Christian Center Shreveport on the eve of April 12th. This vision was given to Jon as we began the FB Live session. We are grateful to the Lord for what He is confirming.

This is the prophesy given by Jonathan West:

“I saw a door open and angels coming in bringing silver communion dishes.  The Lord said, “He is bringing a message of communion tonight. He wanted us to understand His unity. I saw real heavy rain come and angels came and began to extract bitterness out of our heart.

There is a heavy thing from the Lord right now, that He wants to uproot every bitterness out of our hearts. The Lord does not want to prophesy to our bitterness. We cannot keep quoting the scripture, “Those who sow with tears will reap with joy” when it is bitterness. It has to be something where there is a pain of righteousness. I just felt that the Lord wanted to uproot that tonight as we take communion.

So, check your heart and make sure there is nothing in our heart where we have unforgiveness. Even if there is a condition where there is bitterness that has set in. The Lord says, “I want to remove that tonight. I want to bring a communion with Me tonight where you know that I am God. “

Lord we thank You that You have come right now to uproot every root of bitterness out of us Father. This, so that we will not defile many Lord.  I thank You for that grace tonight as we take communion with You. In Jesus name.”

Jezebel and Athalia will not champion a victory:

My heart is grateful for this word given to Jon. It is clear that we as a body of believers cannot war against Jezebel (1 Kings 18 & 19) nor her daughter Athaliah (2 Kings 11) with any trace of bitterness enthroned in our soul. Jezebel killed the prophets and her daughter Athaliah the lineage of royal children.   Both are active not only in the United States at this time but all over the world. The abuse of children through this spirit of Athaliah will be overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

Let’s embrace the Kindness of the Lord, as He overwhelms us with Himself. His refining fires are revealing the gold invested within us. He weeps with us and lavishes His love upon us. We are His precious living stones of light.  Find time to encounter Him alone. For it is in those moments where we will experience the empowering deliverance of His intentions.  

The bigger picture:

It is very clear that even as Jesus Christ was about to empty Himself out, the very first thing that happened to Him was the ultimate betrayal by one of His twelve. Room for him to become offended was larger than life itself, but in the very moment he chose to take the bread and offer thanksgiving to His Father. He chose to allow is bread-his flesh to be partaken of (crucified) by the evilest of cohorts. He chose to allow himself to drink the cup meant for the world. He did this in full Thanksgiving. This is the ultimate weapon against the injustice of betrayal.

Often times right before the greatest breakthrough of coming into selflessness there is invitation to engage the greatest offense. This trail leading to bitterness.

It is in this very moment that the identity of us as dread champions for our King is given opportunity to come out of the desert place leaning on her Beloved.  It is in this moment, oftentimes, that we experience the reality of, “Nevertheless I live but Christ that lives in me.”

Bitterness truly is an ugly substitute for His inheritance of Glory. Bitterness truly is a counterfeit energy opposing the Dunamis power waiting to be released out of us into the harvest fields.

The quickest way into redemption is quickly agreeing with our adversary, receiving Christ’s mercy, confession of sins, spending time in Christ’s one on one presence of love.  Yielding our soul (mind, will, and emotions), body, and spirit to Him is the rescue He has provided for us. Let Him form our present day and future.

It is He who called us forth as Royalty. From that place our hearts are restored and our nations freed.

A prayer of repentance and cleansing:


“I come to You, Priest of my heart.

Jehovah The Existing One, You who rule over and tend to me. 

Your love strengthens me. 

You are the teacher and pastor of my world. 

Your rulership and guidance causes me to never be in lack. 

Thank You for never causing me to fall.  

Yes, I cause myself to fall, but You have never done that to me. Never. 

Teacher, you strengthen me to run, 

sustaining me alongside peaceful waters. 

You have brought me ‘again’ into a moment of repentance: 

in time to intentionally break down, dig, circumcise, and renew me; 

birthing a powerful and loving transformation of my soul. 

You are my sustainer, governor, and guide. 

Extract from me the gall of bitterness and the bondage of iniquity (Acts 8:23)

You have created for me an opportunity in all spheres of life to do what is right and just.

You have proven to me over and over again; when I yield to You as Shepherd of my life,  

that Your desire to shine through me, revealing Your identity breaks through. 

I find courage to trust through Your eyes, Jehovah. 

Extract from me all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, slander, and malic (Ephesians 4:31).

For Your nearness helps me realize that death’s demise is just that – a passing evil shade. 

For You are the True Existing One, Champion and Light of my heart.  

Fear of evil’s domain has no hold on me; 

as long as I look into Your eyes. 

Priest of my heart, do not allow me to fall short of Your supplied grace. I yield to you. I accept Your removal of the bitterness root trap set around my shoes of peace and heart of gold. I do not want to be defiled nor defile anyone (Hebrews 12:15).  

I love that my life is hidden inside of Your Heart. 

As Your nearness, strategies, and grace teaches me while in this valley, 

I learn how to rescue others who are caught in deception’s thickets.  

But first, remove from me all pain, jealousy, selfish ambitions, and arrogance. For I do not want to lie against the Truth (James 3:14).

Your seal of authority and support of every kind immensely comforts me.

I receive Your seal of fire upon me Song of Solomon 8:6).

I receive Your baptism of fire (Matthew 3:11).

 I choose to come to Your gates and thank You for what I have passed through. Yet, I live because You are Life itself (Psalms 100:4).

Ruler and King of my heart, You have set Your sacred table before me. 

I accept Your invitation to dine at Your Kingly table. 

Right there in the fields of the seen and unseen enemies of Your cross, of my heart, and identity, You bless me so deeply.

You have allowed me to go through a shaking; and in so doing, 

You have removed all the ashes of what has burned.  

You have smeared my head with oil, making me fat with strength and releasing to me authority; 

enabling the building of Your and my dream. 

What You hold together (as sustainer and glue) in me, 

I know You will cause to overflow with wealth. 

My heart leaps thinking about how Your goodness and mercy will chase me all the days of my life. 

And to realize that at the appointed time, You will bring me back into Your heavenly home (the place where my origins began).

For there is where I will dwell and govern with You forever. 

The deepest of contentment moves within me. 

Gratitude overflows to You, my Shepherd and King.

You are the Priest of my heart.

I choose to cling to Your design, open my eyes to see Your creation.

Shepherd, minister to me Your oil crushed and prepared for me, the desire of Your heart.

I love You.

Teach me to love You.

I receive Your desire.

Teach and empower me to be kind, tender-hearted, and love extended to Your family,

Yes, even as You have forgiven me (Ephesians 4:32)”

In the name of You my Priest, Messiah, King, and God.

Yes, let Father’s love continue to wash over you. The power of the Holy Spirit as Comforter is with you. Our Dread Champion and Deliverer Jesus celebrates this victory with you. His blood covers you!

Through the power of the blood of Jesus, Amen


If you have walked through this prayer, I would like to invite you to keep a copy with you and work through each section, as Holy Spirit highlights portions to you.

This is something I’ve put together for myself and would like to share it with you.

The scriptures which have been referenced are salted through a self-paraphrased version of Psalms 23.  It is a delight to share this with you.

April 12-19th, 2019 – 8 Days of Communion– Facebook live 7:30pm Central Time – on Priscilla Zananiri’s page.


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4 Comments on “8 Days of Communion: Deliverance from Bitterness

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  3. Will we meet each day at 7:30. Or is this an individual communion/ union ?


    • Leah Ann, I love seeing you on here . I really think it is necessary for us to have individual times of communion for personal development and intimacy with Jesus. But we will have Facebook Live sessions daily until the 19th. After that we will announce the plan for the remainder of the months leading into November 2020.


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