(This post has been updated due to His conversation around the table last night. This will be today’s ‘8 Days of Communion’ post) It is good to host you at visualeast.org 


Jesus came and spoke

Recollecting an encounter Jesus guided me through last February is something I’d like to scribe for you.  It’s been a two year process of beginning the learnings of God’s tabernacle through His perspective. Having just touched the surface of understanding, I’d like to share one of these experiences with you. 

It all began with Him standing at the door and saying, “I am the Keeper of the Sanctuary.”

Jesus stood at the door of His tabernacle as Host. His joy was to welcome me in. His desire was to be the Guide and Host as we moved towards the furniture piece known as the Table of Shewbread. Arriving to the table laden with bread, I followed His lead as He drew my eyes to a location behind the table.

Understanding came quickly that this was the pathway leading into the heart of His Father.  He welcomed me in and remained. Positioning Himself really close behind me, we stood right inside what seemed to be the entrance. His holiness and the brightest white light made up the entire area. He directed me to what I will call “the left wall.” 

Quickly I was to learn that His Son was revealing a part of His Father’s heart. The bright white light gave way to the most glorious living and breathing golden wheat fields. Right there before us swaying in the wind were the golden fields of God’s Harvest. His Spirit and emotion of love cascading like a wave. Each wave touched each stalk of wheat with His affection. He is so deeply in love. So overwhelming. 


Even while scribing this reality, memory is taking me back to Zarqa, Jordan. While ministering to members of a precious body of believers there, Jesus presented Himself within the wheat fields of Jordan. How could I be holding a microphone sharing the story of Ruth with them and at the same time outside within the fields of Harvest? He is God and loves to bring us to Himself.  This is what is called an “open vision” or “trance.”

Dressed in His white robe, He moved through these ripened fields with extreme ecstasy.  The Bridegroom King was passing through His fields. He was visiting His future family.

As we moved through the fields, He took some of the wheat and playfully grazed them against my cheeks. His joyful love was poured out at the touch of each ripened stalk. So real. So alive. So tender. Such love. Yes, one was so close that you could tangibly feel the roughness of the shell protecting each seed.  

Even in the playfulness one could sense the labor of love and the battle for the soul within the shell waiting to be harvested. 

Back to the pathway in the heart of our Father

His only begotten Son and I stood listening to the heart of His Father, my Father. He spoke. His message was clear. His deep desire is for us to love Him by stopping long enough to hear, see, and experience what He is experiencing. 

The greater reward is His invitation. This received as we let go of self-ambition. Available is the transforming experience of learning of His personal emotions expressed. He is looking for those who will yield to His reality. Yes, to learn what He encounters as He moves through the fields.  It is these emotions of God which are flooding the harvest fields.  It is this emotion and action of love which gather the seeds of harvest into His house.

It is from the place of us yielding to His Heart- Holy Union with His holy emotion (of love) that we are to work within the golden fields of Harvest.

I was wrecked – broken.

Dear Jesus, it is so true!

For God so loved the world!!

It’s not about the “applause” given to humankind of how successful a ministry is. It is not about the numbers. Instead, it is about becoming one with the emotions churning within the heart of Father God. 

Such a mighty God,

His humility astounding –

His love never ending –

His groaning for the harvest fields is real.

Authentic partnership is available.

For God so loved the world!!!!

“… Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because

they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd.

Then He said to His disciples,

‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.’”

Matthew 9:36-38


The anguish of His Heart

Last night while breaking bread during the “8 Days of Communion”, the reality of His anguish filled the atmosphere for a moment. His soul’s anguish of love expressed itself this way.

Culturally, mothers of the eastern nations usually will not sit down and begin to eat until all their children are seated at the table and have been served. It was this anguish of heart and love that was announcing its presence last night. 

His heart’s loss of appetite to eat of the bread, knowing that lost sheep had yet not been gathered, was pronounced.  Our Shepherd – Our Bridegroom King – Jesus released a cry of anguish saying, “How can I place this bread in My mouth and be filled? Members of my family have yet not arrived to the table!!”  

One could “hear” the souls of moms and dads weeping, saying, “How can I begin this Communion knowing that my child has yet not arrived to the table?” 

Magnificent is God’s love for His family and for His Son. He desires for all to be gathered at the Marriage Supper of His Lamb, He who is our Bridegroom King. 

His invitation is for us to move through the fields of Harvest with His Father. Jesus asked us to tarry with Him. What better place to tarry than to arrive at the heart of His Father ready to love as He first loved us?

We welcome you to the table this evening at 7:30pm Central time. Facebook Live will be on priscilla zananiri’s page. We look forward to meeting with you there.


Much love to you, 



For the previous ‘8 Days of Communion’ writings, please click on this link: https://visualeast.org/2019/04/17/8-days-of-communion-the-power-of-the-heel/


10372899_10152087462431921_6763653369926479858_o(the garden of Gethsemane)

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  1. now I understand,, it is my midnight time !! I spent long time to understand this message ,,, now I understand !


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