One definition of ‘visual’ is, “any item or element depending on the sense of sight.” Another is, “of or pertaining to seeing or sight.”

A few synonyms of the word “visual” is, “perceptible, optical, imaged, visible, discernible, seen.”

For those who choose to enter into the heart of the One and Only Creator of mankind, the earth and heavens, all that is created on the earth and in the heavens, their is vision available.  He opens their heart — their senses to perceive His opinion on what is going on in the heavens above and earth below. He loves/adores/wishes to partner with humanity, for He is the God who created family; hence, He cherishes and yearns for family. He yearns for communication and dialogue. He yearns for mankind to take dominion by discerning His ways, resulting in releasing the Truth and Light of heaven on the earth. This all through a walk of life within His heart and sight through His visual perspectives.

East means, “a cardinal point of the compass, 90 degrees to the right of North.” One of the Words definitions of the East is, “where the sun rises.” This is metaphor of the Son, whom arises from the East – entered earth in the East – who is the bright and Morning Star – who will return in the East.

Simply put, “visualeast” is a play on words of one who receives the perspective of life, current events, and future events from the One who gave life — the One and True God.


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