A Moment of Cheerleading

Sarah Guppy of the late 18th century and early 19th century was 15 times over inventor during a period in time when female inventors were rare. She invented the coffee maker which used the access steam to boil eggs; as well as, to reheat toast.

Thinking about her caused my thoughts to travel …. again … A cheerleading moment …

Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, agreed to marry a man she had never met.

Leah struggled with eyesight and wasn’t 1st choice as a wife. She became one of Israel’s founding mothers.

Zelophehad’s 5 daughters lost their father and became bold enough to change the women’s inheritance laws of the land.

Rahab lived in a town surrounded by war and a people who trusted in stone and wooden gods. Her shrewd ways saved her family from great loss and even more, death. She as a mother, made way for her son Boaz to be in the generational line of King David and Jesus Christ our Messiah.

Ruth lost her first husband to sickness and drought. She was courageous enough to leave a region where stone images were bowed to, while cheering of the killing of children was common practice. She became a mother in the generational line of Christ, and daughter in law to Rahab.

Deborah, lived in a village where life was boring (described in the Bible as “ceased”). She was prophetess and judge of her nation. She preferred to be titled, “Mother of Israel.” She led her nation into battle and won.

Abigail lived a life of misery married to a wealthy drunkard. Her great wisdom and gift of peacemaking made a way for her to become wife to the King.

Rizpah, the wife of Jonathan, bore a son who later had a painful accident becoming crippled for life; he was invited to eat at the King’s table and for his entire lifetime was cared for by King David.

Hadassah, an orphan, became Queen of Persia.

Magdalena was possessed with seven demons. She was delivered of this torment by Jesus becoming one of Christ’s best friends. Being first to see Him post-resurrection, she was chosen to be the “face” of the “new Eve.” Jesus’ love for her and for all of God’s daughters is evident as she not only traveled with Him but is pronouncement’s glorious picture of the deliverance of all women then empowered to rule with Him.  Within that Garden moment, her embrace of the Tree of Life was a declaration that the snake had lost its grip, and God declared as her forever Rabboni. She, the first one ‘sent out’ from the Garden of His tomb, ran carrying the message of our Resurrected Christ. One once filled with demons was now empowered with dominion rulership.

Joan of Arc, born into poverty and an illiterate teenage became a warrior and military leader.

The list goes on …..

There is no lock powerful enough to keep doors sealed shut which God has opened for His daughters. Let’s make a difference wherever we find ourselves.

Uniqueness is found in a woman who is courageous enough to be who she is meant to be in the face of opposition. Be yourself and give yourself permission to become, fail, and to get up again.

God is worthy of witnessing the fabulous display of His Glory shining from within His daughters. He is in love with us. Make Him proud!! You are meant to come out of the desert leaning on your Beloved.


Much love

p. zananiri

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