GPS instructions are not foolproof, and on June 9th this was no exception… or was it? Instead of the most direct route, “Waze” chose a path through neighborhoods, flood regions–inconvenient pathways. This was unique because oftentimes “Waze” will go out of its way to guide me away from traffic, construction, blocked roads, etc. Well, this time — NOT.

Very quickly, the presence of the Holy Spirit was experienced. He was highlighting something–I perked up. GPS chose DOVE RD.  Unknowingly, this is the road that was and still is flooded. Papa knew how to grab my attention. He knew speaking using the symbolism of “The Dove” would work for His Arab stubborn daughter.

The river had overflowed its banks and was flooding onto Dove Road. Things He spoke of years ago, through Bob Jones,  Bobby Connor, Chuck Pierce,  and others were about to launch.

Summer and Fall of 2012, Holy Spirit began to speak into my heart about the preparation for a “move of God” which was taking place in this region. Holy Spirit was about to be welcomed and received in this area. Since that time, it has been clear that preparation of heart, the foundation of faith faithfully taught, ministries built-in right standing with the Lord and man, communion with God, and obedience to His leading were steps taken in preparation for receiving God’s visitation.

This flood is a sign of the nearness of time. He was preparing the land. There is going to be a move of the Spirit (Dove) which will signify that the “Sun” is shining in Texas again and that the unseen darkness previously here has lifted.

It’s time to “wade in the water.”

There will be a move of the Spirit which will birth many into the younger generation of believers.  Oaks of Righteousness will be refreshed and on their way to shining like the noonday sun —  planted in the River of the Holy Spirit (Psalms 1 and Revelations 22).

There will be a resurgence of Justice; freedom received for a supernatural life of Holy Spirit, lightheartedness, peace, righteousness. With justice and her benefits, God’s people will not be easily moved as the times we live in grow darker. For we are called to release His LIGHT – He who is brighter than the noonday sun. This move will reawaken, reunite the family of the King.

Father Claus* said, “Obedience is the greatest honor in heaven and on earth, therefore you must strive to be obedient to one another. Peace is certainly in God, for God is peace.” Well, if this is true, and it is, what are some of the commandments God implemented, expecting us to adhere to, towards each other?

That, my friend, can be your quest for the day…Ponder, choose, act, write, be amazed and forever changed. And in the meantime, ask God how you can prepare and be part of the movement He is releasing in Texas.

(*”Nicholas of Flue, a political mystic” – booklet from Switzerland-1481)

ps. @  Wordpress blog,, the poem, “Storms, Floods, and the Response” can be found (thoughts regarding what the month of May storms really was. BUT this post will focus on Southlake and the surrounding regions of Texas.)

If your region has experienced the storms of 2015 if you haven’t already please consider meditating on passages such as Psalms 18, 50, 68, 85, 99, 104, 114, 144. God can be found in the storm.

scribed by Priscilla

ps. the photo above shows flooding on Dove Road – visual confirmations. This photo shows the most shallow portion of the flood. Rivers setting deep beneath roads were now up to the road and covering half of the trunks of large trees. Parks, roads, and lakes were shut down due to the volume of water. 

5 Comments on “The Dove is moving in Texas – get your water shoes and, “wade in the water. “

  1. Enjoyed reading this and will definitely be reading bible verses….


    • Mary, I’m so sorry. I feel like in the midst of all of my travels your comment is just now being seen or recalled. Believing the writing and scriptures were strengthening.


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