Conversing via FaceTime, the individual remarked of their desire for a breakthrough regarding the ability to read the Bible. 

This is a genuine issue for thousands of people, no matter their “seasoned-ness” with God. Many struggle with the “lifelessness” experienced while attempting to read the scriptures. Many open the pages of the book they love only to “sense” nothing. The pages often seem lifeless to them. 

This post is for those who are struggling. This will not carry all the answers; however, I pray that this will be a beginning to your breakthrough. There is a prayer at the end of this blog for your consideration. 

Puzzled by the level of battle one experiences, often the response is to close the book for another week or month hoping for a different experience next time.  So many shame-filled questions push through one’s mind as they struggle with this most profound book. “I can read other writings, why is this book so resisted?”

Jesus is the Word of His Father. (John 1:1, Genesis 1:3) Scripted for us within the 66 books is the heart of God. (Romans 15:4).  The Author and Finisher of our faith inspired, with revelation and authority, those who would pen His love letters for humanity. He breathed on the men chosen to pen His Book, and having transcribed His mysteries they gave us the most incredible gift to hold within our hands. God empowered those of the tribes of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to pen for their generations and for the generations of the nations His magnificent ways, truths, and life (Ephesians 2:20, Psalms 119, Revelations 21:12, 13, 14).  

“Remember what you were taught from your childhood from the Holy Scrolls which can impart to you wisdom to experience everlasting life through the faith of Jesus, the Anointed One. Every scripture has been inspired by Holy Spirit, the breath of God. It will empower you by its instruction and correction, giving you the strength to take the right direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness. Then you will be God’s servant, fully mature and perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment God gives you.”

2 Timothy 3:15,16,17 (TPT)

God doesn’t offer us bread only to find that when we bite into it our teeth break on a rock. (Matthew 7:9) No, that is not God’s ways at all. His Bread is daily found to be fresh and able to be consumed (John 6:35). 

There are many answers and questions to the “why” of such resistance experienced against the Word of God.  The focused answer is according to the individual for sure, however it is true that we “fight not against flesh and blood.” There is someone unseen by the naked eye who would hate for one of God’s children to experience the realms of God’s heart revealed within the lines of the scrolls of scripture. Honestly satan is the resistance, and all the mental road blocks manufactured by him are the hurdles we will overcome (Hebrews 10:32-39). Do not give up! We have yet not resisted to the point of our blood spilling. Resist the rejection or hurdles against the Word of God.  You will overcome (Hebrews 12). What victory awaits us as we realize the resistance we feel is the emotions of the enemy against us. Yes, He does not want us to enjoy the inheritance granted to us by God. Turn that rejection back on him by refusing to receive such an emotion. You are covered in the blood of Jesus, go ahead and resist the unseen enemy. 

Jesus Himself was resisted. Remember? He the Word was fought against with a twisted word; however, Jesus used the written word to win the fight against satan. Jesus, the Living Word used the Sword of the ‘Spirit and the Word’ to win (Hebrews 4:12).  He knew the power of the Word, for God had spoken over Him His Identity (Matthew 4:1-11, Revelations 1:1). Jesus won against the pride of life (satan).  He ministered to us, washing us with His healing waters (Ephesians 5:26). 

To dethrone the mental block (the lie) is important in the process of breakthrough. Remember this: 

1-There is no rejection towards those struggling. It is not God’s rejection. God’s arms are wide open, and Holy Spirit our Teacher awaits (John 14:26) . (Unless you demeaned your husband/wife, brother/sister/friend this morning. A heart-felt quick repentance will fix that🤗🤭. Sorry, I had to throw that in there with a smile.)

-There is no religious pressure coming from God, for He does not create nor manipulate us with religious shame. 

-He does not condemn a soul, but instead He longs for our presence and desires time alone with each of us.  

-He does not resist our knocking on His door, but instead waits at our door longing to be invited in. 

-God is not a bully. Why would God roll the scroll open just to close it again and seal His books addressed to humanity? No, He did not do that. 

-The blueprints of creation, humanity, and eternity are vast. God loves to reveal His secrets to those who will search out His design. Immeasurable are His ways – Vast is the sum of them. He designed us to do greater works than Jesus. Why would He withold what is needed? Treasures are waiting to be mined!! 

– Yes, He does seek those who will not only read but also apply what has been written. 


COLOR!!! God is the most creative Teacher. His classroom is all of creation. He LOVES to celebrate all of that which was created – JOY!! His methods of teaching come from His heart of peace, for He is God of peace. Breathe in His loving peace. 

First, a suggestion is to find the right bible. Yes, the beginnings are simple fun creative steps. 

-Choose the cover you like, with the color of your choice.  (My favorite bible is covered in thin lamb’s skin.)

-Choose the type of paper you enjoy. (For me it is the thin pages thick enough to write on with acid free pens.) 

-Choose the size that seems perfect for your eyes and hands.

-Shop until you find it… Open each bible and read …. see if the sentences begin to form for you. God loves creativity and joy in the reading… His book is full of adventures and multi-dimensions of wisdom. 

Translation preferance:

-New American Standard for the accurate poetical nature of Hebrew and Greek?

-New King James for the King James pattern without the “thee’s and thou’s”?

-The Passion Translation for the expression of God’s love? (Not all of the 66 books are translated yet. This is a new work worthy of your time).

-If you like the New International Version, make sure it was published before 1984. 

–The Amplified Bible is a keeper …

-The New Living Translation is great for those who are needing an “on ramp.”

-The Spirit-Filled Life Bible is so good for those who like to learn a bit of the history as they read sections of Scripture. The defining of specified words found on the pages is an added plus. 

-Dake’s Bible is amazing for deeper research. (This man was given an incredible gift by God. His story of how he was given this format (cross-referencing) is a good one to read. )

-The Aramaic translation is a must (Ancient Roots Translinear Bible).

 -So many to choose from, and more.

(My favorite is yet not created…🤭 A New American Standard with the Spirit-Filled Life Bible format, with space for note taking on the sides…. including Aramaic options.)

A prayer for us to consider: 

If you would like take a look at this prayer. If it carries life for you please feel free to pray through it. 

“Father God, Your Holy Spirit is such an incredible Teacher. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus our Messiah to exemplify Your heart so profoundly for all of us. Thank You Father God for being You, the most magnificent Love and Builder of all things Holy. 

I confess my need and longing for You. I bring myself, who was created in Your image, before You today. You created me with a fiery eternal spirit. You purchased me through Your life sent to earth and seperated from Your Father for my sake. Thank You! You are the most glorious sacrifice, and Your resurrection power made room for my resurrection.

You instilled within me a profound gift of a will, many emotions, and a beautiful mind. You have given me this incredible earth suit to live within while here on this earth. It is all of this I bring to You today. Thank You for creating me into Your masterpiece. Jesus, I receive Your Kindness and Goodness today.

Father God, I receive Your love for creation and all things beautiful today. Develop within me the eyes to perceive who You are. Develop within me the eyes to perceive how You perceive creation and Your Kingdom. Reveal to me the beginnings of Your family. Would You please open the scrolls before me and allow the eyes of my heart to understand Your letters. 

Lord, I choose to honor those whom You began Your family through here on this earth. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Fathers of our faith, and Sarah the Mother of Your Kingdom family. Yes, I want to Understand the structures of Your Kingdom and family. You also designated those of the jewish family line to be the inspired authors of this incredible timeless book, the Bible. I receive them as blessed. 

I ask You to forgive me if and where pride and/or humanism has settled within my mind. Remove this resistance from my soul. Eradicate anything from me which is unholy causing me to worship something or someone other than You. I receive the cleansing of Your blood which was poured out for me on the cross. I receive the washing of Your word. I receive Your rescue, Your laughter, Your joy, Your life! I receive You Jesus, the Word among us! 

Jesus, You who are the Word of God who came to live among us, I ask that You would rebuke the shame shaper and accusation maker from my atmosphere (Revelation 12:11, Zechariah 3). I chose to yield to You and Your ways and invitation today. I choose to receive Your jurisdiction over the accuser today in Your name, for You are Judge. You said, if I resisted him he will run away from me (James 4:7). Thank You for those instructions. 

You are the Way-Maker.  Jesus, would you please  strengthen my soul to hear Your instructions and to walk them out. God, teach me how to love Your Son. Holy Spirit, strengthen my will to obey Christ Jesus, for You are the Greatest Counselor (John 14:23). God, You are the Master Builder and I am Your masterpiece (1 Corinthians 3:11, Ephesians 2:10). 

I receive You as the One who calms all my concerns about time. You are the One who holds the clock of time. Help me realize that You do not steal time, but that You are the Redeemer of time. Please assist me in yielding to Your time structure (Psalms 90:12). Let me hear the rhythm of Your clock (Psalms 136:7-9). Rebuke the devourer of time from my  emotions, will, mind, and body. 

I come into agreement with You that, “All things hold together within You, Jesus.” Your Word penned in the Holy Scrolls are a gift for humankind, and that includes me Your child, student, servant, and friend.” Yes, today I receive the posturing of myself within Your world. I receive the invitation to read, eat, and speak Your Words of Life.

Thank You Lord God for Your are the giver of life and victory! 

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God. Amen!

Much love to all my reading friends,


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