“Judgment” and “accusation” are two actions ‘manifesting’ so much lately, and on full display for anyone to engage. The defining of these options are a needed conversation among the generations. Many have despised the act and value of judgment due to the misinformation of what wise judgment is. Amateur “judging” often laced with accusation causes the invaluable gift of judgment to be shelved by those offended or by those wrongfully taught.

While one maneuvers through so much dialogue and news these days one can perceive which opinions are God’s and which are less than. One is creating genuine peace and bringing the sword of truth, while the other is fueling hateful wars. Judgement and accusation are actions found on the opposite ends of a pendulum swing; that is, if one pendulum is capable of measuring the Kingdom of God and the powers of darkness simultaneously. It is God’s plum line which measures His house. He has given us His Word as our manual.

Both, the acts of judging and the acts of accusing are accompanied by a lens by which to view a matter. One vibrates with the determination of heaven’s Judge and the other impales through hell’s damnation.

The lens of God’s gift of judgment is framed within the ingredients of God’s original design-identity and intentions towards the individual being ‘measured’. The lens itself is amalgamated by the identity of God and His multi-faceted wisdom found through His laws, statutes, and precepts. All of which is formulated with love. The screws which hold these “glasses” in place are the testimony of Jesus’ example of, “For the joy set before Jesus, He endured the cross.”

The act of accusing uses a lens framed with damnation. The viewing lens is made up of all of the faults of the person being ‘measured’. Mixed into the muddy waters is the accuser’s unresolved personal memories of pained experiences, offenses, misunderstanding, and ignorance. The screws which hold this frame and lenses in place are satan’s imbittered fears of his future damnation. Take a moment and consider reading that again. Accusation is fueled by satan’s present day and future demise. His hateful fear and his jealousy against humankind causes him to shrike the spirit and soul of the one who is in need of God’s intervention.

Those who are redeemed have been invited into the endowment of the Holy Spirit, by which they are enabled to uncompromisingly discern and decide with righteousness and justice. The tools available is the identity of the Holy Spirit Himself, given to us through the baptism of His power. Such a baptism releases to us Holy Spirit’s Wisdom, Council, Might, Understanding, Knowledge, and the Fear of God. He is not afraid to share. As He shares Himself with us as Teacher, Counselor, and Reminder we discern not through the hearing stories alone, but by coming into attendance with the Council Chambers of God. It is He who brings into focus His opinion and resolve. Those who love God and His wisdom learn to yield to this process.

God is Wisdom and His judgments are meant to build us up to our fullest potential. Yes, within His judgment we will find the sword which cuts away what is unholy. Yes, His Holy fire of jealous love burns away all defilement, and produces the purest of gold. His discipline. His Cross which destroys our sin and iniquities. His forgiveness which releases us from damnation’s grip. His waters strengthen. His joyful pleasure loves us into wholeness. Yes, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

Satan is made of prideful lies, unfair in all of his ways. His intentions are to shred humankind’s genuine identities. His fires burn one into hopelessness and falsehood. Satan’s waters cause a drunkenness disabling a person’s equilibrium, bringing in dissentions and deceptions. His ways lead to spiritual, physical, and soul’s death. There is no good thing found in him.

Let’s not forget. Jesus prepared us for this. One of the last days battles will be with the accuser of the brethren. One of the last days battle will be, “Even the heart of the elect will grow cold.” We are to council our family members according to God’s opinion. God prepared us as His sons and daughters. He equipped us with Himself as our Father, Creator, and Judge. He sent us His Son to draw the map of righteousness and justice for us. He empowered us with His Holy Spirit with such strength that it would take an adament “NO!” not to succeed. He is with us. The fruit of Himself is to be found in us. The Judge’s gavel will never sound against the actions and fruit of Holy Spirit found in us.

This journey in this world is the most exciting adventure, and one to be celebrated and revered as an incredible opportunity to reveal Jesus to the world. We are His success story.

Remember social media is not the prayer room. Remember God’s Council Chamber is not seated on the platform of social media or the news. Remember God said the issues among believers were not meant to be addressed in the secular courts of law. Remember God’s kindness triumphs over judgment. Remember repentance is still current. Remember Wise men still seek HIM!!

Remember better are the wounds of a faithful friend than those of a flattering tongue. Remember it is better to fall on the Rock then wait for the Rock to fall on us. Remember we are called to be the Glory of God on the earth. Remember we are called to train up the generations following us. Remember we are facilitators of a safe place where we can bring our sons and daughters into to love, perceive, and judge the actions of their day with the plum line of God’s written scrolls of the Just Word of God. Building up in the most holy faith takes place as true and pure judgement is used as the measuring line of our heart. He loves us so much to supply such a powerful designing gift.

After all; we are created in God’s image and in His likeness, and are designed to mirror the One of whom we bear His Glory. What a fearful place to stand. What an honor! What an adventure!
Much love to you,

(Please feel free to write out your thoughts, in the comments, or anything you feel needs to be added.)


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