You empower me to create with a
tool unseen by the natural eye,
yet daily heard—my words.

Words spoken down through the ages have constructed edifices/structures above, beneath, around, and in us. Many words, merely conceived in our hearts, create the paths we find ourselves walking today. The mind is the womb of the heart. Thoughts are seeds that gestate to full term. The evidence of what is enthroned in our souls becomes our reality.

Where LIFE has been granted room (by our own will) and spoken—where life thoughts are formed—we partake of the joy, peace, and fruit of the strength of our words believed … LIFE, there He is present.

Where our thoughts agree with the demeaning of self-and/or circumstances we often sense the inability to move, work, or complete tasks. The emotion of inner sadness, perception of being less than average, and constant wheels spinning result in a perceived emptiness … and we birth the wind of lifeless gestures. DEATH, there He is not present.

The power we hold is magnificent in authority, whether it be displayed in our hearts, seeded through our thoughts, or acted upon verbally to self or others. Edifices built either by agreement with Light and Life or with Darkness and Death (the world absent of Light) are our two options. Which do we choose?

Our words become “flesh” and dwell among us.
(adapted from John 1:14)

“For all who are being led by the Spirit of God,
these are the sons of God.”  

Romans 8:14 (nasv)

LOVE, briskilla

Edits by Ali

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