Within the last many months, there were so many moments where I simply found myself to be miserable. Going through a deep longing for ….. well, the list would be long.   The ONLY (and I mean ONLY) times of solice were when Jesus would come really close. Yes. The only time the darkness wasnt clouding my vision and surroundings is when He began to speak.

Listen, His heart radiates with such love, causing the room i would be in to fill with heaven. When He was close, my heart would expand with such love, wholeness, hope, life, revelation, eternity that my mind thought, “This will never end. Please God, do not leave! Lord, do not let Your conversation end!” He longs to blanket His children with such love. And He does.

This solice found was sign enough, of this misery being discontentment. Better said, missing His nearness and voice.  Yes, I had to fight for these moments of relief. No, no,   Jesus was not withholding. The fight or the persistance forward was because of the accusations I would hear, my own limitations, or simply because of the surroundings.

Friends, Im sure most of you are experiencing the freedom too. BUT for those who are not, I would encourage you to find daily time to be with Him. His love is messing my world up. His deliverance has captivated my reality. His empowerment is blowing my self formed capacity for “expectations” out of the ballpark. His dreams and hope are truly ready to be revealed. He really is solidifying His and our identity within our hearts, for our good.

Many have been talking about promotions, moving forward, possessing land, and so many more coined phrases describing the “new day.”

What if a major part of this “new day” is Christ revealing more of His heart to us? What if this really means we are invited to become more of who He intended for us to be? What if the natural possessing of the new runs parallel with the being taken in to new places within Gods heart?

My misery is often caused by a lack of faith, disappointment, OR because Jesus feels so far away. Yes, there are more reasons, but 3 is enough to list…

Within a second of time all my misery dissolves as He comes near. He wasnt joking when He said, ” Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.”

Well, yes…for those who are afraid? Why? He is love. He is the one who adores you. He will not reject you.

For those who feel anger…thats ok, He can handle that. After all He created that emotion. He knows how to help you through its path.

His love is so real. His transforming relationship is on fire. He is really close. Christ in us is our Hope, Life, and Love. His fire is revealing the gold within.

Alter Call😍🤗:

If you have felt really busy lately, and you have sensed a pull within your heart to draw near to the Lord, I would like to recommend that you follow that quiet presence of Jesus who is whispering Your name. For on the other side of that decision is going to be an overwhelming experience of love, grace, wholeness, and empowerment.

He is the answer.
He is love.
He is God.

Much love to you all,


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