When Queen Esther became the deliverer of her people, she was not living in the nation of her bloodline; in fact, she wasn’t even born In Judea nor the Northern Kingdom. As you might recall, Queen Esther’s parents were taken captive into Babylon (Iraq), and in captivity died.  Orphaned, she was blessed to be raised by cousin Mordecai. It was in a foreign land,  where Israel’s deliverer was born and raised. God would use her to display His awesome power. He would use her to astonish the nations of the world. 

The deliverance of a nation will come through the empowerment of God upon the one prepared for such an assignment.  It’s not a job for a coward, nor one who is persistent in coveting the roll. Think about it for a moment,  all energy is needed for the delivering of multitudes or even one tribe. Death is a possibility, and resistance is great.  To cultivate fine-tuned focus is necessary for the deliverer’s success . The deliverer needs those who will run with them,  not those who will often pull at the thread sewn; attempting to unravel the thread (the work, stamina and strength) already in place.  

God’s systems of choosing the chosen is polar opposites to the variables of the political and territorial spirits. God knows the DNA within a human being. He knows what one has walked through, reinforcing their ability to now complete the task. It is about what a land is in need of. When we say the answer to our need is found within the land verses the one who is called of God,  we have already restrained and short-circuited ourselves, and possibly removed from our midst the “one hand-picked of God.”  

Remember Moses? He was raised by foreigners and for 40 years he was away from his people. Through a powerful encounter and commissioning with God; while outside  of the  family, he was brought back in to escort His own people outside of bondage.

Paul the greatest apostle and author of most of the New Covenant books was an outsider to the believers. He wasn’t even part of the twelve chosen, but he was hand-picked of God to assist the disciples in furthering His Gospel.    He was given wisdom which the disciples and the new believers needed,  causing him to become one of the strongest voices in the kingdom and its government.

The territorial spirit focuses on ownership and acknowledgement, while the political spirit narrows in on positioning and confinement. This, an exact opposite spirit of the character God requires.  The Lord often times while on the earth preferred humanity over His own rights and comforts. In fact,  everything He did was within the character of love and preferring someone else over Himself. This is incredible. All He does, even today, is all about someone else and nothing for Himself. There is this thread of character so powerful within him of servanthood.  He was given such an incredible realm of humility, and He chose to cultivate this around Him. He exercised this attribute in all He did, and He still does. Funny thing is that while cultivating humility, His assignment was accomplished within THIRTY SIX months!!! Through preferring someone else over Himself, He saved the world in 36 months time. Let’s think about that for a moment. There is no shadow of a poverty spirit within Him. The richness of the fullness of time was His, because He “tapped into” the economy of heaven, and not that of politics or territories. 

I was talking to my son yesterday about the awesomeness of God. We were saying that in His omnipotence and omniscience His humility was always present. In one breath God could fix every issue on the Earth. In one breath God could adjust everything for a successful end.  As Creator of this Earth He has the right. He has the ability and the know-how. But because He gave dominion to humanity, He steps back and assists when invited into the equation. He is fully aware of specified  assignments given to individuals, and loves for us to figure out the “how’s” of succeeding. 

Territorialism and the political spirit not only causes deficiencies amongst those who need the outside voices, but also wounds the soul of those who are formed to assist in the deliverance-in the empowering  of a people . It causes the one chosen to often times enter into silence  and  restrains the excitement for what could be. Maybe that is why mentors often teach their students to stay away from those who are negative?

People we need to start to learn how to walk as a true team, a true family. Honor the one who God has chosen. Celebrate the accomplishments of another.

Pride,  fear, jealousy, and selfish ambition? Often times hidden. Yes, often it is hard to see. It’s a dangerous thing. Self-positioning works for a short time, but at the end; because God loves us so much, He will humble us for the sake of our future’s best.

One of the most beautiful orchestrations of God is that He enabled us to observe the strengths in others. This is a gift all of us have. This can be activated in us when we ask God to release to us His lenses. When we begin to see people the way He does, there will be an instant gratification and passion which rises up to see that person fulfill their destiny. A team player is one who does not need to give themselves accolades, but strives to cultivate a place where people can practice and  perfect their talents. 

My son was asking me about God and Adam yesterday. Remember when God was moving through the garden calling out to Adam saying, “Adam where are you?”? Is this because God didn’t know? Is this because God was weak? No. He is all-knowing God. Instead, His question was a teaching form to bring to Adam’s now transformed mind into awareness of his state of being. God was displaying His nurturing side in this moment. He was making room for Adam to recognize and come into repentance. God serves. 

Mordecai realized his orphaned cousin was to be given the highest position available for a woman within the Persian Empire. He was not jealous, but rallied the people around her; accompanying her in fasting and praying for the rescue. He spent so much time in assisting her into her success. He taught her what is was like to live selflessly, and to step forward in courage. I doubt she ever was demoralized by Mordecai. Her courage was God infused, and cousin formed. He saw her capabilities, and what God had designed. He was her greatest cheerleader, and his humility and passion was exactly what she needed to become the deliverer of a nation. Born in a foreign land and married to a foreign king, Queen Esther saved her people from death. 

The Feast of Purim is soon coming up. This may be a perfect week to look around and recognize who the Esther’s are around us. Maybe it would be good to do something to bless and strengthen them; just in time for the days of celebrating a deliverance so supernaturally accomplished, through the work of a woman and her cousin. 

As always, what a joy it is to share some personal thoughts with you. 

Blessing you today. 



photo by @pexel


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