Rain falling the size of lollipops;
straight down, horizontal lines,
wind–its companion.

Arrows of lightning;
piercing the atmosphere,
striking forces unseen.

Unearthly decibels commanding attention;
Sounds–vibrations across the skies,
Touching soil.

cold–foreign to spring’s heat,
size enough to cover green, brown, and grey.

Waters pushing past the man-made dam;
shiftings in its path.

Winds whipping through fields;
visiting neighborhoods,
strength waking up the sleeping–loud,
fierceness uprooting trees–arms.

Coals of fire from beneath the earth;
mountains erupt,
once standing still.
Seven in one,
rivers of fire stream
while ash fills the atmosphere.

What is this canopy?
Patterns of clouds;
unseen, unfamiliar.
Dark clouds covering the sun,
introduction to storm’s theater.

What cried in drought
now grappling,

Earth’s events new to generation present,
not to the sun–not to the land.
Under the sun.

Do we suggest a negative approach?
Do we sense the heart of God?
Do we whimper in fear of storms unknown?
Do we find peace in the howling winds?

David said that God was His strength, his rock,
his fortress, his deliverer, his shield,
his salvation, his refuge.

David, to Deity, spoke;

cords of death,
torrents of ungodliness,

snares of death,

terrified, confronted–

surrounded him.

From His Temple, God heard
The earth responded–God’s reaction.

Thousands have prayed–
This is His answer–
He has come.

His heart responds – the earth shook — Earthquakes
He, angry at enemies untold, coals of fire spewed — Volcanoes
His chariots He road, darkness covered — Clouds
He moved, they responded — Mighty Winds
His voice, He sounded — Thunder
His rebuke, He decreed — Hail
His arrows, His intentions upon the enemy — Lightning
He leads thru the deep waters, as through a wilderness — Waters shift into floods
He moves, He comes, water cleansed — The rain

He, Him, God.
When He comes–a holy visitation;
Looking for a dwelling.
Life comes–man responds.

Eyes open
Ears hear
Lame walk
Truth, Belief, Faith–respond
Move of God

Sons of God
Playing the harp–once lain on the willow tree
He comes–in us–Hope of Glory!!

Presence of God
Truth of God
Mouth of God
Spirit of God
Justice of God
He comes!

Scribings of the heart,


2 Comments on “Storms, Floods, and the Response

  1. I was feeling this as I read your poetic description of forces far too large to ignore or withstand as mere humans. And then I went into the refuge offered by our God who made all this power in nature, knowing that in Him I have safety and in Him I will have peace and understanding about forces that swirl around me with more magnitude that I comprehend.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Deb. Your language and journey written, is powerful. Thank you for sharing. My hearts response to what you wrote is…
      Such a change in perspective, I feel. Some of the scriptures which assist us Under His wing during such times are Psalms 18, 104, 148, 135 and so many more. To have the most amazing Father and God, who has the authority to respond to our need thru elements sent from His storehouses is amazing… To us, they are titled, “storms”… To Him, weapons against the oppressor.


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