Some call it, “bored.”
Some call it, “lonely.”
The wounded might call it, “forgotten.”
EEeeekkkk left out???

You know that feeling when you don’t know what to do next–hands-free? Surprisingly or not, you have time on your hands. Yes, the feel of a little or a lot uncomfortable. You “look” around and have a momentary silent panic, “OH MY GOSH, I’M ALONE–EXCITED or is it sadness? Heck, am I FORGOTTEN??!!” “Did the party go on without me! !?!!” “Too silent?”

No new emails, text messages, phone calls, or new ideas. “What am I gonna fill time with??? Standing in the middle of your bedroom, or is it the mall.

Sometimes, one can freak out…especially during those adolescent years. Remember?

Well, here’s the amazing truth about those, “silent moments.”

Those, “moments–hours, days, weeks” are an open invitation delivered SPECIAL for you. Your Creator designed those moments into your timeline’s composition. He wants to meet with you to help you in developing your “now” and future.

Once we enter the space of silence, we will realize that we are not alone, but that the Designer of our hearts and life is right there waiting.

So, “fear not” and take the plunge.
His conversation will love you, give you ideas, reveal hidden goodness.

How? Well. We are all different. Is it a walk or run for you? Open journal with watercolors or oil pastels? Worship coming out of your heart, as you lean up against that tree in the nearby woods? Is it your closet, your window nook, your backyard, your tree swing? Whichever it is, you’ll know. Peace, Truth, Love, Light follows Him wherever He visits.

Some call this a dark time. Possibly, but there is a brighter perspective. I recall a conversation, with one of the best guitar players in the West. He said that perfecting his playing was not the outcome of moments in the limelight, busy schedules, or social events. Quality and marksmanship was a result of developing his skill during the “silent moments” — no fanfare, no accolades, no schedule, no lights.

He said that “silence” doesn’t last forever and when that moment is over, he realized that because he utilized that empty space he was well prepared for the next season. It’s the same with us if we would push past the discomfort one will know that this preparation–realignment–communion time has done its job in strengthening and cultivating.

Our fear of silence, rejection, aloneness, “the how” is combated as we face the “empty space” — the “silent moments” heart/head-on. Once we enter the space of silence, we will realize that we are not alone, but that the Designer of our hearts and life is right there waiting.

scribed by Priscilla

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