Jehovah The Existing One, You who rule over and tend to me. 

Your love strengthens me. 

You are the teacher and pastor of my world. 

Your rulership and guidance causes me to never be in lack. 

Thank You for never causing me to fall.  

Yes, I cause myself to fall, but You have never done that to me. Never. 

Teacher, you strengthen me to run, 

sustaining me alongside peaceful waters. 

You have brought me ‘again’ into a moment of repentance: 

in time to intentionally break down, dig, circumcise, and renew me; 

birthing a powerful and loving transformation of my soul. 

You are my sustainer, governor, and guide. 

You have created for me an opportunity in all spheres of life to do what is right and just.

You have proven to me over and over again; when I  yield to You as Shepherd of my life,  

that Your desire to shine through me, revealing Your identity breaks through. 

I find courage to trust through Your eyes, Jehovah. 

For Your nearness helps me realize that death’s demise is just that – a passing evil shade. 

For You are the True Existing One, Champion and Light of my heart.  

Fear of evil’s domain has no hold on me; 

as long as I look into Your eyes. 

I love that my life is hidden inside of Your Heart. 

As Your nearness, strategies, and grace teaches me while in this valley, 

I learn how to rescue others who are caught in deception’s thickets.  

Your seal of authority and support of every kind immensely comforts me.

Ruler and King of my heart, You have set Your sacred table before me. 

I accept Your invitation to dine at Your Kingly table. 

Right there in the fields of the seen and unseen enemies of Your cross, of my heart, and identity, You bless me so deeply.

You have allowed me to go through a shaking; and in so doing, 

You have removed all the ashes of what has burned.  

You have smeared my head with oil, making me fat with strength and releasing to me authority; 

enabling the building of Your and my dream. 

What You hold together (as sustainer and glue) in me , 

I know You will cause to overflow with wealth. 

My heart leaps thinking about how Your goodness and mercy will chase me all the days of my life. 

And to realize that at the appointed time, You will bring me back into Your heavenly home (the place where my origins began).

For there is where I will dwell and govern with You forever. 

The deepest of contentment moves within me. 

Gratitude overflows to You, my Shepherd and King. 


It’s really an honor to recognize the nations which come to read these writings. Thank YOU for taking the time to read and glean. I love you and your nation. You are such a blessing. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or to share with your family and community. 

We love you and send blessings your way, 


ps. This meditation of Psalms 23 was created by first studying the main words in the Hebrew language. 

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