April 12-19th, 2019 – daily communion together, followed by every Tuesday after that until the 2020 elections have concluded.

To those in the USA and around the world, this invitation is for you. For those who believe greater unity is needed, this invitation is requesting your presence at the communion table.

Who: Those who love Jesus (please share 🦅)
When: April 12- 19, 2019 (details within video)
Where: your home, work, restaurant, church, wherever you are.
What: Lets unify as a family and nation by breaking bread (communion) with Jesus, friends, and/family, across the nation and nations.
Why: Lets give Jesus His unified body back. He is worthy of having His family meet around the Supper Table.

“The blood of Jesus is more powerful than any injustice.”


Part 2’s link is here. Getting ready for the 12th .



15 Comments on “Invitation: 8 Days of Communion

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  2. April 13 2019
    Lorraine Quintal

    I do thankful what the Lord is doing and it’s a Blessing to be able to be call for the Communion to participate in it.


  3. Thank you. I am so excited and filled with anticipation at what the Lord is doing through this.


  4. I went to the Feast of the Tabernacles with a Friends of First Nations in Murphy North Carolina I brought the Communion Implements after doing Communion we took what was remaining and poured it on the grounds outside of a tent some lady took a picture of us doing it lavender looking orbs appeared on us on my shoulder was a Heart and I’m afraid it was pouring the the juice the wine a star of David appeared. Later on I asked their son if he had an arrow to strike the ground he went up to the mountain is home and brought one down and he went and struck the ground afterwards in the tent his mother was talking to him I took a picture with my Canon camera and the background you can see a white spot zoom in on it and it’s a Star of David I take another picture and it’s on his arm forearm it’s golden as you zoom in on it it’s made of a 12 crosses


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  6. So thankful to The Lord for His Faithfulness to hungry hearts as He leads us to different streams that make up His body to continue His Holy work to bring us to oneness. Bless you for your obedience in offering yourselves to the Body.
    I keep you in my prayers. Love in Him, Doris Saltis


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