Thoughts regarding France, USA, and beyond…. to believers worldwide. 

The great commission was established intentionally. God established the great commission as the key for us to experience the emotions of God found within the Harvest Fields. Giving us the greatest opportunity to meet those whom the Holy Spirit draws and the angelic hosts gather; just in time to assist each of them in becoming disciples. Father has assisted us greatly in this. How? He relocated the Great Harvest to our backyard. Every religious belief system rejecting the Son of God ….. all in our backyard and waiting. As believers, if we have not reached out to our neighbors as a friend, and evangelizer we have not done our job.

Social media racism and “eye for eye” rantings will not win us rewards in eternity. As human beings hungry for God and His nearness, we will find Him waiting at the door of our neighbor’s house. Why don’t we go help Him in? We can actually help open the door for Him to come in. What a memorable moment that would be for our “neighbors.” 

France, Lebanon, Canada, California, Iraq, Germany, Jordan, Syria doesn’t need our conversationalist rantings. They are about to experience a great move of God … and some already are.

How do I know? Because Isaiah the prophet said, at the time of great darkness we will shine as a great light and during that time the Middle Eastern nations will come into the house of God and strengthen the Body of Christ (paraphrased).

Apparently, the great harvest isn’t looking like many expected. LOOK! Stop being afraid. This is what we went to Bible School for. This is why we gave our lives to 24/7 prayer. This is why we were ordained. This is why we were determined to learn the language of the marketplace. This is why we wanted a passport. This is why we established a 501c3. This is why we learned the 4 spiritual laws. This is why we spent thousands of dollars and as many hours traveling through nations passionately carrying out prophetic acts. This is the answer to our question of, “God, what is my next step.” I promise.

Bashing the nations who are lost in darkness is coming into agreement with the eternal slavemaster himself, satan. We must as God to cleanse our tongues and help us to BE THE LIGHT!!!! Stop Muslim bashing. They are our love assignments.  Get your boots on and head into the fields.

What do we do when we feel fear as we engage the fields? Well, that’s the personal and corporate terror of satan that is traumatizing the harvest. Yes, that is what you are discerning. We are not afraid, it is the demonic realms who are afraid and manifesting their emotions. Disengage from hell’s emotions and connect to the emotions of God. Get above the feeling of hell’s nearness, and battle using the great commission compassion as your motivational tool of choice. For when we “feel” hell that is a sign to us that we are hovering over the pit about to snatch a smoldering branch. 

Be careful, do not get caught up in the world system of argument. When Joshua was about to face the enemy, the angel of the Lord came and stood in front of him. Joshua, the powerful most courageous warrior of his time asked, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” The reply he received wasn’t the one he expected.

The heavenly being, who was the Captain of the Lord’s army said, “No; rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of the Lord.” Joshua’s courageous response was right. He FELL ON HIS FACE to the earth, and bowed down, and said to him, “What has my lord to say to his servant?”

FOLKS WE WILL NOT HEAR THE STRATEGIES OF HEAVEN until we realize this earth belongs to God and His heart, His character, His ways. His perspective is needed. He gave us dominion. Dominion given came with the privilege of presenting the earth back to Creator healed and beautiful. Before we can give it back to Him, we must possess it. To possess it, we will discern what has been lodged that. To discern what is there is knowledge gained. To ask for an understanding of how to possess the land is wisdom. To possess takes place as we recognize that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon us.” 

Our first posture is to get on our faces UNTIL He speaks. Yes, we like social interactions, especially during times of tragedy. That’s a good thing. Tragedy–pain pulls us together, even as celebrations do. But, if we want to be leaders–generals–servants–, effective humans, we must find our self flat on our faces in times when we do not have the right answer. In times when the enemy is hot on our tail with one desire, with the evil intention to annihilate nations known for freedom and beauty, we must encounter God for strategy.

Once we bow our hearts to the ground, positioning our hearts higher than our minds, then and only then will the captain of heavens hosts reply and say, “Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.” It is only at this point that God will allow His unadulterated, true, clear words to be spoken. It is from this posture that He will give direction for a victory.

Folks we need a clear trumpet call. It will not be mixed with tradition, racism, hate, vile language, political spirits, self-opinion, and preferences. You want to be a prophetic voice? Well, then get under the tent of the Lord and listen. Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, Google, Twitter, webinars can wait. Truth can wait for the clean clear vessel. Empty rhetoric can not.

We have entered the times of the Great Harvest. Courageously participate!

Scribed by Priscilla

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