The initial Word from the Holy Spirit given on January 6th, 2020

Given to P. Zananiri

Released on January 7th, 2020 via Communion Page (the bread and wine of the new covenant)

The Lord began to speak to me.

“No nation is meant to continue to carry the brunt of WW2 and it’s pride-filled racisms. What would it take for the true God-given identity of Persia to return to her? No longer titled the 1935 name change (Iran), but take a name intended to release blessing. The curse of the name of Iran will be broken and Persia’s true name will return. Elam, you are remembered.

Even as Germany has repented, been forgiven, been re-mantled, and is experiencing transformation among the remnant under God; so too, Persia’s jewel of a people will be set free to LIVE in freedom.

Persia’s transformational identity emerged through the work of Queen Esther and her King-husband. Through the work of Cyrus and Darius. The work of Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and the prophets. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. The blessing of Persia was that the kings assisted Israel in returning to their land to rebuild and prosper. They were released with all that was needed to rebuild the city and temple of the Lord, with no hindrances from the government of Persia.

There is an invitation for the body of Christ and Israel to turn her face towards Persia and speak blessings of life, acknowledging God’s opinion of her. Even as she gave life to Israel, it is time to return the blessing to the people of the land.

The transformational and resurrected identity of Persia will take place. This will take place through the millions who have currently come to know the Lord in Persia. The present-day identity amidst the current move of God will release the Glory of God-honoring Father God, His Son-King, and Holy Spirit. I see a great light come out from the midst of Persia. This light is the light of God within His family in the nation. They will shine so brightly that Persia will be known through them. Her identity will shine forth.

I was shown so much joy in this land, once known as Elam and Persia. There was freedom in government, society, and mountains of influence. The nation was covered in a brilliant and healing Light of God. Beautiful colors, Beautiful peoples, Beautiful activities, Beautiful land of healing.

We speak the identity of Persia to come alive again. You Persia whose name means splendid and pure.”

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