This impeachment procedure, an excellent “work out” for those working on the exercise of beholding clear vision and clarity of sound; while working on upholding the integrity of solid positioning of one’s mind, emotions, and will.
Some good diagnostic questions:
1. Now that the impeachment verdict has been announced, what is the condition of the atmosphere which surrounds one’s soul, mind, body, and emotions?
2. What is the integrity level of health in the emotional realm of one’s soul?
3. What is the integrity level of clarity in the mind?
4. What is the integrity level of peace within one’s will?
Once honesty works through each of these questions, one is able to discern if God’s opinion was applied to daily decisions while involved personally and socially during these Senate hearings.
If God was involved one should have a sense of overall health. If He was not, there is time to adjust the way in which we receive outside information.
– – – The scripture says that the days will grow darker ( this often means evil will be witnessed more, confusion will be rampant, delusion and deception will be blatant, and accusation will be loud, etc, etc, etc). He did not abandon us to deal with such days alone, flailing for security. He is security. His ways are just.
The sound of terror is often coming from media these days. So much of the output is reformed for ratings, for an aftereffect of trauma and drama; after all, who wants to talk about the simple victories occurring in neighborhoods daily? Too boring for the entertainment side of one’s emotions… They need drama whether it is false or true.
– – – All of this said, the tuning fork in this photograph is to represent the incredible gift of silence available. Intentional silence with one’s soul turning to God will carry with it the outcome of our inner compass finetuned to the sound of God’s voice, opinion, and works. When this takes place the outside noises no longer have power over self; but instead, we carry the discerning power to accept or reject what is placed before us. The tie-breaker? His voice.
God’s voice embedded within us will be the tuning fork, and as the outside voices come near the strings of our heart will respond. The response? Either peace as the sound touches the finetuned strings of our hearts or the ‘cringe effect’ as the false narrative tries to draw near.
Many more opportunities are coming in this gymnasium of life. Find a quiet place and let His voice overwhelm the atmosphere. He is so beautiful and His voice a symphony like no other. Psalms 29
Much Love

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