The script of the vision given on the 1st day of Abib.

“There are two altars; the bronze altar designed for sacrifice, while the golden altar designed for incense. The tabernacle’s bronze altar was placed in the courts where all can see, while the golden one stationed within the holy place. On the bronze altar, there is blood representing the cross. This, the place of atonement providing forgiveness. As we enter Passover, blood is all over the story.” Orna Grinman

Mildred Bean started us off with the blowing of the shofar and the declaration of Psalms 81:1-7

“Blow the trumpet at the new moon,

At the full moon, on our feast day.

For it is a statute for Israel,

An ordinance of the God of Jacob.

He established it for a testimony in Joseph

When he went throughout the land of Egypt.

I heard a language that I did not know:

“I relieved his shoulder of the burden,

His hands were freed from the basket.

“You called in trouble, and I rescued you;

I answered you in the hiding place of thunder;

I proved you at the waters of Meribah.”

Psalms 81: 1-7


(God’s voice and actions, witnessed as the shofar sounded. The vision was given to Briskilla Zananiri)

God revealed and released His VICTORY into the nations, at the Head of this New Year (March 26th, known as the first of Abib).

The rushing waters of His testimony, within the River of Life, gushed forth. Within this gushing river was the sound of His Victory. He released victory, along with those who ride on heaven’s horses, engulfed and transformed in victory and authority. The strength and empowerment of His VICTORY witnessed, revealed His magnificent splendor and determination for His people to advance victoriously.

We receive the Victory of Heaven on earth, as this trumpet sound has witnessed and testified that You are the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You are the Great I Am.

Father, the gate is now opened, and Your victory our testimony! The cross has been experienced, and the resurrected One is on the throne riding through the nations. Death has passed over us!

The Bride hears Your mighty name, The Great I am!  We say, “King of Glory, come in!” King of Glory You are welcome to come in! King of Glory, we say, “We will ride with You!”

We speak over the United States of America, firstborn Israel, and the Body of Jesus Christ, saying, “Arise and ride with Him who is worthy to be praised, honored, and glorified. Arise and ride with the One whose name is Yeshua. Arise and ride with the champion of heaven and earth. Arise and ride with the One who is Almighty God!”

Almighty God of heaven and earth, heaven is Your throne, and earth Your footstool. It is to You we bow our hearts. We receive the sound of victory. You have released now on the first day of Abib.

Almighty God, we come before You covered in Your mercy and covered in Your grace. Concealed by Your blood and covered by Your name.  You said, Your Glory covers the nations of the world. We yield to Your Glory and Your Holiness.

We yield to Your trumpet sound. We yield to Your direction and command. We arise as Your holy array-as Your army. You have assembled Your army today, on the first day of this New Year.  We yield to the sound of Your Trumpet.”

God’s mysterious description of His own:

“Listen, My radiant one—

if you ever lose sight of Me,

just follow in My footsteps, where I lead My lovers.

Come with your burdens and cares.

Come to the place near the sanctuary of My shepherds.

9 My dearest one,

let Me tell you how I see you—

you are so thrilling to Me.

To gaze upon you is like looking

at one of Pharaoh’s finest horses—

a strong, regal steed pulling his royal chariot.

10 Your tender cheeks are aglow—

your earrings and gem-laden necklaces

set them ablaze.

11 We will enhance your beauty,

encircling you with our golden reins of love.

You will be marked with our redeeming grace.”

Song of Solomon 1: 8-11



“Do you give the horse his might?

Do you clothe his neck with a mane?

“Do you make him leap like the locust?

His majestic snorting is terrible.

“He paws in the valley, and rejoices in his strength;

He goes out to meet the weapons.

“He laughs at fear and is not dismayed;

And he does not turn back from the sword.

“The quiver rattles against him,

The flashing spear and javelin.

“With shaking and rage, he races over the ground,

And he does not stand still at the voice of the trumpet.

“As often as the trumpet sounds, he says, ‘Aha!’

And he scents the battle from afar,

And the thunder of the captains and the war cry.”

Job 39:19–28

“Abba, this shofar which sounded in heaven echoed in our hearts. Abba, I ask You to help each one of us to open the gates. Open any closed gates inside of ourselves where we are struggling to hear the shofar, and let it echo inside of us. We speak to these gates and say, “Be lifted up that the King of Glory can enter in.”

We respond to the sound of the shofar inside us. Not just in our nation, we start inside of us. We say, “Come in King of Glory. Come in with Your Glory. Come in! And as You do that we know You want us to build inside of ourselves altars. One covered with blood, but we welcome You the Lamb that was slain. We welcome Your blood. We desire it. We believe in it. We look up to it. Cover us. Infuse us with Your blood.” Orna Grinman

“As you are allowing us to flow into the river of the sound of Your trumpet, that You would awaken Israel the firstborn son. Father, we are entering into the time of their deliverance. We ask and proclaim over this nation the sound of Your trumpet, the whistling of Zechariah 10:6-8.  We call in the firstborn, the first fruit of the Kingdom of God. During this Passover, this would be a new season for every family under the Son. There would be a sound they would hear within their homes. Their children would exclaim to their parents, they have seen Messiah. Older men and women would dream, while younger men and women would see visions. Your sons and daughters to prophesy. Let this Passover be a new season for Israel and her people.

We call this also for all the peoples of the nations. All who are Your firstborns – those who have opened the wombs both natural and spiritual. We call Your firstborns back, Your prodigals.  Almighty God, You ride. Your Trumpet Sound is moving. We honor Your voice. Help us honor Your voice.” briskilla zananiri

“When the sound of the shofar was being released, I was hearing a sound of the ‘casting of crowns” taking place in heaven to the One who sits on the throne – to the honor of the King.” Rania Sayegh

With much love,

briskilla zananiri

2 Comments on “Celebration of Communion on Abib 1 – March 26th, 2020

  1. Briskly, it was a joy to meet you in DC at Revo2019! One of our local Pr team members has been hearing horses snorting and pawing the last couple of days- yes!!!!


  2. Stand in total agreement with this today it all so resonates within me. Bless you all!


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