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The Uninvited and The Nacre

“Opportunity for spiritual nacre to be released from the Christ within me was available to surround the intrusions. … The tumultuous changing tide of the nations was kissed by the betraying demonic tension brought on in attempt to “weary the saints.” This the backdrop of such a glorious church refined and manifesting in power.”

“Blood War” – on earth as it is in heaven

“Yes, one who yields to the invitation to eat the reality of the bread torn, and drink of the wine matured to perfection and spilled, is one who is longing for the fullness of Sonship.” briskilla


Communion, Proclamation of the Law of Life

When we plead the blood of Jesus, when we break the bread, we open the way to the Tree of Life principalities SEE again the cross. They see their defeat on the cross. They see the penalty paid, which has set God’s people free.


Angels are singing today

Let’s hold on to the hem of His garment as we find the path to His heart – directing us amidst the Golden Harvest Fields – where Father’s emotion is the hidden treasure. 


The Table Set for God’s Kingdom Priests

It is in receiving God’s kindness through repentance that sight given reveals the Door. In receiving the One who stands at the door we are accepting the invitation to dine with the resurrected Christ. Such a supper empowers our God-given positions and posturing as watchmen/women priests on Nehemiah’s Wall, and as noblewomen/men in the courts of our King.