“The People of the Highway”

Isaiah 19

God personally gives names to 3 people groups calling them,
‘My people,’
‘My Inheritance,’
‘The Work of My hands.’

He identifies their geographical locations;

He personally tells them what He will do regarding them;

“In that day there will be a highway
from Egypt to Assyria,
and the Assyrians will come into Egypt
and the Egyptians into Assyria,
the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.”
Isaiah 19:23

He mentions the third party;

“In that day Israel will be the third party
with Egypt and Assyria” Isaiah 19:24

He states what the outcome of this Highway will be;

“a blessing in the midst of the earth.” (Isaiah 19:24)

Yes, Heaven’s Highway has made its way to earth;

1st Egypt:

He said their gods would be removed–heavens systems would be available to them. He said He would heal them. He said they would return to HIM!!

2nd Assyria:

He said they would visit Egypt and Egypt them– worshiping together.

3rd Israel:

He said they would join them resulting in such a great blessing in all the earth.


Folks the demonic realm is frightened to the core of the Power of Heaven’s Highway!

In the midst of God’s highway coming to earth, I saw a dust storm of anger.

Manifesting from the powers of darkness, Oh yes they will try– his retaliations are evident and being experienced by many on the ground. Horrific atrocities and bloodshed, occurring daily. Yes, a last futile ditch effort to stop Heavens Highway from invading earth. It’s too late friends. Darkness cannot compete with God. The Highway has arrived!

Incredible demonstrations of power are going to be witnessed among the Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Israelis, Egyptians, and more. Such a revival of worship, sounds–Kingdom Systems. Such mighty love and worship will arise through the people of the highway resonating thru the whole world!


Watch Egypt–as it settles into Kingdom ways, simultaneously you will see a larger population accept His Kingdom Highway.

Generations have prayed, prophesied, decreed, and demonstrated heaven’s life coming to earth.

Generations have loved, healed, experienced demonstrations of power, angelic assistance, and petitioned to experience more one-on-one and corporate expressions of God’s ways and life on earth.

Generations have seen His Spirit of Wisdom, His Counsel, His Knowledge, His Justice, His Righteousness, His Peace, His Restorations, and more.

Generations have experienced the results of His Spirit: Love, Self-Control, Gentleness, Kindness, Joy, Long-Suffering, etc. etc

He has visited many one-on-one, corporate, and on a national scale.

The question is, is it possible that He would also have intentions to release not only Extraterrestrial beings, His Spirit identity, His presence, BUT also release genuine, tangible architecture of heavens buildings and highways to earth!!??

Yes! We are called to walk on such highways–bridges, connecting nations together-linking His family one ethos to another.

In much anticipation,



“Take My Flesh, You Cannot Near My Spirit.” 


His Spirit was alive.

He was awake — Light.

He tabernacled in an earthly garment,
His earthly dwelling place.

He faced fire — satan’s torments
Refused to bow to darkness’s lie of glory.

Pride of self, not an option.

Without bread, lips brutally parched–40 days waterless.

Feet and garments, torn by the rocky desert land
the state of His tabernacle given to Him for His earth’s love work
His battle attire.


Journey fulfilled:


Decided Will

Fear unhooked–unpegged from His tabernacle.

His Spirit alive

Loyalty abounding

Aligned to Father

Spirit alive-baptized-new life


Unhooked: dead to powers of darkness, eyes ablaze-set on the prize.

Here to work–to seed–to plant.

Here to awaken–give life–give gifts.

Here to walk the earth through heavens eyes – bring forth family.

Darkness hated Him–afraid of Him–despised Him.

Ripped at His flesh–His tabernacle–earth’s form.


His Spirit stood. Stood. Remained.

Stood as they tore away at Him.

Attempt to kill He who is Water
–Water of life.
Provision for man’s wells
–man’s souls–spirits.

Light is shown,

Resurrection power transferred, as He stood.
Take my flesh, you cannot near my spirit.

Immuned from the waterless place.

Take my flesh, you cannot near my spirit.

For it is hewn by fire.

Take my flesh, you cannot near my spirit.

For it is holy aligned.

Risen Treasure

Fear unhooked
unpegged from tabernacle
slaveless to fear.

I die to live

“I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live but Christ that lives in me.”

Tabernacle’s martyrdom
a life lived outside of earth’s time – limitless borders.

Spirit set on fire.
Lord, we again come to the time when Your Spirit will invade our Spirit.

Infusing within us Your power life, as we live in this tabernacle.
Come tabernacle within our Spirit to the fullest degree.

Take my life and let it be–holy Lord to You.
Flesh vs. Spirit

No longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me.

ps. Did you know that thru Jesus’ 40 days of temptation satan attempted to break Him in the 3 areas of sin? All acts of sin fall under one of these categories: pride of life, the lust of the flesh, or lust of the eye. That is what He told me.

In our lifetime we are confronted in these 3 areas also. Don’t let shame take you down. Shame will try to destroy your win, right at the starting gate of this opportunity to lean into God.

Visualize your face to face confrontation as an opportunity to activate your love for Jesus. Realize the courage God gave you to cherish your passion for a completed, #1 finish! Celebrate the process by getting up and fighting. Fight with decrees of truth.
Jesus was baptized in the nation of Jordan, in the river Jordan. He was then in the deserts of Jordan for 40 days. He went from hearing God’s voice saying, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” to hearing the voice of the accuser attempt to destroy His identity and destiny.

Let the power of God’s opinion guide you through, and break you out of the slimy moments of temptation and accusation. God’s love is stronger than satan’s sick, evil, conniving, illuring, wicked, intellectual mind control, condemning, weakening sweet talk.

God’s words will strengthen you, humble you, give you room to breathe, enable you to be clear-headed, shake off the darkness, see into the future, hope again, love your present-day and future, rest again–know His peace, to live and love again. Our spirit has been given the inheritance of being an untouchable to the devil and his schemes. It’s the place of immunity. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High…..”


scribed by Priscilla


Warriors of Compassion

“As they were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed Him. And two blind men sitting by the road, hearing that Jesus was passing by, cried out, “Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!” The crowd sternly told them to be quiet, but they cried out all the more, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” And Jesus stopped and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?” They *said to Him, “Lord, we want our eyes to be opened.” Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.” Matthew 20:29-34
Prophetic watchmen/intercessor talk…

One of my dear friends and I were on skype talking about the gift and power of compassion. The definition of compassion is, “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.”

In Colossians 3:12 we are instructed to, “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion…” Defined here compassion means the same, “to be sympathetic” in the sense of grief or sorrow, but also in that of the sympathy which is ready to help.””

Sounds like a prayer life infused with compassion would possibly carry the sounds of deep unspeakable groaning as one cries out to God for the healing, deliverance, and rescue of those in need.

Just some thoughts: When we pray for one who is sick, are we reaching the point in our emotions which the parents of that sick child carry–do we reach their desperation point? More so are we experiencing Christ’s deep longing for His healing to be received? When a multitude of humanity is being slaughtered before our very eyes (we witness the effects thru media or in person) do we enter into the desperate sorrow and strong desire to alleviate the sufferings through prayer and actions, by the strength and victory of God’s resurrection power?

Jesus did. In Isaiah 42, Isaiah shares with us that Jesus the Warrior travailed like a woman in labor releasing (birthing) salvation to the earth. He has granted us the grace to travail to the point of breakthrough; taking hold of the dominion we were given–taking hold of the ingredients of the Kingdom of God and releasing them into the need at hand.

God is not neglecting the earth and the people on the earth. He has given us dominion and instructed us to, ” σπλαγχνίζομαι splagchnizomai” to be moved with compassion, from within our inner part: our womb–the place of birthing, our kidneys–the seat of our emotions, our lungs–the breath used to release life sound (σπλάγχνον splagchnon).

This is the season of the warrior. The strength and sound of a warrior are often primal in nature. A compassionate warrior moves in determination, deep reliance on the power of the Cross and Christ’s resurrection, boldness, fearless courage in the face of darkness, joyful in giving life and motivated by the love of God and sees himself as a defender of mankind.
Happy Day to you O’ Warrior of Compassion!



To the immigrants, “walk through Heaven’s shields.”


Father, we pray over image.pngthe borders of nations. We ask for HEAVEN”S SHIELDS to lock together surrounding our nations. Let the vibration of these shields fill the hearts and minds of immigrants who are finding refuge within our lands. For the shields of the earth belong to You, God. Release Your mercy and cleanse any shields which we have defiled.

We bless each sojourner with the message of these shields. As they pass through the shields into our land arrest them with Your love, might, and awe.

To you sojourner of lands foreign to you:

These shields are your help.

Receive God your rock and salvation.

He will surround you with favor, as you walk upright in heart. (Help America walk upright in heart, Lord.)

Receive our hospitality, He will lift your head.

Get up and take hold of His help, recognize your deliverance.

Receive Christ as righteous King, healing will be your bread.

Bend your heart to God, you will find trust again.

Receive hope for your future.

Recognize your place of refuge.

Receive and walk in peace.

Find comfort through justice.

You have come to your hiding place, rest under His wing.

(All descriptions of shields found in the bible. Deuteronomy, 1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings, Psalms, Proverbs)

We love you,



Great Commission, Modern Day

Thoughts regarding France, USA, and beyond…. to believers worldwide. 

The great commission was established intentionally. God established the great commission as the key for us to experience the emotions of God found within the Harvest Fields. Giving us the greatest opportunity to meet those whom the Holy Spirit draws and the angelic hosts gather; just in time to assist each of them in becoming disciples. Father has assisted us greatly in this. How? He relocated the Great Harvest to our backyard. Every religious belief system rejecting the Son of God ….. all in our backyard and waiting. As believers, if we have not reached out to our neighbors as a friend, and evangelizer we have not done our job.

Social media racism and “eye for eye” rantings will not win us rewards in eternity. As human beings hungry for God and His nearness, we will find Him waiting at the door of our neighbor’s house. Why don’t we go help Him in? We can actually help open the door for Him to come in. What a memorable moment that would be for our “neighbors.” 

France, Lebanon, Canada, California, Iraq, Germany, Jordan, Syria doesn’t need our conversationalist rantings. They are about to experience a great move of God … and some already are.

How do I know? Because Isaiah the prophet said, at the time of great darkness we will shine as a great light and during that time the Middle Eastern nations will come into the house of God and strengthen the Body of Christ (paraphrased).

Apparently, the great harvest isn’t looking like many expected. LOOK! Stop being afraid. This is what we went to Bible School for. This is why we gave our lives to 24/7 prayer. This is why we were ordained. This is why we were determined to learn the language of the marketplace. This is why we wanted a passport. This is why we established a 501c3. This is why we learned the 4 spiritual laws. This is why we spent thousands of dollars and as many hours traveling through nations passionately carrying out prophetic acts. This is the answer to our question of, “God, what is my next step.” I promise.

Bashing the nations who are lost in darkness is coming into agreement with the eternal slavemaster himself, satan. We must as God to cleanse our tongues and help us to BE THE LIGHT!!!! Stop Muslim bashing. They are our love assignments.  Get your boots on and head into the fields.

What do we do when we feel fear as we engage the fields? Well, that’s the personal and corporate terror of satan that is traumatizing the harvest. Yes, that is what you are discerning. We are not afraid, it is the demonic realms who are afraid and manifesting their emotions. Disengage from hell’s emotions and connect to the emotions of God. Get above the feeling of hell’s nearness, and battle using the great commission compassion as your motivational tool of choice. For when we “feel” hell that is a sign to us that we are hovering over the pit about to snatch a smoldering branch. 

Be careful, do not get caught up in the world system of argument. When Joshua was about to face the enemy, the angel of the Lord came and stood in front of him. Joshua, the powerful most courageous warrior of his time asked, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” The reply he received wasn’t the one he expected.

The heavenly being, who was the Captain of the Lord’s army said, “No; rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of the Lord.” Joshua’s courageous response was right. He FELL ON HIS FACE to the earth, and bowed down, and said to him, “What has my lord to say to his servant?”

FOLKS WE WILL NOT HEAR THE STRATEGIES OF HEAVEN until we realize this earth belongs to God and His heart, His character, His ways. His perspective is needed. He gave us dominion. Dominion given came with the privilege of presenting the earth back to Creator healed and beautiful. Before we can give it back to Him, we must possess it. To possess it, we will discern what has been lodged that. To discern what is there is knowledge gained. To ask for an understanding of how to possess the land is wisdom. To possess takes place as we recognize that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon us.” 

Our first posture is to get on our faces UNTIL He speaks. Yes, we like social interactions, especially during times of tragedy. That’s a good thing. Tragedy–pain pulls us together, even as celebrations do. But, if we want to be leaders–generals–servants–, effective humans, we must find our self flat on our faces in times when we do not have the right answer. In times when the enemy is hot on our tail with one desire, with the evil intention to annihilate nations known for freedom and beauty, we must encounter God for strategy.

Once we bow our hearts to the ground, positioning our hearts higher than our minds, then and only then will the captain of heavens hosts reply and say, “Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.” It is only at this point that God will allow His unadulterated, true, clear words to be spoken. It is from this posture that He will give direction for a victory.

Folks we need a clear trumpet call. It will not be mixed with tradition, racism, hate, vile language, political spirits, self-opinion, and preferences. You want to be a prophetic voice? Well, then get under the tent of the Lord and listen. Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, Google, Twitter, webinars can wait. Truth can wait for the clean clear vessel. Empty rhetoric can not.

We have entered the times of the Great Harvest. Courageously participate!

Scribed by Priscilla


The Dove is moving in Texas – get your water shoes and, “wade in the water. “

GPS instructions are not foolproof, and on June 9th this was no exception… or was it? Instead of the most direct route, “Waze” chose a path through neighborhoods, flood regions–inconvenient pathways. This was unique because oftentimes “Waze” will go out of its way to guide me away from traffic, construction, blocked roads, etc. Well, this time — NOT.

Very quickly, the presence of the Holy Spirit was experienced. He was highlighting something–I perked up. GPS chose DOVE RD.  Unknowingly, this is the road that was and still is flooded. Papa knew how to grab my attention. He knew speaking using the symbolism of “The Dove” would work for His Arab stubborn daughter.

The river had overflowed its banks and was flooding onto Dove Road. Things He spoke of years ago, through Bob Jones,  Bobby Connor, Chuck Pierce,  and others were about to launch.

Summer and Fall of 2012, Holy Spirit began to speak into my heart about the preparation for a “move of God” which was taking place in this region. Holy Spirit was about to be welcomed and received in this area. Since that time, it has been clear that preparation of heart, the foundation of faith faithfully taught, ministries built-in right standing with the Lord and man, communion with God, and obedience to His leading were steps taken in preparation for receiving God’s visitation.

This flood is a sign of the nearness of time. He was preparing the land. There is going to be a move of the Spirit (Dove) which will signify that the “Sun” is shining in Texas again and that the unseen darkness previously here has lifted.

It’s time to “wade in the water.”

There will be a move of the Spirit which will birth many into the younger generation of believers.  Oaks of Righteousness will be refreshed and on their way to shining like the noonday sun —  planted in the River of the Holy Spirit (Psalms 1 and Revelations 22).

There will be a resurgence of Justice; freedom received for a supernatural life of Holy Spirit, lightheartedness, peace, righteousness. With justice and her benefits, God’s people will not be easily moved as the times we live in grow darker. For we are called to release His LIGHT – He who is brighter than the noonday sun. This move will reawaken, reunite the family of the King.

Father Claus* said, “Obedience is the greatest honor in heaven and on earth, therefore you must strive to be obedient to one another. Peace is certainly in God, for God is peace.” Well, if this is true, and it is, what are some of the commandments God implemented, expecting us to adhere to, towards each other?

That, my friend, can be your quest for the day…Ponder, choose, act, write, be amazed and forever changed. And in the meantime, ask God how you can prepare and be part of the movement He is releasing in Texas.

(*”Nicholas of Flue, a political mystic” – booklet from Switzerland-1481)

ps. @  Wordpress blog, http://www.visualeast.org, the poem, “Storms, Floods, and the Response” can be found (thoughts regarding what the month of May storms really was. BUT this post will focus on Southlake and the surrounding regions of Texas.)

If your region has experienced the storms of 2015 if you haven’t already please consider meditating on passages such as Psalms 18, 50, 68, 85, 99, 104, 114, 144. God can be found in the storm.

scribed by Priscilla

ps. the photo above shows flooding on Dove Road – visual confirmations. This photo shows the most shallow portion of the flood. Rivers setting deep beneath roads were now up to the road and covering half of the trunks of large trees. Parks, roads, and lakes were shut down due to the volume of water. 


Space of Silence

Some call it, “bored.”
Some call it, “lonely.”
The wounded might call it, “forgotten.”
EEeeekkkk left out???

You know that feeling when you don’t know what to do next–hands-free? Surprisingly or not, you have time on your hands. Yes, the feel of a little or a lot uncomfortable. You “look” around and have a momentary silent panic, “OH MY GOSH, I’M ALONE–EXCITED or is it sadness? Heck, am I FORGOTTEN??!!” “Did the party go on without me! !?!!” “Too silent?”

No new emails, text messages, phone calls, or new ideas. “What am I gonna fill time with??? Standing in the middle of your bedroom, or is it the mall.

Sometimes, one can freak out…especially during those adolescent years. Remember?

Well, here’s the amazing truth about those, “silent moments.”

Those, “moments–hours, days, weeks” are an open invitation delivered SPECIAL for you. Your Creator designed those moments into your timeline’s composition. He wants to meet with you to help you in developing your “now” and future.

Once we enter the space of silence, we will realize that we are not alone, but that the Designer of our hearts and life is right there waiting.

So, “fear not” and take the plunge.
His conversation will love you, give you ideas, reveal hidden goodness.

How? Well. We are all different. Is it a walk or run for you? Open journal with watercolors or oil pastels? Worship coming out of your heart, as you lean up against that tree in the nearby woods? Is it your closet, your window nook, your backyard, your tree swing? Whichever it is, you’ll know. Peace, Truth, Love, Light follows Him wherever He visits.

Some call this a dark time. Possibly, but there is a brighter perspective. I recall a conversation, with one of the best guitar players in the West. He said that perfecting his playing was not the outcome of moments in the limelight, busy schedules, or social events. Quality and marksmanship was a result of developing his skill during the “silent moments” — no fanfare, no accolades, no schedule, no lights.

He said that “silence” doesn’t last forever and when that moment is over, he realized that because he utilized that empty space he was well prepared for the next season. It’s the same with us if we would push past the discomfort one will know that this preparation–realignment–communion time has done its job in strengthening and cultivating.

Our fear of silence, rejection, aloneness, “the how” is combated as we face the “empty space” — the “silent moments” heart/head-on. Once we enter the space of silence, we will realize that we are not alone, but that the Designer of our hearts and life is right there waiting.

scribed by Priscilla


Table in the Field


“sharing is the game plan.”

You’ve been given “manna” from The Originator’s table.

You’ve tasted it, chewed on it,  swallowed it, reminisced on the incredible flavor, and noticed subsequent effects of ingesting such wonders.

You then decided to share morsels from the table. Don’t be getting upset when the receiver, in turn, tasted it, chews on it, swallows it, reminisces on the incredible flavor, and notices subsequent effects of ingesting such wonders. They too will decide to share.

The power of multiplication is The Originator’s design.

Don’t forget, without The Originator Himself sharing with you, you would have never received it.👑

In reality, we don’t really know at which stage of “revelating” the receiver was at when “your” food arrived at their lips.  Were you the cultivator of the soil of their heart,   the seed thrower,  the fertilizer, the watering can,  the pruner, the harvester, the chef,  the host, the presenter of the “manna”. The important truth is,  whichever stage they were at your sharing furthered them on their path; hence, you multiplied.

The Originator will notice you have a table full of guests, and will delight in serving you more “manna.”

scribed by Priscilla




“The power of Pentecost,
moments demarcation
from visitation to habitation.

Evidence of Spirit’s reality,
He was, is, and is to come.
Passing through the realms of earth
His sound thundered.⚡️
Faster than the speed of sound
trails of fire intact–remained.


Not earthly power–
He, Trinity united came,
affecting humanities substance–engulfing.

Transforming what was waiting,
spirit dwellings into fiery prepared chariots, ready to ride with heaven’s horses given.

Alive: Engulfed, Empowered, Catalyzed,
His Agency releasing heaven’s measurements on earth.
No longer earth constrained,
Holy limits-unearthly.
Beyond imagination.

No longer waiting.
Lifestyle ramifications/origin rectified:
action, response, results, impact, dominion.

Language change:
Linked with lifestyle
Enables communication
Understanding His sphere
Mind of Christ

Spirit of the Lord forms Perspective–sight
Counsel and Might–touching
Knowledge and Fear of the Lord–tasting

Feet shod with the gospel of peace–seeing ✋🏽
Head covered with salvation–hearing
Chest established by Breastplate of righteousness–discerning
Waist Girded with truth–tasting
Covered by the shield of faith–touching
Hand Equipped with the sword of His Spirit–standing

His Spirit pulsating love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Metamorphosis into a new life.
No longer we live, but Christ lives

Hello gentle giants ✨⚡️

Pentecost gave us permission and the ability to move and have dominion–bring heaven to your lands. ⚡️Go into all the world and preach Christ’s Gospel, making disciples.

Time to change from waiting for clothes to garments engulfed in His flame.

ps. Jordan is my land–yup. This morning, I couldn’t find photos of where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, resulting in being covered in the Spirit of his Father–through His DOVE, but that took place in Jordan.

The Spirit of the one who prepares the way is with us. He longs for us to partner with Him…

scribed by Priscilla


Fiery Mind of Christ

Wow, so overwhelmed while reminiscing about the historical events scribed in Acts 2.  Grab a drink, Acts 2, a pen, and join in on this pondering…..

“When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place.
And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind,
and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.
And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves,
and they rested on each one of them.
And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues,
as the Spirit was giving them utterance.
Now there were Jews living in Jerusalem,
devout men from every nation under heaven.
And when this sound occurred, the crowd came together,
and were bewildered because each one of them was hearing them speak in his own language.
They were amazed and astonished,
saying, “Why, are not all these who are speaking Galileans?
“And how is it that we each hear them in our own language to which we were born?

“Parthians and Medes and Elamites, and residents of Mesopotamia,
Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia,
Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the districts of Libya around Cyrene,
and visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes,
Cretans and Arabs—we hear them in our own tongues speaking of the mighty deeds of God.”
And they all continued in amazement and great perplexity,
saying to one another, “What does this mean?”
(Acts 2:1-12 NASV included below)

Into the earth and its inflicted limitations supernatural reality of Divinity — His Spirit which is Holy was released. Imagination can lead you to envision this incredible highway being made from heaven to earth, as His gift of presence moving through the galaxies making its way to Jerusalem to those who covenanted to be part of His family.

Such a roar. The noise was so noticeable that thousands within the region of Jerusalem heard highway’s approach and followed This presence to where the 120 were immersed under the loving unrelenting fiery power of His identity.

The crescendo of languages–symphonic unity of declarations interrupted the natural order and knowledge of the day, forever changing what was available to mankind.

Engulfed in His wind and fire

This Gift of presence transformed man’s soul and spirit

They received Him!!!

They received…

the mind of Christ!!!

Just imagine (or reminisce in what you already have knowledge of–experienced)

Those in the upper room received a new language,

articulating the greatness of God

It isn’t about man, it’s about Him and His magnificent greatness.

Our minds couldn’t comprehend–didn’t have the language–utterance was limited
to explain Him

He revolutionized the tongues of man–
Loosed by fire–
spoke through those in the upper room–the waiting room, to humanity, gathered outside.

His highway of fire traveled from heaven to earth
carried knowledge of Him who is Majesty.

Tongues right on our minds.
Fire flames–Keys
Opening earth to receive heavens limitless-ness

His power

HIS mind.

What a precious gift God gave us.
Life transforming baptism for those who ask.
Baptism of a supernatural substance–
His fiery reality,
Revealing through fire and tongue
Manifested heaven’s truth.

It’s about God’s greatness!
It’s about transforming into His likeness!
It’s about His message!
It’s about communication!
It’s about God and man becoming ONE!

It is about God’s Greatness!!!

“Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard,
And which have not entered the heart of man,
All that God has prepared for those who love Him.
For to us, God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God…For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he will instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

(1 Corinthians 2:9-16 NASV)

written by, Priscilla


Storms, Floods, and the Response

Rain falling the size of lollipops;
straight down, horizontal lines,
wind–its companion.

Arrows of lightning;
piercing the atmosphere,
striking forces unseen.

Unearthly decibels commanding attention;
Sounds–vibrations across the skies,
Touching soil.

cold–foreign to spring’s heat,
size enough to cover green, brown, and grey.

Waters pushing past the man-made dam;
shiftings in its path.

Winds whipping through fields;
visiting neighborhoods,
strength waking up the sleeping–loud,
fierceness uprooting trees–arms.

Coals of fire from beneath the earth;
mountains erupt,
once standing still.
Seven in one,
rivers of fire stream
while ash fills the atmosphere.

What is this canopy?
Patterns of clouds;
unseen, unfamiliar.
Dark clouds covering the sun,
introduction to storm’s theater.

What cried in drought
now grappling,

Earth’s events new to generation present,
not to the sun–not to the land.
Under the sun.

Do we suggest a negative approach?
Do we sense the heart of God?
Do we whimper in fear of storms unknown?
Do we find peace in the howling winds?

David said that God was His strength, his rock,
his fortress, his deliverer, his shield,
his salvation, his refuge.

David, to Deity, spoke;

cords of death,
torrents of ungodliness,

snares of death,

terrified, confronted–

surrounded him.

From His Temple, God heard
The earth responded–God’s reaction.

Thousands have prayed–
This is His answer–
He has come.

His heart responds – the earth shook — Earthquakes
He, angry at enemies untold, coals of fire spewed — Volcanoes
His chariots He road, darkness covered — Clouds
He moved, they responded — Mighty Winds
His voice, He sounded — Thunder
His rebuke, He decreed — Hail
His arrows, His intentions upon the enemy — Lightning
He leads thru the deep waters, as through a wilderness — Waters shift into floods
He moves, He comes, water cleansed — The rain

He, Him, God.
When He comes–a holy visitation;
Looking for a dwelling.
Life comes–man responds.

Eyes open
Ears hear
Lame walk
Truth, Belief, Faith–respond
Move of God

Sons of God
Playing the harp–once lain on the willow tree
He comes–in us–Hope of Glory!!

Presence of God
Truth of God
Mouth of God
Spirit of God
Justice of God
He comes!

Scribings of the heart,