Dear Church World,

By now we have grasped the understanding of the power found in our words. Such an amazing gift from God.

With that gift given by God, would you take some time and connect to the Love, Power, Authority, Character of God and release HIS reality over the Jewish nation and over the Arab nations? If you haven’t already would you please disconnect from the impact of world media opinion, prejudice, and racism; taking a moment to come into agreement with God’s plans over these nations?

Precious Arab family and friends; along with, Jewish friends and family are living in the regions and affected by the media and church’s words and strength of the opinion. Our words, like a magnet, come together covering the nations like a dome of either love or hate. To have a shield over them filled with prayers and decree’s of the heart releasing peace with courage would be a huge gift. This would release stamina in them, enabling them to continue building the Kingdom of God in the midst of war and threats of war.

The confusion swirling isn’t of God. The hatred spewing isn’t of God. Sides taken isn’t of God. Celebrating one’s death; whether Arab or Jew isn’t of God. Racism is an ugly thing meant to destroy the army of love meant to move throughout the lands of the east, with the purpose of inviting souls into His Kingdom.

We were all created for greatness–now is a good time to express that greatness by getting up above the violent opinionated and racist machine and looking from God’s vantage point.

I’m not talking about applauding the violence being released through Islamic terrorist groups. I’m not talking about applauding Jewish settlers who have violated the human right to live. I’m not talking about applauding the kidnapping of Jewish beautiful youth nor the stabbing of many. I’m not talking about applauding the teachings of religions which takes away the human rights to choose one’s religious choice. I’m not talking about governments playing nations against each other like pawns on a chessboard. I’m talking about getting up beyond all of that evil and requesting audience with the King of Kings, for the purpose of understanding and coming into agreement with His heart and plans.

If we had a critical mass that would unify with His plan maybe we could see a shift in the lands of His heart. The answer will not come from political governments but from the righteous, courageous few found in the land who will rise and take their place and bring the Kingdom of Heaven kind of change.

Our Arab and Jewish families need your time and need your decision to be one that says, ” I will choose the path of greatness. I will choose to request an audience with God. I will choose the path above the noise of worldly wisdom defying anger, racism, and this political chess game, by releasing the sound of righteousness and truth above the nations of the East…” For in the midst of darkness those who do will shine dispelling this evil.

God is not running around frazzled with every bomb, falsified news photos, kidnapping, burning, conversations over coffee of those who are taking sides… Jesus weeps. Jesus grieves.
God is looking for those who will volunteer in the day of His power to do great exploits. Today is the day of His power.

A brief incomplete thought and request,

Scribed in love,



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