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Seeking the Portals of Heaven? Look no further than prayer.

Hunger to be included in the activity of heaven has not be withheld from God’s people; instead the invitation is always waiting.  Human formulations and strategies are sub to the invitation already presented. Once that KEY is turned and God’s servants the angels join in the movements of our prayers, in obedience to God’s nod, nothing can change the outcome of God’s response. 


The Thickets-Pride Of Jordan  (מַעְבְּרוֹת הַיַּרְדֵּן, ma’beroth hayyarden)

“Jeremiah, God’s trumpet, would be preserved as long as he did not yield to dismay. Jeremiah’s preparation included being mantled with the power of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11: 1-3) – Holiness. God constantly spoke His wisdom into Jeremiah releasing understanding of the past, current consequences, and future outcomes. His counsel strengthened Jeremiah.  As Jeremiah experienced the Knowledge of God he grew in the fear of God. This “7-fold Spirit baptism” sustained Jeremiah as he pass through the trials of persecution, empowering him to see beyond the present circumstance, and what was the popular thought wrongfully fed to the masses. Jeremiah wasn’t created to cower.”