On the fourteenth day of Abib, the first month of the new year, Israelites and those who would adhere to God’s Way followed His commands of “This is My Way for you to be delivered,” consumed the spotless lamb. Moses, commissioned by God to be the nation’s deliverer, had guided each family to bring a lamb into the house, and on the 14th day, all were to eat. The lamb’s slaughter provided each family with the blood necessary for the placement of the blood upon the thresholds, while also, the eating of the lamb the night before meant as they passed through the waters of the Red Sea, WITHIN them was the lamb. Exodus 12:21

Previous days were filled with powerful activities and declarations by God and His angels manifesting His Will and Win. Believers and unbelievers alike witnessed God’s Glory and Power. The strength of God’s arm — His existence and authority riveted Egypt. The “I AM That I AM” was introduced to Egypt. Even God’s people alive at the time of the Exodus met Him this way for the first time.

Can we imagine the atmosphere over the land? The Rod Aaron gave Moses now possessed the snakes purposed to harm Moses by Pharoah. All the Hebrew firstborns in Goshen, who partook of the lamb, were alive and running along the way to the sea with family. Goshen, the city inhabited by the Israelites, was untouched by the strikes against the gods of Egypt. Not one of the plaques had come near the dwellings of those who followed God. Imagining what the emptied city looked like amazes me. Was there a residue of peace, healthy wheat fields yet not ready to harvest, flaxseed fields harvested, and thresholds covered in the blood of the slain lambs? Glory had gone before the Israelites while they were known as enslaved people, and God’s Glory now moved as their rear guard as they left their enslavers. The key would be for the rescued to keep their eyes on the Glory; for every experience of Glory would be God’s way of healing their souls from the trauma of slavery.

“The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent men take it by force.” Matthew 11:12

Despite dictatorship, intimidation, forced labor, death threats, and amidst the Glory of God, Moses directed the Israelites and those who joined onto the sea’s dry ground. Violently, the waters of the Red Sea tore apart to receive and deliver those who yielded to God’s sound of freedom as Moses elevated his staff over the sea. Rolling upwards and away from the Army (nation) of Israel were the waters that would one day be recognizable as the prophetic depiction of the Waters of Repentance.

Upon Jesus’ entrance into the earth as the Son of Man, repentance was introduced first through John the Baptizer; soon afterward, Jesus would present to the wedding guests what follows the waters of deliverance through repentance by changing the water to wine. But the ultimate reality of the wine would be known as He, who was the Living Water and The Way, would be violently torn apart, making way for Israel and all nations to receive deliverance and resurrection life passing from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of God’s Love.

Partaking of the slain lamb, thresholds were covered with the lamb’s blood, allowing Israel to exit and pass through the Red Sea. The Slain Lamb stands at the door of every heart who believes in Him (Rev 3) with the desire to come in to dine with and feed the one who receives Him. The Way is open for Israel and the nations to pass from the slavery of darkness to come into the resurrection power and life of He, the Messiah.

John introduced us to repentance, and Messiah introduced us to the activity of the Spirit of conviction, the conviction of sin, righteousness, and of judgment. (John 16) Holy Spirit would introduce us to the power of truth and mantle us with Himself, His Wisdom, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Understanding, and the Fear of the Lord.

Obedience empowered with God’s Holy Spirit power will rip open veils daily, making room for the truth of righteousness and justice to find a home within the heart of another soul. John the Baptizer prepared the way of Christ’s first come. Blazing the path for the Lord’s second coming is our privilege.

The invitation is open for all to believe.

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