This pondering seems appropriate for this sixth month of the Biblical Calendar. Elul: “Fields of Wheat afford us opportunity for offense.”😉😍

While in my homeland sitting on the steps of a church’s platform, a little girl (no more then 16 months old) decided to join me. She climbed those three steps and sat close to me while I shared what was thought to be timely insights for those attending the meeting. She was a fantastic distraction giving opportunity for me to put actions behind Jesus’ words, “Let the little children come to Me, and hinder them not.” The message was about Ruth and Boaz.

Amidst these moments of meaningful childlike impact, while sharing, Jesus decided to join her and “break up the party” even further. He decided I needed to be with Him in that very moment. Mind you He didn’t find it necessary to ask if He was interrupting the my message. 😉 How about that! His desire, His time. In His pursuit He decided to take me into His space – – through an open vision.

Fields of Wheat immediatly blended over the platform’s stairs extending far beyond the pews where my friends sat, and beyond the building’s frame. There He was joyfully present, so beautiful! He was dressed in a white robe with beautiful black curly hair. He was ready for a stroll through the Fields (or was he going to dance?), beckoning me to come along. The invitation was to walk in front of Jesus as He walked close behind. Beautiful is the love of the Father found in His Son Jesus Christ.

The vastness of the Fields and the purest of air was containing the proclamation, “Now is the Time!” The Golden Wheat were postured in two positions, some wheat’s spikes were bent beneath the sun and some yet unbending. Their decisions were being made as the Holy Spirit called the angels forth to gather. Truly, beautiful is the love of the Father found in His Son Jesus Christ. As we walked while shifting the stalks to our left and right (making room for easier movement) my heart was wide open with exuberant joy, unencumbered willingness, gratitude, and awe. Innocence! The earth beneath our feet felt familiar and yet I have no definition except, “We have been to this land before, and to visit here now with the Inheritor of all of this filled the moment with strength.”

We walked deeper yet and as we did one of the stalks of wheat, which we had shifted to the right, seemingly got caught on something and swiftly swung back and its spike slapped my face. Now the romance of Fields of Wheat would cause some to think that the wheat would feel soft and gentle as it came against one’s skin, but that would be delusion; 🙃🤦‍🤦‍♀ instead wheat is dry, hard, and prickly. I was taken from the place of romance and contentment to the “Battle of Offense” within a 1/0th of a second. How uncomfortable and jolting! From the place of innocent zeal to the impact of another’s compromised choice.

The innocence within did not desire this opportunity, nor did I invite the knowledge that wounds would occur in these spheres. Do you call that the “’Pollyanna Syndrome?” Briefly, and according to the Webster’s Dictionary the Pollyanna Syndrome is defined as, “a person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything.” Jesus took me to the Fields of Wheat on that day to teach, prepare, and bring alertness to the days ahead.

From here I’m sure you can take over the writing of this note. We’ve all experienced it.

How could I have been startled or offended at something coming from the Harvest Fields? These fields are where God’s love can be experienced. Waves of God’s emotions can be found and engaged with in such fields. He loves! He loves His Harvest, and beautiful is the love of the Father found in His Son Jesus Christ. An invitation to be offended while Jesus was so near was something I did not expect, and can honestly say that in all of Christ’s visits He had not brought opportunities for offense or wounding into our conversation. “What was this? Why now? This “stalk of wheat” belonging to or representing is a lost soul, what am I learning from You?”

Romance is not always the soft petals of a peony thrown along a garden’s path. Neither is it the white daisy game of, “He loves me, He loves me not.” It was evident that in these moments we as friends of Christ are not called to throw to the wind the One (Jesus) who stands near us. In this moment it is not time to forget that it was He who invited us into His inheritance, neither is it time for us to doubt ourselves and the purpose of God in us. No, instead is it possible that the grunge and clashing of swords could be what is attractive to this King? Could it be that true love contains the grit of war? Yes, the willingness to bear up under the clashing of people’s choices, the harshness of opposition found amidst the two kingdoms; still choosing to be a defender of the souls of humanity and continue to work for God in His Kingdom, through the lens of His View of the World? Yes, beautiful is the love of the Father found in His Son Jesus Christ.

The World view found between the pages of the Word of God leads and equips us right through the gateway into the battle field. Is it possible that the slap on the face is revealing the stronghold holding the other down, causing their denial of Christ? What would happen if offense was knocked to the ground through the decision to act as one given the capacity to feed the lost from the table of the Fruits of the Spirit? This, while we strategize on how to remove that stronghold from the person’s valley of decision? What do we do if that stalk of wheat is a friend, a peer, or family member?

It’s the chaff yet not dealt with that protects the wheat until the time of the Harvest. It is that chaff which wounds the skin as it presses up against ones reflection.

As the strongholds of nations are being clearly revealed in this hour. Even as the anti-christ system is presumptuously manifesting itself; we are able to recognize those who are struggling in the grasp of darkness. These are those in the Fields of Wheat whom God loves, whom Jesus travails over, whom we are called to feed and disciple at the TABLE, these our future brothers and sisters.

That slap in the face offended my pride and pierced my vulnerability. It pushed my heart closer to Jesus, looking to Him as Lord and asking for His understanding and wisdom. I, His Father’s daughter. In reality it was a moment to receive further maturity and not lose the innocent joy of working in the fields.

The space between ‘the growing’ and ‘not losing innocence’ is the space where courage is needed and obedience unto crucifixion is heeded.

Back in 1999 a friend reminded me of the time Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the chapters dealing with family. He said, “Isn’t it interesting how God’s instructions to “put on the whole armor of God” is right in the middle of instructions on family posture, behavior, and response?” The humor of God is refreshing and freeing. Amidst family, conflict will be the most unexpected yet most common. We are all family whether by blood or through the Redeemer’s Salvation Gift. We cannot go into the daily walk of life, specially these days without first activating the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shield of faith, the Sword of the Spirit, and shoes shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.

God did not equip us with offense, neither fear, panic, anxiety, depression, or hopelessness. Unbelief will be smashed as we gaze upon the One who walked those Fields of Grain long before any of us did. He is acquainted with our grief. Oh how Beautiful is the love of the Father found in His Son Jesus Christ.

True Champions are meant to be working in these fields coursed with chaff.

Remember, Jesus equipped us for the ministry of reconciling the lost to Father. Their spheres are going to oftentimes seem ugly, broken, devastated in the spirit and soul. Even if all looks right on the outside remember, we are walking into the unholy, broken, and needy places.

Isaiah prophesied, “He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear; But with righteousness He will judge the poor, And decide with fairness for the afflicted of the earth; And He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked. Also righteousness will be the belt about His loins, And faithfulness the belt about His waist.”

Our faces are reflectors of Glory, As the darkness comes against the Glory, arise and shine. For the Glory of the Lord is upon you.

As tribulation comes in small packages (strongholds) or large (government oppression) the invitation is to walk into these the Fields of our King. He is our Rear Guard and will not leave us alone. Our King is with us in the Fields.

with much love, B

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