The 20th of April will always be a day of testimony for our family. On this day (3 years ago), God breathed life into Emil again. He was brought back from death and given life here on earth. A testimony meant to bring Glory to the Lord and a prophecy to the Body of Christ, our family experienced a true Passover.

The first day of April’s Passover in 2019 was from sunset on the 19th to sunset on the 20th. During these hours, Life’s win was witnessed in our home. Emil began his fight for life on this side of heaven, experiencing two heart conditions at one time (cardiac arrest and heart attack).

Our youngest son was placed in the right place at the right time. He is known among nurses and doctors in the hospital as “The 18-year-old son who saved his father’s life.” Malakey came into agreement with God’s roar over his father, commanding his father to ‘roar’ as God breathed into him again.

Three years ago and twelve hours into Passover, God gently began to warn me of what was to come, yet my mind could not understand His conversation with me until nine hours later. I would describe the language God was using with me as that of Exodus 12 and 13. Without fully comprehending the present-day meaning or relevance, I did what I knew to do; I called Emil on the phone and asked him to come home. Thank God Emil returned and was near us on this eventful day.

Passover 2019 took place from the eve of the 19th to the eve of the 27th, and within these 8 days of Passover, Emil warred for the restoration of his heart. On the heels of Passover’s completion, Emil was brought out of sedation fully, and his first word was, “Dimensions.” There is no doubt Emil was shown much by God. Yet, until today Emil’s physical memory does not recall these encounters, the glorious presence of God which surrounded him, or the traumatic events due to the medications given to remove all traumatic memories. Yes, this is a common medical practice. A few days ago, Emil reminded us of one of his current prayers, that he would be permitted by God to see again all the understanding of ‘dimensions’ he was shown during his FIGHT FOR A RESTORED HEART.

Emil’s hospital room was a room filled with a cloud of God’s Glory. I remember the moment God instructed me to lay my head against His Glory while others warred for Emil’s life. Was it the chest of God? Was it His attribute of Psalms 91:4? I believe it was. Emil’s room was so filled with heaven’s activity. Whenever God would open my eyes to see beyond the natural, there were three constant things. The first was the angel known to be one created for the Middle East, a “Heavenly Prince,” sent from God to be present at the head of Emil’s bed guarding him while many levels of healing took place. The second was the larger than life “desert map” of the Middle East, extending far past the boundaries of Emil’s room which covered the tiled floor of his ICU room. The third was the Cloud of God’s Glory.

The medical staff reported to us of the spreading of the news throughout the hospital that we were the family permitting only words of life to be spoken in the hearing of Emil. Every doctor and nurse knew that once they crossed the threshold of his room, every diagnosis and conversation had to consist of hope for Emil’s life and complete recovery. Negative words of death were not allowed. The 25+ nurses and many doctors were all aware of this standard. Every conflict they found in his body (many) was spoken with a strategy to reverse the problem. It is true; I learned during those days how ICU staff are taught an ‘art’ of how to administer medications at the right time with the proper doses to do the best for a patient on the brink. They were the best!

Emil’s cardiologist is one of the best in this state. He understood medicine and that God created the physical body with the potential to “speak,” letting the physicians know the best time to operate successfully. This cardiologist trusted God and waited for Emil’s heart to “communicate” with him. The wisdom and skill of this doctor will never be forgotten. Vietnam, we will forever love you, as one of your sons was Emil’s surgeon and speaker of life over Emil.

Even after we were discharged from the hospital’s care, our expectation of full recovery and attitude toward life were reminisced by staff. Weeks later, while visiting for physical therapy, I was surprised as we were asked if we were the family who allowed only words of life to be spoken in Emil’s room. It is true, “Hope in Jesus who is LIFE impacts the hearts of humanity.”

We are humbled by God’s Will, allowing Emil to live a life resounding with the fruit of Christ’s resurrection. God’s intentions are still “Greater Faith.”

While Emil was in the first hospital before his “life flight” helicopter ride to one of the best hospitals for cardiology issues, the children and I were in the waiting room with about fifteen of our friends. I was shocked, as we had just completed 8 Days of Communion. These days initiated out of obedience to God’s instruction to re-introduce Communion to His church threw us into 8 Days of God’s heavy presence. The Glory of God was still all over us from sharing Communion with people far and wide over the last 8 days, yet now we sat in the waiting room having witnessed the spirit of death. Such a paradox. I cannot say I was happy. I turned to my friend and said, “What is Communion if death like this can occur?” Her response, “What would have happened if you had not partaken of Christ’s Communion?” Even as I write this, it is 4:30a.m., and no one is outside on our street, yet I just heard the loudest whistling from outdoors. This whistle was so loud and sounded like it came from down the hall inside a large building.

Yes, indeed, what would have happened if our home was not filled with the activation of the blood covenant of Jesus Christ? This is the prophecy for the Body of Christ, released in the Spirit beginning January 2019.

While all of our friends were praying in the waiting room for Emil, the doctor called for emergency surgery to implant an Impella into Emil’s heart. An “Impella” is a mechanism implanted into the heart which supports the heart’s pumping function, providing blood and oxygen to vital organs. Due to cardiogenic shock, which is a life-threatening situation that occurs when the heart’s inability to function causes organs in the body to begin to fail, the Impella was very useful for Emil. The hospital purchased this product for the first time just 3 months prior. The only physician at this hospital with knowledge of the product was there on that day. She was not scheduled for work but was called in hours earlier to take the Physicians shift. No coincidence at all; instead, the sovereign hand of God.

He would undergo a quadruple bypass three days later, and four days later, he would wake up into a new season of recovery. It was on that first day that God pronounced LIFE over Emil. All of the days which followed were days of fighting for the restored heart. The Lord invites His Body to recover all that was lost and come into the resurrected life of a heart no longer stone but a heart of flesh. This is possible as one passes through the blood covenant of Jesus Christ. He said, “As you eat this bread and drink this cup, remember the Lord’s death until He returns.” Crucified and Resurrected, His covenant is forever.

On the 14th day of Abib (Nisan), Emil experienced the hand and breath of God! Life passed over, inciting us all into a lifestyle endowed with greater faith.

8 Comments on “A Restored Heart

  1. Gah❕🥲🫠The testimony of Life and Yeshua sovereign love for us when we stand in agreement with His friendship and provision. He walks and talks with us, He answers by and by🎶🎵.Just wow 💛

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read and absorb the goodness of God. Yes, He looks for those who will believe, even when no strength is left in them …. as was the case with me. His strength reigned amidst my inability.


  2. Your words release our GLORIOUS and POWERFUL SAVIOR !👑🕊🔥
    What a testimony of Jesus , our Passover Lamb !
    Beautiful Briskilla, may you and Emil and each of your children be flooded with His Presence this Passover !🩸
    I love seeing this picture of Emil restored !

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    • Something so precious regarding this photograph, which I didn’t realize until today is that he sits in the seat where his life was taken. As he sits in it now it is a proclamation that God has the final say regarding each life. God, the Father of the spirits of humankind, knows when the time is to return the spirit of those who believe in Him unto Himself. It for sure was not Emil’s time. The promises of passover are yours! Love you.


  3. Good morning, Princess, Thank you for sharing this. I remember this time and I rejoice with you and your precious family. Such a powerful, treasured gift of life restored!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Blessings and much love, Beverly Banta
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    • Love you Mrs. Beverly. You were a part of those who prayed us through. For that I am so thankful, and often recall your name.


  4. Wow, no words just the awesomeness of the God we serve and a family who believes HIM and no other.

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    • When the sword of Hebrews 4 comes “onto the stage of life” there is no where to turn but to the One who created us. In His hand is the scepter of life. We, even as you are, so grateful to serve a God who is living and not dead. Love you.


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