He showed me the streets of France filled with blood, but this blood was the sacrificed blood of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus is saying, “I have purchased France. France belongs to Me.”

I then saw and bottle of wine tipping over, and the wine was filling the streets.  He then showed me the most beautiful white out of the ordinary sized dove hovering over the wine that was spilt on the streets of France. I believe that the Lord wants us to invite France to invite the Dove of the Holy Spirit to come into France.

Father we speak over France that from the point of her brokenness from the place of her bowing down, O Lord, that the church of France will arise and welcome You in.

Father we bless France and we decree over France that, ” You have been purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ, the One and Only True God, the One and Only True Messiah.” We prophesy over France now and say, “You will know a revival like you have not known before. You will know an awakening that you have not tasted of yet. But stand up, pick up the cup, and drink of the wine of the Holy Spirit.”

“Holy Dove, we see Your beauty and we see Your hunger, and we see Your desire for the nations. And as You hover now, oh Holy One, we ask that You would fly over the nation of France and abolish what is evil; bringing forth in the nation Your design and desire for France.”

Much love


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